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L.L.H: Chapter 246: The Promise

Not long after Masahiko walked out of the Hyuuga Clan, the two brothers gathered their clansmen, and after reporting back to Hiruzen, they went straight to the battlefield under the leadership of Hizashi.

As for Hiashi, he stayed to study with the other elders, the Tenketsu hoping to restore the Hyuuga’s lost inheritance; Masahiko wasn’t in a hurry. He was gonna wait for the result while practicing his Space Ninjutsu.

Masahiko delayed testing the 64 space vortexes for the time being. It was too troublesome for him to fly around. And he will have many other chances in the future.

The improvement of his Chakra’s control ability has become his only task. Even the lowest level of dust release cannot be released, which really annoyed him.

Time flies while practicing, and half a month has passed in the blink of an eye. Masahiko looked at the small white crystal cube in his palm and smiled with satisfaction.

“You think a mere space Ninjutsu can stop me?”

Masahiko took a deep breath and concentrated his Chakra on the palm of his hand. This was already strong enough to kill someone.

“Father, you’re still practicing?”

Sara’s voice startled Masahiko, which made him almost lose control over the Dust Release in his hand and immediately disappeared, entering his dimension.

“Meow!” The fat cat screamed as a part of its hair was wiped out by the Dust Release, which almost hit it.

Picking up the fat cat, Masahiko flashed out of his dimension and appeared in front of Sara, who had a blank expression.

“Father, where did you go? What happened to Shiro?”

“Shiro?” Masahiko’s mouth twitched, and he looked at the fat cat. Such an exquisite name is a waste on such a boring cat.
(T/N: Shiro is a very intelligent dog in the anime Crayon Shin-Chan.)

“I just shaved the fat cat’s head. It’s okay. What time is it? Why are you back?”

The fat cat was really frightened this time and shrank into Masahiko’s arms, turning into a trembling little… fat cat.

Sara smiled, “Due to the war, there isn’t much business. I talked to the master, and we decided that to work in shifts. This way, we can rest a little longer.”

“Is that so?” Masahiko nodded. Konoha is almost half empty, and they can’t work as usual.

“Don’t forget to practice Ninjutsu whenever you have a break. You can’t lose progress.”

Sara smiled, hesitated, then ran behind Masahiko, “Father, you’re working so hard, let me massage your shoulders.”

Masahiko’s whole body was stiff and tight. He never enjoyed such a relief.

“Oh, it would have been nice to have a daughter that’s willing to rub my shoulders without having to ask anything from me afterward.”

Sara paused then ran to Masahiko again, “Father, let me rub your legs too.”

Masahiko sighed sorrowfully, “I knew this day will come. Okay, let’s talk about that… Listen, your father has such a good eye, I will definitely match you up with a good husband, don’t you worry, just say the word.”

Sara blushed, “Father, what are you talking about. It’s Master…”

“What?!” Masahiko jumped all over, “Damn you, Teuchi. I knew it, you’re a dark-hearted motherless… I will kill you!”

Sara quickly stopped Masahiko, “No. Master wants to open a branch in the Land of Whirlpools and want me to be the boss of the new shop.”

Masahiko was startled; he didn’t expect this.

He already knew that Teuchi would open a branch in the Land of Whirlpools, but Masahiko didn’t expect that he would let Sara be the boss.

“Do you want to go?” Masahiko sighed. He didn’t want Sara to go to the Land of Whirlpools. He always thought that she would stay with him.

Sara shook her head, “I don’t want to go. Although it’s our homeland, I came to love Konoha more…”

Masahiko smiled, “That’s better, just refuse his proposal and let Teuchi go instead.”

Sara laughed, “Father, I can’t take in charge of Konoha’s Ichiraku Ramen.”

“Then let him figure it out.”

Sara was helpless, she wanted Masahiko to give her an idea of how she can reasonably reject Teuchi’s proposal, but he’s really unrealistic.

That fat cat finally came back to its senses and started biting Masahiko’s hand as revenge.

Masahiko sighed, put the fat cat down, took out the dried fish, and started feeding it.

“Sara, I don’t think I will let this little demon stay in my dimension anymore. Just raise it at home.” Masahiko was a little afraid that the previous incident will happen again.

Looking at the fat cat’s uneven hair, Masahiko took out the carving knife and gave her a proper shaving instantly.

“If I had such a hand in my previous life, I would have become a wealthy man.” Masahiko was so bored.

“Father, Obito seems to have come here.”

“I know that little guy seemed to have been practicing this entire time. It has been half a month since I returned, and he only came now.”

Sure enough, as soon as Obito came in, he shouted, “Master, when did you come back from the battlefield?”

“Ah, Sister Sara is here too?”

In a second, he turned on his shy boy mode, and his tone changed.

Masahiko was irritated, thinking that he should scold him for talking that way to his master.

“It’s been more than a half month since I came back. Where did you go to practice?”

With a longing expression, Obito said, “Master, did you really go to the battlefield?”

Masahiko was startled; why is he talking about the battlefield as if it was a good place? Nawaki was like this back then, and now it’s happening to Obito. They really think that if they were on the battlefield, they would become powerful and take the Hokage Throne.

“And what if I was there?” Masahiko looked at Obito.

“So… which one was it?”

“Yes, and I will be back.”

Looking at Obito’s curious expression, Masahiko continued, “The kids nowadays are too powerful, especially Hatake Kakashi. He’s the youngest Shinobi in Konoah’s army, but much stronger than many of the adults…”

As Masahiko talked about Kakashi’s “brilliant performance” on the battlefield, Obito’s face on the opposite side became redder and redder.

“Father, stop it. You’re bullying Obito again.” Sara, next to him, smiled.

The moment he heard that, Obito realized that his master was teasing him again and got really irritated.

“Father, I need to go to the shop. I will make sure to make you two some Ramen and bring it with me when I go back later.” Sara said.

Masahiko looked at the time, and it was noon already, “Okay, go.”

When Sara left, Obito asked again, “Master, what does the battlefield looks like?”

Masahiko didn’t tease him this time and sighed, “The battlefield isn’t a good place. The danger is everywhere. If you don’t pay attention, you may die there. You think Kakashi can do something on the battlefield? He won’t do anything but following experienced Shinobi like Sakumo or Minato. He’s still far away.

“That guy Kakashi…” He whispered with a face full of envy.

Masahiko smiled helplessly, “If you want to catch up to him, you will have to practice hard first. If the war lasts for a long time, I will take you with me in half a year.”

Obito rejoiced, “It’s a promise, Master!”

Masahiko nodded, “Now be a good boy, and go help your Sister Sara serve ramen.”