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L.L.H: Chapter 245: The Lost Legacy

Masahiko was almost tortured by not knowing the reason behind the number of vortexes in his dimension. Hearing the number 256, he immediately became energetic.

“Eight Trigrams 256 Palms, a blow that is enough to break the space?” Masahiko was puzzled.

He witnessed the era of Hyuuga Tianren, one of the four strongest Shinobi in the Warring States Period. He also saw him perform the 128 Palms, and it didn’t seem that strong. How is doubling that number can break the space? It seems a bit exaggerated.

Hiashi could see his doubts and shook his head, “The Hyuuga clan’s inheritance was lost for a long time. The Eight Trigrams is only limited to 64 Palms. The 128 Palms Technique is, in fact, only 64 Palms. We hit the same Tenketsu in the reverse direction. The real 128 Palms should be ten times stronger when you hit the 128 Tenketsu. And the 256 Palms are even more powerful.”

“There is such a thing?” Masahiko murmured with a surprised expression.

Hiashi smiled bitterly, “The Hyuuga and the Uchiha were equally strong for a reason, and our Clan could survive for all of those decades for a reason. They didn’t surpass us just because they discovered the Mongekyou Sharingan, but also because we lost our inheritance hundreds of years ago.”

Masahiko nodded.

“Have you ever thought about studying the remaining Tenketsu by yourself?”

Hiashi’s face showed more bitterness, “Elder Masahiko, you can’t see the Tenketsu of the human body. This is why you’re saying this. Under the Byakugan, the human body has 830 Tenketsu points, of which only 409 has been researched and named by the predecessors. The other half might take a hundred years to complete the 128 Palms. As for the 256 Palms, it’s just a dream.”

Masahiko closed his eyes and thought for a while, then he opened them again and smiled, “What if you know the approximate distribution of the see Tenketsu points?”

Hiashi was startled, then with a surprised expression, he said, “You mean…”

Masahiko nodded, “In my dimension, there’s a total of 256 Vortexes. It’s not just a coincidence, don’t you think? But if I’m gonna share with you this information, you will have to give me all of the Hyuuga Clan Ninjutsu, including the secret ones.”

Hiashi gritted his teeth, “I will need to discuss this matter with the other elders first.”

Although he was the Patriarch, he naturally needed to discuss such a thing with the other elders. After all, these kinds of decisions cannot be determined by one person.

“Okay, you’re gonna give me the 32 and the 64 Palms first, that shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Hiashi nodded repeatedly.

Masahiko smiled, “When you’re out, ask someone to bring me a pen and a paper, and I will draw a picture for you. These old elders in you Clan won’t object, probably.”


Even though the two talked for a long time, the fat cat didn’t wake up…

With a move of his hand, Masahiko and Hiashi reappeared in the Patriarch’s hall of the Hyuuga Clan.

After that, Masahiko found a place and sat down, waiting for Hiashi to send someone to get a paper and pen.

About five minutes later, a clansman brought a paper and pen and his “cheat codes.”

“Eight Trigrams 2 Palms?” Masahiko was startled; he thought that there we only two kinds, the 32 and the 64.

Hiashi nodded, “This is what a kid should learn when he first starts practicing the Gentle Fist. It keeps multiplying again and again, and when he finally reaches the 16 Palms, the power increases several times…”

“Okay, don’t explain it to me as if I’m a kid. You should hurry up to discuss this matter with your elders.” Masahiko interrupted.

Hiashi smiled, then left.

Masahiko returned to his dimension, sensing the vortexes he started drawing on the paper.

“It seems to be the case,” Masahiko muttered as he drew. Some of the vortexes’ distribution looked exactly the same as the Tenketsu’s distribution of the 64 Palms.

“Then the question is, what is the relationship between the position of these vortexes and the Eight Trigrams Palms? Do I have to draw a map of the Shinobi World and mark the east longitude and north latitude to find the exact location of each vortex, but then what?”

After finishing the drawing, Masahiko returned to the Hyuuga Clan and waited for Hiashi while memorizing and comparing the Eight Trigrams Palms with the space vortexes.

“I’ll memorize these 64 first, and wait for Hyuuga Clan to recover the other Tenketsu, and then study the others.”

After getting his Space Ninjutsu for a long time, Masahiko finally began to fully understand it.


Suddenly someone knocked on the door outside, which startled Masahiko, and without considering that he was an outsider, he shouted, “Come in!”

However, the person outside didn’t push the door, “Boss Hagoromo, I’m sorry, we just saw the Patriarch going outside, but we didn’t see come out, so we wanted to confirm that you were still in.”

It was the two Hyuuga Clansmen that brought Masahiko in.

Masahiko smiled, “Oh, I’m prescribing a prescription for your Patriarch. You know that he’s not in good health.”

The two outside turned green, and they shouted, “We don’t know anything! Excuse us!”

After saying that, Masahiko couldn’t hear anything coming from the outside.

“The Hyuga’s kids are quite interesting… maybe because they’re suitable for bullying?”

After half an hour, Hiashi returned, followed by Hizashi.

“Sensei, the elders, wanted to come here and confirm by themselves, but I refused, so Hizashi is here on behalf of them.”

“Sensei, the boss of the Amazon Store, is really you.” Hizashi looked surprised, and Masahiko felt that he would ask about his daughter next.

“Sensei’s daughter is adopted.” Before Hizashi could ask, Hiashi took the initiative to explain. After that, the two nodded as if they were saying, “it’s impossible after all,” which almost made Masahiko show them the death finger.

In the end, Masahiko suppressed those feeling, then smiled, “The relationship between you two isn’t bad. Political decisions cannot change the tacit understanding between twins. Besides, if you ever got tired of that thing on your forehead, you can come to your Sensei. I will get rid of it.”

Hiashi smiled bitterly, “Sensei, it’s not a good idea to say such a thing in front of the Hyuuga’s Patriarch, don’t you think?”

Masahiko ignored him, then move his hand gently, and the vortex map in his hand flew over toward the two, who quickly took it.

“These are exactly the same as the Tenketsu points of 64 Palms, so the others are really…”

Finally realizing that the hope of restoring the Hyuuga’s inheritance isn’t a dream anymore, the two fell silent for a while.

“Study it slowly, do your research, and don’t worry about paying me back. Sending me a copy after you finish is enough.” Masahiko didn’t ask for other secret techniques from the Hyuuga since he wouldn’t be able to use it anyway without the Byakugan.

“Also, if you’re going to study, you will have to send someone to the battlefield of the Land of Rain. This won’t work anymore. Hiruzen is the Hokage, after all, and you should know that as a leader, it’s not easy for him.” After thinking about it, Masahiko still had to say something.

The two brothers looked at each other, “We know, Sensei!”