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L.L.H: Chapter 248: The Mizukage Election

Masahiko came out of the Senju Station, first went back to the Amazon Store, told Sara about Kirigakure and how he would be back in a short period of three to five days, or a month to two.

Sara had no objections, she was used to that by now, and she can take care of herself.

After getting informing her, Masahiko groaned then put the fat cat in his dimension. Although it was stupid and fat, Masahiko was really used to seeing it every day.

After a little hesitation, Masahiko entered his dimension too. He still didn’t figure out each vortex’s specific location, but he somehow felt inexplicably confident today.

“Uzumaki Masahiko, The Door Human,” Masahiko muttered while pointing with his fingers.
(T/N: He’s referring to One Piece’s Door Door Devil Fruit.)

“This one!”

Instantly, Masahiko found himself in the endless desert, not knowing what to say.

“I have two more chances.” Masahiko comforted himself decisively.

“This one!”

“This one!”

“Forget it, let’s fly.”

The Land of Water is the smallest of the five major countries. And even if you included the Land of Whirlpools, the latter was still bigger, and the second to last.

With such a small area and limited materials, you can’t blame the Kirigakure for not being strong. It’s not like they can reclaim the sea like Masahiko did.

As for the village’s location that was deep in the mountains… it was bizarre. Who would like to be shrouded in fog all year round?

After a long time on the road, and just when the sky was getting dark, Masahiko came to a high peak around Kirigakure and looked at the village.

“It’s like being in a ghost land. You can’t see anything.” Masahiko muttered, the dim sky and the thick fog completely covered his vision.

Compared to other villages, Kirigakure is more mysterious. Except for being part of the war, Kirigakure rarely contacts with other villages. You can regard it as a “closed country,” but surely they’re not weak, especially when they had the Seven Legendary Swordsmen…

Thinking of this, Masahiko suddenly wondered, “Where are they keeping the remaining three swords? The Land of Whirlpool already has four.”

Masahiko didn’t use his original appearance, he felt that he was already considered an enemy here, and the purpose of this journey wasn’t Kirigakure itself, but the Akatsuki, who knew who Masahiko was, and they might just flee if they noticed that he was here.

“In Konoha, I’m called Hagoromo. In Sunagakure, I’m Hamura, then let’s use Asura this time.” Masahiko felt like he should use the younger generation too.

He slightly changed and remodeled his figure and face to a middle-aged man with a handsome face. Then he took out the fat cat from his dimension and held it in his arms, feeling that this way he won’t look harmless to anyone.

After a few flashed, Masahiko came to a big road and walked to Kirigakure.

This road is the only way into the Village, and it’s there for civilians who come here to issue missions.

The more you go into the mountains, the more humid and cold the air is. The fat cat shuddered in Masahiko’s arms then shrunk inside Masahiko’s clothes. After all, he’s just got a new shave.

“Why did these people build their village in such a place?”

After ten minutes, Masahiko finally reached the entrance of Kirigakure.

The guard greeted him with a cold attitude, which made Masahiko immediately give the village a one-star bad review.

“Are you here to release a mission?” His tone was so cold.

“Is this how they treat their mission issuers, how this Village has been maintained up until now?” Masahiko muttered secretly, then smiled on the surface, “Yes, I’m here to issue a mission.”

“What’s the task?”

Masahiko was taken aback. They were gonna ask him for the details of the mission at the entrance of the village?

Masahiko initially thought that he’s gonna see the Mizukage and check if he was really being controlled. If he’s, then he should start working on finding the people who are responsible. If not, he was just gonna fly away…

Masahiko was speechless. He looked at the fat cat in his arms and had an idea, “I want to find a nice little male cat to breed him.”

The expression on the Kirigakure’s ninja finally changed to something else, and it was the “are you kidding me?” expression.

“You have to understand the pain of such a fat female cat. She will never be happy if it can’t find a boyfriend.” Masahiko continued.

“It will take ten days to release the mission,” The ninja finally replied, “You can find an inn in the village to say in for the time being.”

“Ten days?” Masahiko was taken aback.

“Leave it or take it.”

“Oh, he really got under my skin.” Masahiko muttered as he walked into the village, “Just wait for this Sage to finish his mission first, then I will make sure to hang you up and beat your ass.”

“Right, fat cat?”

“Meow~” The fat cat didn’t know that it was gonna have a match up.

Kirigakure is very small, much smaller than Konoha, with fewer ninjas and civilians.

The bloody mist village murderous environment and the inner fights between the ninjas made the civilian population extremely low. Even those who were still here seemed always hiding or in a hurry.

“Hotel, hotel…” Masahiko looked for a hotel holding his cat and finally found one after walking around half of the village.

The hotel is not small, and it was integrated with a restaurant. When Masahiko was in, he saw all kinds of people eating.

It was dinner time, Masahiko glanced over, and there were free tables.

“These people are all here to release tasks? So they’re all waiting too. I thought I was targeted.”

Masahiko shook his head and smiled.

“Guest, what should I bring to you?”

The manager of the hotel had a good attitude. Masahiko could tell that he’s not a ninja.

“Just some fish.” Masahiko gestured to the cat in his hand, “Is there any more seats and rooms?”

The boss looked embarrassed, “There are no seats, but there is still a room.”

“It’s okay. I’ll put a table together.” Masahiko was very easy-going, and he could also guess why it would take ten days to issue the mission. He doesn’t want to wait that long.

“I should have known that. Wouldn’t it be better if I sneaked in?” Masahiko sighed.

He randomly found a table and sat down, and the one who was eating opposite to him was a fat young man.

Facing the fat cat in Masahiko’s hands, the other party showed a slightly disgusted look.

“Master, he dislikes you.” Masahiko chuckled lightly, then said, “You’re here to release a task? You will have to wait ten days, but I have a way…”

The fat man glanced at him, “You won’t fool me, Old man. Kirigakure is selecting the Fourth Mizukage. We all have to wait. No one will take our tasks.”

“I like this innocent kid.” Masahiko smiled secretly. Before he could even try to trick him, the guy told him what he wanted to know. There was no need for further discussion.

“The question is now, what kind of selection is it gonna be? Mizukage Contest?”