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L.L.H: Chapter 257: Starvation

“Mashirama, this Tsume Inuzuka is a talented girl of the Inuzuka clan. Why don’t you give her a chance?” Aika handed Mashirama a photo, and after looking at it, he shook his head.

Masahiko sighed helplessly,” How did this become a farce…”

Two days have passed since Kenji’s funeral. Masahiko carefully investigated the physical condition of the Senju Clansmen but found nothing special.

With the precedent of Nawaki, Masahiko wanted to check whether it was the influence of physique or the Uchiha combination.

There are only two candidates suitable for the experiment, one is Tsunade, and the other is Mashirama.

Which led to this farce.

Fortunately, Masahiko didn’t need to worry about this personally. Aika took this task over. Mashirama is Aika’s peer according to seniority, but he’s not even older than her daughter Tsunade. Aika had even taken care of him when he was young and watched him grow up. She’s more like an “elder sister-in-law mother-figure” to him. And she is now looking to match him up with girls from different families.


Masahiko frowned and took the photo from Mashirama, “This seems to be Kiba’s mother… Where did Aika get her photo?”

“Mashirama, my child, you’re already 30 years old. It’s time to get a wife.” Aika sighed helplessly.

Aika was only 22 years older than Mashirama, Masahiko felt that she wasn’t old enough to call him a child.

Mashirama kept shaking his head without speaking.

Aika turned to the other person in the house, “Tsunade, and you, you’re 34 years old this year, and you better get married already. I think Jiraiya is a great match for you.”

Aika had already heard of what happened on the battlefield. Although Jiraiya hadn’t been able to save Kenji, he did his best after all, which gave Aika a good impression of him.

“Mother, why are you talking to me now?”

“Why not? Look at your younger brother, he’s nine years younger than you, and he already has a child, then look at you again…”

Masahiko watched with a smile; Aika became wordy as she got older.

Tsunade cast a look at Masahiko for help, and the latter smiled and shook his head, “Your mom is right. You should get married. Yes, you can maintain your youth using the Yin Seal, but regardless, in two years, you’re gonna become an old woman.”

“See? Even Grandpa Masahiko thinks the same.”

Tsunade stomped, making the ground tremble, “I’m going back to the battlefield. They can’t deal with that old woman’s poison without me.”

Masahiko was startled, then smiled.

Tsunade walked out of the room fiercely but suddenly ran into Hiruzen at the door.

“Sensei… you’re back?” She hesitated to ask because Konoha would be at a great disadvantage if Hiruzen is not there on the battlefield, especially under these circumstances.

“Sungakure has retreated,” Hiruzen responded, then walked into the room.

Masahiko stood up, not surprised by Sunagakure’s news, but with Hiruzen holding the fact cat.

The fat cat has even seemed to have lost weight. Masahiko quickly took it over and patted her head.

“Come on, fat cat, eat this dried fish…”

Hiruzen found a place to sit down, and Tsunade returned to the room.

“Sunagakure had retreated yesterday. After I confirmed it, I returned. Orochimaru told me that this is your cat. It refused to eat, so I brought it back to you.”

Masahiko looked at the fat cat devouring the dried fish. It was obviously really hungry, so he couldn’t help but ask, “What did Orochimaru try to feed it, snakes?”

Hiruzen smiled bitterly and glanced around, “What are you guys doing?”

Aika immediately said, “Hokage-Sama, is there any woman of the right age in the Sarutobi Clan who is suitable for Mashirama?”

Hiruzen: “…”

Masahiko smiled, “Don’t worry about it. We will take care of Mashirama.”

“Let’s talk about the battlefield. In the Land of Rain, even if Sunagakure has retreated, Konoha has suffered a lot this time. Sakumo and Jiraiya cannot participate in the war for the time being. Why don’t you stay there?”

Hiruzen shook his head, “There’ are still a lot of things that I need to deal with in Konoha.”

Masahiko secretly thought, “You don’t trust him anymore, don’t you?”

After so many years as a Hokage and Danzo by his side, Hiruzen started to have doubts about him.

“Danzo… wouldn’t be the one who caused this thing to the Senju, right?”

“No, it’s impossible. If it were medicine or something, Tsunade and I would have found it.” Masahiko fell into deep thought again, until the fact cat screamed again.

Slightly weighing the fat cat in his arms, Masahiko sighed.

“This guy has lost at least a pound.”

You should know that the fat cat was over ten pounds before Masahiko gave it to Orochimaru. It lost a tenth of its weight!

“Go back to my space and rest.” Masahiko didn’t shy away from the few people in the house and wanted to throw the fat cat into his dimension, but…

“Damn, I almost forgot, there are still three people in the space!”

Masahiko looked at Hiruzen and felt that he was still hesitant to speak.

“Dude, come on, talk quickly. There are lives at stake!” Without checking on the situation inside his space, he could tell that it was a long time, and they might starve to death at this point. Masahiko wasn’t such a cruel person.

Hiruzen looked confused and obviously didn’t understand what he meant, but still said in a soft voice, “It’s been a while since Kushina returned to the Uzumaki. When are you planning on letting her come back?”

“What? Konoha needs people to go to the battlefield?”

“No, not…” Hiruzen smiled awkwardly.

He was a little worried and feared that Masahiko let Kushina become the Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki so he can take it.

Masahiko could tell what Hiruzen was thinking and smiled, “Minato isn’t here. What’s the use of her returning to Konoha?”

Hiruzen gritted his teeth, “Minato is coming back soon, and he will preside over another Chunin exam.”

Masahiko smiled, “Okay, I will let Kushian come back when he’s back.”

“That’s good.” Hiruzen said, then smiled slyly, “Then I’m leaving, Elder Masahiko.”

Hiruzen left, then Masahiko glanced at three in the house, “Aika, please continue to persuade them, I’m going out.”

Without waiting for a reply, Masahiko hurriedly disappeared, then walked into his space holding the fat cat in his arms.

The situation inside his space startled him instantly. The two male ninjas were already dead, while Ringo was lying on the ground on the other side. If it weren’t for the undulation movement of her chest, he would have believed that she was dead.

Looking around, Masahiko’s face turned dark, “Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

Two corpses and some “filthy things” were instantly wiped out.

“This is really disgusting, lucky that I haven’t eaten yet…” Masahiko said in a loud voice. He could tell that these scorched corpses were killed by Ringo.

Masahiko walked a few steps closer and looked at Ringo and said, “Eeh? This guy was so hungry and fainted out? Should I just kill him?”

Suddenly Ringo jumped instantly and tried to cut Masahiko with her Kiba that she was hidden under her.

Masahiko evaded easily with a smile, but before he could rush at her again, Ringo lowered her guard.

“Sure enough, it’s you, the Great Elder of the Uzumaki. Why did you catch me?!”

Seeing that the other party had given up on resisting, Masahiko said, “Ameyuri Ringo, are you interested in joining the Akatsuki?”

The Akatsuki has been hiding in the dark for all these years, and it always felt too annoying to wait for their next move. Thus, Masahiko decided to take the initiative!