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L.L.H: Chapter 261: The Long Waited Awakening

Konoha Village.

Masahiko finally walked out of the Senju residence.

During his period, he devoted all his energy to the Senju, staying at home every day, researching solutions to “infertility.”

Now that it is finally solved, Masahiko felt empty and had nothing to do.

“Are you going to get revenge at Sunagakure?” Masahiko sighed.

Masahiko might be one of the reasons for Kenji’s death, but Sunagakure was the one who killed him.

“The one, who killed, Ebizo, has been beheaded by Sakumo, and the one who’s responsible for his death… Chiyo?”

Masahiko shook his head and decided not to go. Chiyo was also wronged. Her son, daughter-in-law, and younger brother were killed in battle, and her grandson defected. She should be really lost.

“In the future, her hobbies were fishing, pretending to be dead, and senile.” Thinking of this, Masahiko felt a little sad for her.

After a while, he shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“I’m the real lost person here. All that I have are disciples and acquaintances…”

Feeling slightly low, “I’ll go to see the daughter that I picked up and find some comfort.”

Masahiko changed his figure and went to the Amazon Shop.

Sarah is in the shop, and since she was handed in a new apprentice, she has been very relaxed lately. She was just about to start eating lunch that she brought from somewhere else… Even though Ichiraku Ramen is delicious, you will get tired of it at some point.

Seeing Masahiko coming in, she smiled sweetly, “Father, you’re back. Have you eaten yet?”

“I didn’t eat, why, are you gonna give me half?

Sara: “…”

“You can eat this. I will buy another one.”

Masahiko smiled and waved his hand, “No, I haven’t eaten ramen for a long time. Prepare a bowl for me after you finish eating.”

“I’ll prepare one for you now,” Sara said and rushed out.

“You can eat first!” Masahiko chased.

Ten minutes later, the father and daughter sat down for a mean, and the warm atmosphere made the food even more delicious.

“Has anything special happened recently?” Masahiko spoke vaguely while eating the noodles.

Sara shook her head,” Nothing special. Though, Obito has been looking for you for the last two days. He comes here every morning and afternoon.”

Masahiko was startled, “Obito is looking for me?”

Masahiko groaned slightly, “This little guy didn’t pass the Chunin Exam. I bet he came to me for comfort. Rin passed, he didn’t, and he can’t blame anyone for that, but his stupidity…”

Masahiko wasn’t curious at all. He was sure that Obito failed because he didn’t use his brain as usual.

“When he comes in the afternoon, I will make sure to scold him.” Masahiko wasn’t the sympathetic guy.


“Master! Take me to the battlefield!”

Masahiko looked at passionate Obito, feeling stunned.

“Master! You promised to take me to the battlefield!” Seeing that Masahiko didn’t reply, he got anxious.

Masahiko nodded, “There is such a thing, but I’m talking about half a year later, right? It’s has been… only four months?”

“I’m ready now, Master!”

“Really? Chunin Ranked Shinobi, Uchiha Obito?”

With bitterness on his face, Obito replied, “So you know about that too?”

“You can’t blame me for this one…”

After that, Masahiko listened to Obito complaining about how the written questions were challenging, how he was drafted against strong opponents, and how he helped the grandma cross the roar…

“All right, so it’s the grandma’s fault.”

“Master, just take me. Rin went to the battlefield. I have to protect her. Otherwise, you can’t rest assured, right?”

Masahiko was startled, “Rin, what? Minato is still in the village!

Obito was full of grief, “all those who became Chunin were taken. Our Patriarch led the team, but without me…”

“Kagami is leading the team?” Masahiko pondered, “Konoha is training troops on the battlefield…”

Looking at Obito, Masahiko smiled slightly. No wonder he was so anxious. His classmates were going to the war to gain experience, while Obito was left behind.

Slightly pondering, Masahiko thought he might get more witness points if he took Obito with him to the battlefield.

“Okay, pack up your things. I’ll take you there to gain more experience.”

Obito immediately replied, “I already have all my things!”

Masahiko was startled and turned to look at Sara, “You heard him, I have to take this boy with me to the battlefield for a little bit.”

Sara smiled, “I see, father.”

The tone was relaxed as if the battlefield was in the back garden of Masahiko’s house.

Masahiko didn’t have anything special to carry, so he stood up and was about to speak, but suddenly froze in his place.

“Most of them have witnessed and drastically changed the main storyline of Naruto World: The Third Ninja World War, Gained 100(/2)(*8) Witness Points.”

“The third Shinobi World War is over? That is to say, Iwagakure retreated…” Masahiko fell silent.

This is the second main storyline with a base point of 100 points since Konoha’s establishment. It also reflects the importance of the Third War.

In the original, Konoha got besieged by four villages and suffered heavy losses. They had to let children who had just graduated from the academy go to the battlefield.

But now, because of the Land of Whirlpools, Kumogakure wasn’t strong enough; thus, they didn’t participate in the war. Kirigakure was busy enough with what they have going on inside the village. And Sunagakure were struggling without their supplies. Only Iwagakure was facing Konoha, and of course, they couldn’t survive alone.

Konoha regarded them as training targets, and now to stop Konoha’s hostility, they’re gonna have to pay something.

“Looking at it this way, the plot got completely changed.” Masahiko sighed.

Too many things happened in the Third Shinobi World War, and it doesn’t matter if some didn’t happen, such as Minato’s nickname. Gold… yellow always flashes.

But for other things, such as Obito, Masahiko originally planned to follow the crowd and see if he could awaken his Sharingan… but what a mess!

“Oh, Onoki, it seems that you’re old and lost too…”

“Master, master, shall we go?” Obito said urgently.

Masahiko glanced at him, then sat back on the chair, “We’re not going anymore.”

Obito was taken aback, “Master…”

Masahiko waved his hand, “The war is over!”


He was surprised to see Masahiko nod his head in confirmation, and everything went dark. Silence controlled the room, and it felt as if time had stopped still. Waves of anger burnt in his chest as his eyes suddenly turned into Sharingan eyes!

Masahiko couldn’t help but laugh, “Is this a blessing in disguise? Or is it the protagonist seed explosion?”