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L.L.H: Chapter 239: The Lost Eye

After a month of practicing, Masahiko’s space Ninjutsu finally made a breakthrough, and he was able to successfully mobilize some Chakra without interference.

The Eight Trigrams Dimension occupies the location of the Gate of Shock in Masahiko’s body, which is originally a Tenketsu that controls the flow of Chakra like circuit breakers. Masahiko spent this month studying the Chakra Pathway System, and he finally figured out a way to bypass that node while channeling his Chakra.
(T/N: Tenketsu: Along the chakra pathways, there are 361 nodes called Tenketsu that control the flow of Chakra like circuit breakers, and within those Tenketsu are Eight Gates which control body function and strain levels.)

But up until this moment, Masahiko was still unable to mobilize a large amount of Chakra at once. He could only fly and use some basic escape techniques.

Besides, Masahiko found out that his space jumping was more proficient. After he enters his dimension, he can basically appear within 50 meters quickly. If it wasn’t for the small pause he takes to go in and out of the space, it would have been better than the Flying Thunder God. But in the end, Masahiko couldn’t find a way to make his body virtual like Obito’s technique, which made him feel a bit disappointed.

“Stop being greedy. This is already an unexpected gain.” Masahiko reminded himself. Besides, when he finally managed to use his Chakra sufficiently, his so-called impeccable Chakra Control will also improve. When he fully controls his spatial ability, technically, he might even catch up to Tsunade in terms of Medical Ninjutsu.

“It’s time to compete for the naming right of the slugs… they will call it Konoha’s Slug Prince… No, Konoha’s Slug Emperor Masahiko!” And he strode toward Konoha.
(T/N: Slugs (蛞蝓, Namekuji) are the trademark summon of Tsunade – famed as Konoha’s Slug Princess Tsunade)

“Elder Masahiko!” The two ninjas guarding the gate didn’t change, and the war didn’t affect their work position.

Masahiko waved his hand and said hello, “I’m going to find Hiruzen!”

He set off from the Land of Whirlpool at the end of November and only reached Konoha in December. It took him a month or so; they thought he got lost.

There were still some traces of celebrating the New Year on Konoha Street, proving that the war basically didn’t reach the village yet.

Masahiko made a special detour to the Senju Station and perceived the place inside.

“Kushina is here, Mikoto is here, but not Nawaki and Tsunade, huh?” Masahiko nodded; he wasn’t surprised. Nawaki is finally living the dream, this time, he should be on the battlefield’s frontlines, and with his current strength, Masahiko didn’t have to worry about him.

Without going in to say hello, Masahiko went directly to the Hokage Building.

In front of the building, Masahiko met a person he didn’t see for a long time, Hyuuga Hiashi, who is considered “a half disciple.”

Hiashi looked furious, but when he saw Masahiko, his expression eased slightly and came over to say hello.

“What’s wrong, Hiashi?”

“Sensei… Ask the Sandaime!” Hiashi has always called Masahiko’ Sensei,’ but he wasn’t that polite to him. After saying that, he seemed to have gotten angrier and left without saying any other words.

“What’s happened?” Masahiko murmured, then he shook his head and stepped into the Hokage building.

The hidden Anbu in the building have been significantly reduced, with only three or two around. The ninjas in charge of giving tasks weren’t there too. During the war, civilians rarely come to release missions.

But when he came to the top floor, Masahiko found out that both Hiruzen and Danzo were there.

Before the two of them could even react, Masahiko laughed, “You’re both here? It seems that you don’t need me here. This must be an easy war if both of you are here!”

“Elder Masahiko, you’re finally here!” Hiruzen looked anxious.

“Where have you been for more than a month? Your two disciples said that you’ve set off first.”

Masahiko was startled; apparently, Nagato and Konan came here to look for him.

“Where are they?”

Hiruzen hesitated, but Danzo said, “They said that you allowed them to go to the battlefield to exercise. They should be in the Land of Rain now.”

Masahiko twitched his mouth; these two little ghosts are so courageous…

Then he glanced at the two again, “You weren’t the ones who encouraged it, right?”

Hiruzen shook his head repeatedly, “Your disciples, Uzumaki Nanako, and Uzumaki Kenichiro encouraged them, and also led them.”

“The two of them… aren’t young. No wonder the two of you are staying here so relaxed, while my idiot disciples doing all the work!”

“How dare we! And we’re not relaxed even if we were in Konoha…” Hiruzen said as he sighed.

“Cut it with this suspension. I saw Hiashi outside all furious. What happened?”

“It’s a long story…” Danzo said.

“So is that how it is now? Danzo speaks for you, Hokage-Sama?” Masahiko stared at Hiruzen, who has become verbose as he got older.

“The Hyuuga Patriarch has died in the war against Kirigakure,” Hiruzen said.

“His dad? So why isn’t he trying to take his revenge?”

Hiruzen smiled bitterly, “Kirigakure has asked for a peace talk. They sent a letter saying that the previous Third Mizukage was being controlled by another unknown ninja. They said that he solely decided to attack Konoha, and they would compensate Konoha for the losses.”

“According to the intelligence, they are indeed in the process of electing the Fourth Mizukage,” Danzo added.

“Controlled?” Masahiko felt that it was weird and too courageous how they bypassed the Uzumaki and attacked Konoha. It is estimated now that the Akatsuki is behind this attack.

“Uchiha Madara will never die until he destroys Konoha!” Danzo said bitterly.

Masahiko’s expression turned weird. Madara was innocent, he blamed him last time for Roran, and now Danzo did the same thing. It proves the theory.

“Elder Masahiko, can I trouble you to take a trip to Kirigakure?” Hiruzen said.

Masahiko sighed inwardly, he wanted to go, but now he can’t fly safely… Space Ninjutsu still needs a few months of practice.

“Why me? Aren’t you gonna avenge the Hyuuga Patriarch?” Masahiko said, “Hiashi won’t accept it. If Danzo died there, you wouldn’t have been able to bear it like do now, Hiruzen.”

Danzo’s old face went utterly dark, and Hiruzen was speechless for a long while.

“Now Konoha’s main combat power is in Amegakure, and in case Uchiha Madara is really at Kirigakure, we are afraid…”

“Madara? He would be 80 years old now. He isn’t me. If he still had his power, he wouldn’t have used such methods, right?” Masahiko didn’t explain and simply let it go as it is.

Hiruzen still shook his head, “The Hyuuga refuses to participate in the war, and we’re only slightly dominant at Amaegakure’s battlefield. Iwagakure is also about to move. I’m afraid I can’t deploy any more Shinobi.”

“The Hyuuga are refusing to join the war?!” Masahiko was shocked. He thought it was only Hiashi.

Hiruzen hesitated and shook his head, “It seems that the Hyuuga Patriarch had only time to destroy one of his eyes before his death, and the other was taken away by Kirigakure.”

“So, that’s how it is?”

Masahiko finally understood the situation. This was the first time that the Byakugan eyes were taken by the enemies, no wonder the Hyuuga Clan was so dissatisfied.

“In the original, The Byakugan was actually possessed by one of Kirigakure’s Shinobi. What was the name of the ninja? He was a follower of Terumi Mei…” Masahiko pondered secretly.

“I hope you can help us retrieve the Byakugan when you go to Kirigakure.” Hiruzen continued.

Masahiko shook his head, “I can’t go, for the time being. You will have to wait for two months… Hey, and I’m not like Madara, don’t compare me to that weakling. It’s just… You know every old man needs to rest for two months every year, you know that, right?”