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L.L.H: Chapter 249: Sharked-Face

Because he didn’t pay much attention to Kirigakure before, Masahiko didn’t know that they select their Mizukage based on their strength.

“So, the high ranked Shinobi are currently competing for the Fourth Mizukage position.”

The young man on the opposite side curled his lips, “The top ninjas in Kirigakure don’t get along well, and they agreed to fight for the position of the Fourth Mizukage.”

Masahiko nodded, watching the hotel’s manager hand over a plate of Sashimi, then he put the fat cat directly on the table, letting her eat at will.

Masahiko prefers meat, and he has a lot of it in his scroll, so he decided to have some later.

The young man on the opposite side was reluctant. Most people wouldn’t like the idea of sharing a table with a fat cat, “Mister, your cat…”

“It’s okay. It only eats fish and won’t grab your food.”

“That’s not the problem!” The young man shouted in his heart.

“You eat yours, and let it eat her fish, don’t grab her food too.” Masahiko smiled, “Now tell me more about this Mizukage competition. I’m very interested to know who participated.”

The expression face of the young man on the opposite side suddenly changed, and with cold sweat dripping off his forehead, he asked anxiously, “Mister, are you a ninja from another village?”

“Yes.” Masahiko directly said, “Why? Are you gonna report me?”

The young man sighed painfully and said with a wry smile, “What’s the use of reporting? What I just told you is enough to get arrested.”

After hesitating, he shook his head and couldn’t help but ask, “Mister, do ninjas in your village bring cats when they go out on missions?”

“Only me, you’re really unlucky.”

The young man sighed, “The Mizukage fight…”

After just saying three words, the young man looked left and right, then whispered, “Enemy ninjas are approaching. Let’s head out!”

He pushed the table and wanted to get up, but he suddenly stopped after Masahiko suddenly used a hand sign.

With a calm expression, the young man looked at Masahiko again, to find that he was smiling and said, “Now tell me more about this Mizukage competition. I’m very interested to know who’s gonna participate.” It was the same scene all over again.

After taking a deep breath, he slowly said, “Look, mister, I’m just a civilian, I don’t know much. I only know that a few members of the Legendary Seven Swordsmen of the Mist will be there. The fight is after three days.”

Masahiko nodded, “What about the others? The Kaguya?”

The young man looked surprised, “How could those bloody ninjas join the battle for the Fourth Raikege position?”

“Damn? The bloody ninjas?” Masahiko frowned, only to remember that Kirigakure was called Village of the Bloody Mist because of how cruel the graduation system was.

“Yes, it was that damn clan and others like it, which had bloodline limit that encouraged the village to attack the Uzumaki, resulting in heavy casualties. More than 100 prisoners were redeemed from the Uzumaki’s hustle, which forced the Third Mizukage to start a cruel cleaning process, and since then, the village’s combat power kept dropping.”

Suddenly familiar Chinese characters flashed before him, “Witness and drastically change Naruto World’s branch story: The Village of the Bloody Mist, get 10(*8) witness points.”

Masahiko was startled and almost laughed out loud. This was an unexpected gain.

“So, you’re telling me that Kirigakure has got rid of all the Bloodline limit clans?”

The young man on the other side shook his head, “This is not the case for the Hozuki Clan. Their patriarch was strongly against it back then.

Masahiko recalled that there weren’t indeed any ninjas from the Hozuki Clan among the ninjas who came to attack the Uzumaki.

Looking at the fat cat on the table that was finally full, Masahiko took it in his arm and stood up.

“Boss, give me a room, please.”

“Okay, you can go upstairs.”

Before he went upstairs, Masahiko made another hand sign, “Memory Erasing Seal!”

Seconds later, the young man widened his eyes, “Did someone sit across me just now?”

Looking down at his plate, the food was gone, “Did I finish it? But why do you I feel hungry?”

After following the boss, Masahiko entered the room, then smiled and shook his head, “Fat cat, I brought you food, you can eat again.”



In the next three days, Masahiko didn’t rush to do anything but kept his identity as a civilian who came just to release a mission and spent the whole day in the hotel chatting with merchants and civilians.

The witness points he obtained earlier reminded him that the appointment of the Fourth Mizukage will also yield him a lot of points.

“It shouldn’t be Yagura.”

Masahiko remembered that in the original, Yagura became the Sanbi’s Jinchuriki after Rin’s death, and later became the Fourth Mizukage. Sanbi is currently on a rampage. Masahiko doesn’t think that Yagura is strong enough without him to become the Fourth Mizukage.

“If I change it completely, it will at least yields me 100 or 80 points, right?” Masahiko muttered to himself.

“Uncle Asura, are you really gonna watch Mizukage fight?”

This was a teenager Masahiko has met in the past two days…

“Yes, I’m going to see it,” Masahiko said with a smile.

“I want to go too, but my father didn’t agree…”

That’s right, it was a public fight, but no one will protect the audience. This was Kirigakure’s style…

If you want to be on the sidelines, you can, but you will certainly die if you can’t protect yourself.

“You still have a chance. When you grow up, you can watch the fight for Fifth Mizukage. This old man will not have another chance if he doesn’t go this time.”


On the day of the fight, Masahiko walked to the site of the battle. Except for one entrance, it was completely airtight. He could also tell that this where the Academy graduation is held by the smell of the blood.

Masahiko walked in with the fat cat in his arms. Although the fight hasn’t started yet, there were already many ninjas inside, but they weren’t noisy. They were the cold kind.

After he entered, almost everyone’s eyes were on him… and the fat cat in his arm.

Patting the surprisingly comfortable fat cat, Masahiko walked to the sidelines.

“Huh? Acquaintances?” Masahiko was taken aback, then smiled and walked to the side.

In front of this so-called acquaintance, Masahiko suddenly noticed another one, who looked really familiar from the plot.

“I can’t believe this, but I really missed you, you shark-faced bastard!” Masahiko said silently.