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L.L.H: Chapter 260: Blood Injection

“Elder Masahiko? Elder Masahiko?”

Uchiha Kagami called repeatedly, and Masahiko finally came back to his senses.

“Ah, Kagami, when did you come?”

Uchiha Kagami: “…”

Is this dementia?

“Ah, that’s right, you’re here because of the vision problems, right?”

It’s no wonder that Masahiko has frozen there for a while. He was thinking about many things at the same time… he was basically trying to figure out what the word curse could refer to in Naruto World.

The first thing that crossed his mind was Black Zetsu, which was desperately sealed in his stomach… but this was the most unlikely one.

The second thing that came to his mind is the dispute between Indra and Asura. He thought that they might have cursed each other’s descendants, but that was also unluckily.

The third is Kaguya. She might have cursed Hagormo before she was completely sealed, but it didn’t affect him, and it slowly manifested in his descendants. This kind of speculation was relatively more likely.


“The curse is something independent of the Naruto power system, and it may even be a curse that affected those civilians when Kaguya performed the Infinite Tsukuyomi.” Thinking of this, Masahiko remembered some other memories.

“Speaking of giving birth, people used to bring their newborn babies to Hagoromo in those flashbacks for blessing… what are the blessings and curses?”

“Fifth, and the most likely one! That is… something that is none of the four previous theories.”

“Elder Masahiko?” Kagami called helplessly. Masahiko seems to have got distracted again for the nth time.

Masahiko frowned and looked at Kagami.

“I have a method. We will try it.”

Kagami was overjoyed and nodded repeatedly.

“Don’t resist.” Masahiko raised his hand and lightly touched his chest.

“Curse Breaker!”

Masahiko has never used this skill since it was obtained from Jashin’s altar.

After using it, dense black lines gushed out of Masahiko’s palm, and after a pause on Kagami’s chest, it spread to his face, then found his eyes and flooded in.”

Kagami closed his eyes tightly and opened them again after a long while.

“Elder Masahiko, what was that just now?”

“It’s a special sealing technique.” Masahiko explained, “How did it feel just now?”

Kagami shook his head slowly, “I seemed to have been bounded by something, then I felt like I just have broke free.”

Masahiko was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect that he would feel such a thing.

“What about your eyes?”

Kagami shook his head slightly, “I don’t feel any change.”

Masahiko’s expression froze. This was unexpected, but he kind of wasn’t surprised…

“No, the black pattern just now automatically found his eyes.”

“Try to open the Mongekyou Sharingan.”

Kagami did what he said and opened the Mongekyou Sharingan.

“How do you feel?”

“It seems… like I’m not losing eyesight anymore…?” Kagami was a little uncertain.

Masahiko finally understood.

“The curse of blindness is lifted, but the loss of eyesight cannot be made up for…”

Masahiko was a little disappointed. He thought that lifting the curse will grant him the Eternal Sharingan.

“That’s enough.”

Masahiko sighed, then nodded, “If you continue to use the Mongekyou Sharingan, your eyesight shouldn’t be reduced, but the previous loss…”

Kagami breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s okay. Thank You, Elder Masahiko.”

Masahiko sent away Kagami, feeling excited again.

“In this case, the Senju’s problem is finally solved.”

Masahiko wasn’t in a hurry to lift the curse one by one. He forced them to drink tonic bowl after bowl for two months and a half…

“I will try it on Mashirama first.” Masahiko hummed a small song and walked out to solve a major problem. The slightly depressed mood that he felt during this period finally faded away.

Three days later, Masahiko finally lifted all the curses on the Senju Clansmen.

Of course, there is no explanation of the truth behind this curse… which means he can’t explain it to them too.

He just told them that this was a special sealing technique he developed specifically for “infertility,” and then happily announced: That the previous medicinal soup was actually for nothing!

Of course, after hearing this news, the Senju Clansmen weren’t very happy…

“I like to see you angry, but you can’t beat me.”

Masahiko left with a smile.

“Try to increase the number of family members!”


One hour ago.

The Land of Rain battlefield, a dark underground place.



Loud screams continued to emit as more than a dozen Iwagakure ninjas continued to struggle under the chain.

A few minutes later, these people lost their lives.

“So it didn’t work.” Whispered, “Whether it’s the cells of the First Hokage or Uchiha Madara, these ordinary human bodies can’t bear it. »

“Orochimaru! It’s hidden deep enough that probably no one in Konoha knows that you’re such a lunatic!”

Aside, a ninja from Iwagakure spoke bitterly.

He’s a Jonin from Iwagakure, leading a team of twenty people, but he encountered Orochimaru on the battlefield and was easily caught and brought to this place with his team.

“No one knows?” Orochimaru licked the corner of his mouth, “Perhaps.”

A small snake burrowed out of the ground and spit out a syringe with a dozen milliliters of crimson blood in it.

Looking at the remaining five Iwagakure ninjas, except for the captain, all the others were in a coma.

Orochimaru compared the syringe in his hand and smiled, “Do you know whose blood this is?”

“This is the blood of Elder Uzumaki Masahiko. This took me a while to obtain. But no matter how I studied it, it’s almost the same as the blood of an ordinary person. Can you believe it?”

The captain’s expression changed, and he seemed like he understood what Orochimaru’s means, “You’re a lunatic!”

Orochimaru licked the corner of his mouth again, walked toward the five ninjas, and injected one milliliter into each of the four unconscious ninjas.

“No response?”

Ten minutes later, Orochimaru’s expression was solemn.

Even if it’s an ordinary person’s blood, there will be adverse reactions if it’s randomly injected into other people. However, Masahiko’s blood seemed to be immediately integrated into the human body without being rejected.

“Maybe I didn’t inject enough blood?” Despite the struggles of the captain, Orochimaru injected half of the remaining blood into him.

After a full hour, Orochimaru looked more solemn.

“What exactly is the reason for this inclusiveness that was previously unnoticed?”

Thinking about the fact that Masahiko asked Sakumo to bite his arm so he can heal his injuries quickly, he said, “Is it because of this ability?”

Thinking about Masahiko’s long lifespan, and then about how he didn’t gain anything from studying him all of these years…