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L.L.H: Chapter 241: The Legendary Moonlight Thief of The Third Shinobi World War

Suddenly, the blade’s light flashed, and Sakumo, who was in front of Shikaku, instantly appeared behind him, slowly retracting his sword.

Shikaku didn’t panic at all but frowned tightly and looked at Sakumo.

“Have you sensed someone just now?”

Sakumo nodded solemnly, “It felt like someone is watching us.”

In the Dimension, Masahiko had black lines on his face. He really didn’t expect Sakumo to sense him inside of his Dimension.

“Is it because of my gazes, or something else?” Masahiko shook his head. He who can perceive people from the start didn’t develop such a keen sense.

Seeing how Sakumo was still acting vigilant, Masahiko shook his head, “Let’s just leave.”

But Shikaku suddenly said, “The battle plans have been leaked, and our task force must be disbanded, and we need to change our location.”

Masahiko didn’t know if he should laugh or cry, this is really…

“Sakumo, tell him that it was just your imagination.” Masahiko’s voice echoed in Sakumo’s ear.

Sakumo’s face stiffened, then he turned to Shikaku after a long while,” It was just my imagination. We don’t need to take any actions.”

Shikaku frowned, feeling that it was a bit weird. After a long while, he smiled and shook his head. His mouth later moved without making a sound, but he expressed four words, “Is it Elder Masahiko?”
“What kind of dumb cryptography is that!” Since he got discovered, Masahiko jumped out of his Dimension directly.

“Elder Masahiko, you finally came,” Sakumo said.

“It makes no difference whether I came or not. Victory is right in front of you, and you don’t need me.”

Masahiko has read the battle plans and the reports of the current situation of the battlefield. Using the entire Land of Rain as the battlefield, they pushed the battle deep inside the country, and it’s about to reach Amegakure. Soon Sunagakure will be unable to withstand this long-term battle, and when that happens, the Land of Rain would have already been suffered heavy losses. Even though the conflict is between Konoha and Sunagakure, Hanzo was also wronged, and whether he wanted to participate or not, he ended up joining the war.

Shikaku shook his head, “We also need to defend against Iwagakure. They’re also moving.”

Masahiko glared at him, “Not so smart for someone with a high IQ. There’s no way that you haven’t already been prepared for this. It’s estimated that Kakuzu was contacted a long time ago.”

Regardless of what the two said, Masahiko rushed out since he already found his four disciples’ approximate position when he was going through the missions list.

Although the Land of Rain is a small country, when the entire land is being used as a battlefield, it’s difficult to encounter a large number of ninjas.

Konoha has about two thousand ninjas on the battlefield, divided into teams that seemed to be following the guerrilla warfare tactics.
(T/N: A small number of people using tactics including ambushes, sabotage, raids, petty warfare, hit-and-run tactics, and mobility, to fight a larger and less-mobile traditional military.)

Masahiko’s four disciples formed a small team, but they didn’t have any clear task. They were just responsible for “cleaning up” Amegakure’s ninjas.

When Masahiko found them, the battle had just begun.

Nanako and Kenichiro didn’t do anything, while Nagato and Konan were facing twelve Shinobi and finished the battle in half a minute.

Masahiko was surprised; he could see that Nagato had a breakthrough.

It wasn’t because Konan got herself in a dangerous situation, and he suddenly roared like an animal, and his speed, power, and aura improved all of a sudden… that’s dumb.

Well, in Naruto world, there is indeed such a thing as an aura. The more common one is the Killing Intent, which can be possessed by general S-Class Ninjas.

However, in this case, it was war. War can really sharpen the Shinobi’s skills.

Although Nagato was only fifteen years old, he became an S-Class ninja due to war’s baptism. This was the same case for Naruto and Sasuke.

“Huh… I missed that.”

Masahiko sighed, then came out when they finished cleaning the bodies.

“Yo! Sensei! You’re here.”

Nagato shouted first, and the smile on Masahiko’s face got wiped out instantly, leaving only a dark expression.

“Nagato, I told you to stop speaking like that.”

Nagato smiled; he felt speaking like that would express his emotions better…

“Sensei.” The other three also came over, greeted him, then suddenly stopped talking.

“Oh, you want me to tell you where I went before?”

The four of them nodded repeatedly.

“I won’t tell you.” Masahiko didn’t know how to explain this, but he still tried, “Well, my Gentle Fist technique sucked me into another dimension.”

“Ooh! So that’s what happened.” Kenichiro looked surprised.

“Oh, so he’s not gonna tell us,” Nanako said.

“He always does that, doesn’t he?” Nanako asked

Masahiko paused, “Come on, guys… you know what, forget it.”

Shaking his head, he still said, “Nagato has made a lot of progress. You can start trying to practice Dust Release. You should go back to the camp and wait for me. I will deal with Sunagakure’s ninjas.”

The four of them were surprised, especially Nanako and Kenichiro. Masahiko had rarely intervened in Konoha’s battles before, let alone solve the enemy by himself.

“Then, we will be waiting, Sensei,” Nanako said, without asking for Masahiko’s reason. He wouldn’t tell them anyway…

Masahiko smiled, it’s indeed inconvenient for him to do it now, but to gain more witness points from the Third World War, he had to do something.

Of course, Masahiko won’t deal with them one by one; it would be too time-consuming, so he just stepped forward and headed towards Sunagakure’s camp.

He saw several battles on the way, but Masahiko didn’t stop, but Sunagakure’s ninja suddenly found that their Kunai were gone, and even their puppets disappeared…

Flashing all the way, various things appeared in the Eight Trigrams Dimension, and the fat cat had a great time playing with it… Fortunately, Masahiko piled up all the pointed and thorny things underneath.

It took less than half an hour for Masahiko to traverse the entire Land of Rain, “reaping” countless things, and also met many acquaintances.

“You fight, and I get rich.”

Masahiko counted the space gains, and the Kunai were more than 500. Based on two to three weapons per person, he “reaped” more than 200 people. Of course, there weren’t so many puppets, most of the other loot was traps he found here and there, and some may belong to Konoha…

Sunagakure’s camp was right in front of him, but Masahiko hesitated, thinking about going back and “walking around” again.

“Forget it. There should be more things in Sunagakure’s camp.” Masahiko smiled secretly. He found it surprisingly enjoyable stealing from others.

“It’s not stealing, we’re at war, this is… looting!”

Masahiko began to wriggle through space again, checking the tents inside the camp one by one.

Like Konoha’s camp, the medical team had the biggest tent, and Masahiko took some medical equipment from them without being noticed.

The second-largest tent was where they stored the supplies, and there were two guards at the door, but one of them seemed familiar.

“Isn’t this kid the one who showed me into the Kazekage Building? I’m sorry, kid…” Masahiko said while “taking” things from inside the tent.

In addition to many weapons, food, and spare puppets, Masahiko also found a lot of familiar boxes, which kept the Explosive Tags they bought from the Uzumaki.

“Well, I’ll take it back, resell it.” The Space Jutsu that Masahiko really longed to have turned in the end to a stealing tool. Obito missed a lot of things in the original…

The camp was empty in a matter of minutes, hiding in his Dimension Masahiko snickered, without feeling a slight shame.

“This should count as participating and changing the course of the war, right?”