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L.L.H: Chapter 230: I’m Happy

“While you’re at it, why don’t you name your second son Senju Sasuke?” Masahiko sighed.

Nawaki looked puzzled.

“Forget it. It’s none of my business anyway.” Masahiko waved his hand, then turned back to his room. He wasn’t in the mood to see the baby.

“Meow.” As soon as he entered the room, the little kitten ran over and rubbed her neck on his feet to signal that it was hungry.

Masahiko picked it up, patted her head, took a little dried fish, then fed her.

“Nawaki’s child turned out to be a boy. After I give him Optimus Prime, you will stay by my side.” Regardless of whether the little kitten could understand him, Masahiko kept talking, “I’ve lived in Naruto world for 111 years…”

“In the beginning, I wanted to follow the crowd, live enough to see the plot, and watch a live-action version of Naruto.”

“Later, I’ve come in contact with characters from the original, they’ve become my friends, and I didn’t want their lives to end the same way. It was also at the same time that I’ve started to feel more responsible for the Uzumaki Clan, I didn’t want them to be destroyed, so I’ve started to change the story.”

“I saved Tobirama, destroyed Kumogakure, and sealed Black Zetsu… Although a lot of changes have been made, I thought it was okay. Minato and Kushina later got together again, and I felt more at ease.”

“There is also the Akatsuki, who somehow started to work on correcting the plot. But they never managed to do anything, so I was kind of happy until now.”

“Meow~” The little kitten finished eating the dried fish, and Masahiko fed her another one.

“Even when Mikoto married Nawaki, I didn’t think it was a big deal. Anyway, I remember my future self talked about something like the world correction power…”

Speaking of the world correction power, Masahiko got worked up, “To hell with your world correction power, in what world the child doesn’t follow his father?!!”

“Meow?” The little kitten’s voice changed in fright.

Masahiko sighed, then patted her it’s head.

“When my future self told me not to be surprised by what will happen more than half a year later, I smiled dumbfoundedly, but I knew something will be wrong. How can I not be surprised? It’s shocking!” Masahiko said.

“Forget it, this is out of my control, and it’s not easy to say, whether it’s him, or if it’s just a name… wait, what if Fugaku names his child Itachi too?” Thinking of this, Masahiko laughed, “Senju Itachi vs. Uchiha Itachi, who wins and who loses?”

“Hahaha, yeah, keep on dreaming.” Masahiko mocked himself.




Masahiko was startled by the sudden noises outside and stood up hurriedly while feeling his heart gradually sinking.


Masahiko rushed out of the room and saw Mito surrounded by a group of people.

She was still holding the newly-born, Senju Itachi in her arms, while Tsunade and Kushina supported her from both sides.

Her youthful face was gone, and the mark on her forehead disappeared, leaving her with white hair and wrinkles on her face.

Even the Uchiha clansmen looked shocked. No matter how wicked sometimes their thinking, they couldn’t come up with anything at this moment.

“Everyone, stay behind.” Masahiko looked at the crowd and repeated again, “Give her some space. She needs to breathe.”

The crowd dispersed a little bit, and Masahiko walked to Mito’s side.

“Second Grandpa, prepare to transfer the Kyuubi. Kushina, are you ready?”

Masahiko was startled, never expected Mito’s first sentence to be this.

Seeing his expression, Mito handed the child in her arms to Tsunade, and at the same time, a smile appeared on her face, “I have no regrets. To be able to see my great-great-grandson with my own eyes is enough for me.”

“Is that so?” Masahiko sighed, “The Kyuubi isn’t in a hurry. With me here, even if you’re dead, I can capture him again.”

“That’s okay. I just want to see Itachi a few more times. Then I will leave him to you, you will be responsible for him. The Uzumaki has you, I’m not worried, but the Senju…” Mito looked around.

“Although Tsunade and Nawaki are both talented, they’re not as good as Tobirama, let alone Hashirama.”

“Now with Itachi, as long as he grows up, the Senju can still prosper for at least 60 years!”

Masahiko was stunned, and then he carefully looked at the child in Tsunade’s arms, “Is this a Sage Body, and at this age? The Senju finally has one… I see, Mito, I will look after him.”

“Grandma Mito…” Kushina whispered. As a member of the Uzumaki Clan, she and Mito, who stayed together all year round, had a deep relationship.

Mito looked at the expression of the people around her, then laughed again, “You don’t need to be sad. If you don’t rush the transfer of the Kyuubi now, I might still be able to live for ten more days.”

Masahiko then said, “Nawaki, you should take care of Mikoto. You don’t need to worry about Mito for now.” After thinking about it, Masahiko added, “You too, Tsunade.”

“The gentlemen from Uchiha, you should go.”

The great elder of the Uchiha wanted to say something, but Kagami suddenly glared at him, then the four of them left. Of course, they weren’t going back just to rest, but to discuss how Konoha gonna survive this turmoil. Mito’s status in Konoha wasn’t lower than that of Hiruzen, or even higher.

Masahiko also made the remaining Senju clansmen leave and personally accompanied Mito back to her room.

“Second Grandpa, don’t be sad. Didn’t you know that there will be such a day?”

Masahiko shook his head and smiled, “I’ve long been used to sending away close people to me for both the Senju and Uzumaki. I’m not sad.” Masahiko said with watery eyes, then quickly turned off the topic, “I will put a seal on this room for you. This seal won’t let the Kyuubi’s Chakra run out.”

Masahiko arranged the seal, while Mito watched from the side, talking.

“Second Grandpa, you seem to be unhappy with Itachi’s birth.”

Masahiko paused, then smiled and shook his head, “Now, how is it possible?”

“Although I don’t know the reason, I always felt that you want things to develop according to a certain direction. Is Itachi out of that direction?”

Masahiko smiled bitterly, “Didn’t I tell you a long time ago that being clever won’t make you any friends?”

“Don’t you have no friends?”

Masahiko paused, then said, “Because they died…” Then added brazenly, “Or maybe because I’m smarter.”

Mito smiled and shook her head, “Anyway, Itachi has already been born, I’m very happy, Kenji is happy, Tsunade, Mikoto, Nawaky are happy, can’t you be a bit happier?”

Masahiko completed that last seal, and a light blue light appeared around Mito’s room.

He looked up at the stars in the sky, then at Mito’s wrinkled smiling face.

“I’m very happy.”

After saying this, Masahiko felt more relieved. This is the world of Naruto he’s living in, and stability means no surprises, and that’s boring!