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L.L.H: Chapter 231: Mito’s Death

The next day, the news about Mito spread throughout Konoha.

It wasn’t because of the Senju nor the Uchiha. Early next day, Konoha’s other clans came to give the newly born Senju Itachi a “birth gate,” and they learned the news when they arrived there.

An entire room filled with various birth gifts, but no one was in the mood to unpack them.

The stories about Hashirama were more like legends to kids who are about ten years, but the story of Mito defeating Sunagakure by herself in the First Shinobi World War were the ones every kid in Konoha knew. She was a hero to everyone.

Hiruzen and Danzo came to the Senju again, and the expression on their faces looked hideous. Mito’s death means that their control over the Senju has become weak.

“Mito-Sama, why did you suddenly…” Hiruzen looked so sad as if it was the death of his wife.

“It can’t be helped. Every human life has a limit. I lived for 77 years, which is long enough.” Mito said with a gentle smile.

Hiruzen fell silent, not knowing what to say.

After a long while, Danzo said, “I heard that Mikoto and Nawaki’s so was born early this morning. Do you know how talented he is?”

“You want to as if the boy was born with the Senju cells, or the Uchiha cells, right?” Masahiko immediately exposed him, and regardless of what kind of awkward expression Danzo had, he continued, “He has both, are you disappointed?”

In fact, since Itachi was born with a Sage Body, he should be more inclined to the Senju. But Masahiko didn’t say this. He didn’t want to cause unnecessary conflict.

“Elder Masahiko, you have misunderstood.” After hesitating, Danzo said.

Masahiko glanced at him while trying not to punch him in the face.

Afterward, the room’s atmosphere became awkward, Masahiko and Mito had nothing to say, and the other side, who are usually full of words, didn’t know what to say. Mito had ten to fifteen days to live, which was comforting, uncomfortable, and also sad.

After a long time, Hiruzen finally broke the silence.

“Elder Masahiko, where is Kushina?” Accepting the fact that Mito is about to pass away, Hiruzen, as the Hokage, had to take care of the Kyuubi’s future Jinchuriki.

“Kushina has agreed. But she’s still the Land of Whirlpools’ princess. If you want her to become Konoha’s Jinchuriki, you will have to give us some compensation, don’t you think?” Masahiko made it clear that they’re gonna have to pay the price.

Hiruzen was taken aback. He thought that Masahiko would agree or refuse; he never expected that this issue can be bargained.

He and the other three elders glanced at each other, and both Kagami and the Hyuga closed their eyes, indicating that they didn’t want to have anything to do with this.

In desperation, Danzo took the lead.

“Elder Masahiko, if Kushina becomes the Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki, the Uzumaki will also benefit from this. We will not restrict her personal freedom, so she will also be the Uzumaki Kingdom’s Jinchuriki.”

“Oh, so a person’s freedom is your limit, I see!”

Danzo choked, “But the Kyuubi…”

“You think we can’t have a Jinchuriki on our own? Let me remind you that I have half of the Kyuubi sealed inside a jar for centuries now. If I wanted a Jinchuriki, I wouldn’t have left him there to rot.”

Mito smiled bitterly, “Second Grandpa, the Kyuubi really hates you for that.”

“Move on, dude… or you know what? You better cooperate with your next partner, or I will also trap you inside a box, and you will never see the light ever again.” Masahiko threatened.

Mito smiled and shook her head. It was evident that the Kyuubi inside here was still yelling.

After Masahiko finished speaking, he looked at Hiruzen and Danzo with a greedy look. Although his initial goal was to give Kushina a choice, it doesn’t mean that the Land of Whirlpool shouldn’t benefit from this matter.

Hiruzen sighed, “Alright, we can talk about the specific details of this deal later, but I still have one request. I want to conceal that Kushina is going to become a Jinchuriki. It would be better if people thought that Konoha couldn’t find a suitable vessel. Although it will not last long, if we can hide it for a while, we better do.”

Masahiko was surprised for a moment and glanced at Mito.

“You’ve become a cunning bastard after you’ve become a Hokage, Hiruzen!”

Hiruzen smiled bitterly. Although he didn’t know what a cunning bastard was, it was apparent that it wasn’t a good thing.

“The only thing that I know now is unless I have the strength Tobirama-Sensei had, I can only do this.”

Masahiko sighed and didn’t reply. What he had to deal with as a Hokage in these years wasn’t easy. Many messy things happened, coupled with a few mistakes caused by Masahiko from time to time… Of course, Masahiko himself wouldn’t admit.

Everything was settled, Masahiko didn’t personally participate in the bargain, and when Yuriko arrived, he let her negotiate with Hiruzen.

“Grandpa, you did a great job!” When Kushina learned that Masahiko managed to get a fair price out of this matter, she was not only not angry but also happy!

“Hehehe, of course, I sold you for a good price. You’re quite valuable!” After Yuriko and Hiruzen negotiated for a while, Konoha ended up paying the same price they offered to buy the Explosive Tags.

Kushina: “…”

Although she felt that she had made a “contribution” to the Land of Whirlpools, it also felt awkward when Masahiko put it that way.

The news spread even more than reached the Uzumaki. Mito was one of them and family to Masahiko, so his three disciples were the first to rush over. Besides, the major clans in Konoha, the current Daimyo of the Land of Fire, also visited her.

These visits continued for a week until Masahiko started turning them over. After that, he took Sara to greet Mito and his three disciples. This reminded him again that people die, even those who are close to him, so how could he not let Sara meet even for one time one of the closest people to him? As for those who are not close, it was better if they didn’t know… After all, even his three disciples couldn’t hide their shocked expressions.

The two young disciples, Nagato and Konan, also lived in the Senju clan for a while, and they had a good relationship with Mito, especially Konan; she was like the mother she never had. The moment they heard, they hurriedly came to see Mito and kept crying and crying, which really affected the mood.

No matter how Masahiko gags, there was no running from the inevitable; Mito was getting older every day. At first, she looked like a 60-years-old woman, but the wrinkles on her face were more and more evident one day later.

On June 20th, Mito smiled in her room and said, “Second Grandpa, don’t feel sorry for me.”

After that, she closed her eyes forever.

“How can I not be sad?” Masahiko sighed for a long time, then walked to her.

Only Masahiko was left in the room. Mito died, and the Kyuubi also died at the same moment. The Chakra filled the room, but it was blocked by Masahiko’s seal.

Masahiko hugged Mito for the last time, broke the seal, then carried her to a coffin he has prepared outside.

Watching this scene, everyone outside burst into tears. It was sad to see Mito go, but Masahiko looking at the sky with a thousand tears running down on his old face, was the drop that spilled the glass.