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L.L.H: Chapter 243: Business Time

“Elder Masahiko, isn’t this a bit too much?” Hiruzen looked anxious.

Masahiko said mercilessly, “Say that again, and I will raise my price.”

“Meow?” The fat cat finally got tired of biting and began to act like a baby, rubbing his big fat face against his feet, looking for something to eat.

“Eat damn it! Eat to death!” Masahiko gritted his teeth, then he threw a dried fish to the cat. Since he started raising it, Masahiko has stored a whole scroll of dried fishes, enough even for this cat to eat to death.

Hiruzen watched Masahiko feeding the cat, then looked at Danzo, who was looking at him, not knowing what to say.

“You’re not cute, you know that?” Masahiko said, but the fat cat who got what it wanted, turned its head the other way as if it didn’t care.

This was gonna develop more if Hiruzen didn’t hurriedly say, “The price is okay, we will take it.”

Masahiko sighed, “As a gift, you can send me the money later.”

Speaking and waving, he picked up the reluctant fat cat, turned, and left. He doesn’t need the tree. He can always find another one for the fat cat.

“Since the moment I got this Space Ninjutsu, I felt that something is wrong. Is this what I have always been looking for?” Masahiko lamented.

“It’s better if I muster it first, and I should also start teaching Nagato the Dust Release and see if he can learn it!” Masahiko returned to the Senju Station with a few turns to find that the four disciples were waiting for him there.

“Sensei, did Kushina go back to the clan?” Nanako asked.

Masahiko was startled, only to remember that he hadn’t told her about that.

“If both of you’re here, it means that only Yuriko is there to protect the clan. I was worried, so I sent Kushina back to help Yuriko.”

“Then I’ll go back too, Sensei,” Nanako said.

Masahiko nodded, then looked at Kenichiro.

“I’ll go to see Gai.”

Masahiko was startled, “Gai didn’t go to the battlefield?”

Kenichiro shook his head, “The only child from their class that made to the battlefield is Kakashi. Gai should be practicing alone now.”

“Well, go ahead.”

Masahiko wasn’t surprised. He didn’t see any children younger than twelve years old on the battlefield except for Kakashi…

“Obito must have gone crazy because of that. I’m sure he’s practicing desperately now.”

The two “old” disciples left, and only the younger ones remained in front of Masahiko.

Nagato looked expectant, while Konan looked envious.

As soon as Masahiko was about to speak, a slight purr came from his arms, and it was the fact cat that fell asleep.

“It looks really cute when it’s asleep… Not!”

Masahiko got really tired of this fat-demanding-cat, and using the Wind Release, he gave it a prick.

“Meow!” The fact cat screamed and jumped out.

Masahiko laughed, then he sucked her into his dimension where he let her rebel there as much as she wanted.

The two disciples watched their Sensei bullying the fat cat helplessly.

“Nagato, I will teach you how to use Dust Release now.”

Nagato was surprised, “Which training ground should we go to?”

Masahiko shook his head, “You don’t need to go to any training ground. This place is fine.”

“Dust Release is a Kekkei Tota that exceeds the limitations of the Kekkei Genkai. The integration of the three attributes of wind, earth, and fire… Well, it’s very powerful.”

“You must first practice the Nature Change of the three attributes. You’re already good enough when it comes to earth and fire, but you need to strengthen your Wind Release.”

Because the user will get hurt if he performs the Rasenshuriken without learning Senjutsu, Masahiko hasn’t taught it to Nagato.

After thinking for a while, he suddenly got an idea, “Did you see how I poked that fat cat just now? Just practice the same technique, and you will get way better at manipulating the Wind Chakra Nature. Do you understand?”


“It’s fine if you understand,” Masahiko said firmly.

“Sensei, then what’s next?”

This question made Masahiko’s face stiffen since he didn’t know what to do next.

“Then you make the three attributes connect, forming a triangle, and that’s it.”

Nagato looked really confused.

Masahiko sighed and patted Nagato’s shoulder, “Train hard, kid! Konan, you’re responsible for supervising his training!”

Fearing further questions, Masahiko turned around and left. Although he has been using the Dust Release for years now, it’s entirely due to the system’s help. He still doesn’t know the principle of the Dust Release.

“It doesn’t matter. Nagato is highly talented.” Shamelessly Masahiko comforted himself.

After that, Masahiko went to Nawaki’s house.

Since Itachi’s birth, Masahiko had many things going on and had not time to see him.

“Elder Masahiko.” Mikoto greeted him holding Itachi in her arms.

“You can call me Great Grandpa too, don’t be so polite.”

Masahiko was quite familiar with Mikoto, after all, she was a character from the plot, yet Mikoto didn’t have the chance to meet Masahiko many times.

“Oh, so you’ve kept the sculpture inside the house?”

It’s been a long time since he came to Nawaki’s house, and he didn’t expect the sculpture he made at their wedding to be placed there.

Before Mikoto could answer, the child in her arms was “taken” by Masahiko, but as soon as he held him, the sleepy Itachi started crying.

Masahiko looked embarrassed, and before he has the chance to take a closer look, he handed Itachi back to Mikoto.

Seeing Mikoto trying to calm him down, Masahiko felt helpless.

Mikoto looked at Masahiko, and apologetically she said, “Great Grandpa, Itachi has never seen strangers before.”

“It’s okay to take the child for a walk, you know. You don’t need to be worried about your family stealing him away, you know that, right? They won’t dare to.”

Mikoto smiled embarrassedly. She was really a little worried. Her Second Grandfather didn’t go to the battlefield because of his old age. She feared that he might attempt to take Itachi away from her.

Watching Itachi finally calm, Masahiko cursed secretly, “It must be the smell of that fat cat that scared the child. Tsunade and Kushina never cried in my arms!”

Inside the dimension, the fat cat that had fallen asleep again sneezed, licked his paws, then continued to sleep…

The child was too young to be interesting enough for Masahiko to stay, so he left after a while and told Mikoto that when Itachi finally manages to say “Mother,” she must inform him so he can come and see him again.

Everything was arranged probably, Masahiko transformed into Hagoromo, and then went to Ichiraku Ramen to say hello to Sara.

Sara has successfully become a “chef” during this time, and the taste of her Ramen was basically the same as Teuchi’s. After all, she was talented, and she has been learning for more than a year.

Life was calm again. Masahiko returned to his Amazon Shop to concentrate on studying his Space Ninjutsu, until three days later, Hiruzen came to find him.

“Konoha won the war?” He didn’t hear any news for a long time, and he wondered.

Hiruzen shook his head, “Iwagakure has joined the war. I’m here to discuss business with you. I want to buy some weapons and food from Iwagakure, and the price is negotiable.”

Masahiko: “…”