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L.L.H: Chapter 262: The Chosen One

Early July of Konoha’s forty-fourth year, in front of the main entrance of Konoha.

Hundreds of civilians and ninjas gathered here to greet the heroes who returned from the battlefield of the Land of Rain.

The Third Shinobi World War has been over for half a month, the battlefields were cleared, and the wounded were escorted back to Konoha, and the ninja troops have finally returned.

Of course, the Hokage Sarutobi and his Elder Danzo stood in the queue’s front to greet them. Masahiko didn’t show up in his original identity, but as the Amazon shop owner, he brought his little student and his daughter Sara and stood among the crowd.

The ninja troops leader was Kagami, followed by a group of Jonin lead by Orochimaru, followed by larger groups of Chunin, and those newly promoted were also among theme.

“Jiraiya isn’t there? Did he go out to gather materials?” Masahiko smiled and shook his head, feeling a bit disappointed.

In fact, he really wanted to see what kind of exaggerated expression would be on Jiraiya’s face when he is greeted by the cheers of everyone in here. Watching Orochimaru’s pale snake face is really boring.

And don’t know if it was an illusion, but he could feel weird vibes from Orochimaru.

“Is it because of the human experiments?” Masahiko guessed.

By his side, Masahiko could feel Obito’s fighting spirit burning, while his eyes were firmly locked on Gai. It’s worth mentioning that in the previous Chunin exam, Obito was defeated by Gai several times.

However, it’s also a blessing in disguise. Obito has successfully awakened his Sharingan, and now he wants to regain his lost pride.

Well, he’s focused on Gai now because Kakashi went with Sakumo to the Uzumaki. Otherwise, he would have been now fighting with him.

The ninja army received the crowds’ cheers at the main gate for a while, heard the monologue of the “Will of Fire” one more time, then disbanded, and each went to his family.

“Okay, it’s no longer fun. Let’s head back.” Masahiko turned his head and said.

The expression on Obito’s face was very strange, mixed with fear, anxiety, and expectation.

“Master… Have you seen… Rin?” Obito said while stumbling.

Masahiko was stunned for a moment, and immediately reacted, showing sadness, “I didn’t see her, Rin, I’m afraid… the war!”

Sarah covered her mouth in surprise, looking at Masahiko.

Tears rushed out of Obito’s eyes, “Impossible! We must have missed her.”

“Obito, accept it. I’m also feeling sad about Rin…”

“I don’t believe it!”

Obito said, then he was about to rush out but was stopped by Masahiko.

“Oh maaan, I thought you’re gonna open the third tomoe…” Masahiko sighed.

Obito froze there, not knowing what was going on.

Sara took her hand off her mouth, revealing a smile on her face.

“Father, you’re bullying Obito again. Haven’t Rin been back for several days already?

Masahiko smiled, then explained, “I know, but Obito seems to be prone to tragedy awakenings… so I wanted to stimulate one for him.”

Looking at the ignorant Obito, Masahiko continued to speak, “Do you see any wounded people in the troops? How could Konoha have no casualties in a big battle? Use your head. The Hokage is trying to reassure the civilians. And in order to prevent anyone from knowing the specific number of deaths and injuries, the wounded were secretly sent to Konoha Hospital. As a medical ninja, Rin came back a few days ago and has been busy in the hospital.”

Obito glared at Masahiko, then turned and ran to the hospital.

“Father, Obito seems to have gotten angry.”

Masahiko touched his chin, “It seems to be a bit too much, but I’m going it for his own good. Without some tragedies, how long will it be before he opens the third tomoe, let alone the Mongekyou…”


Time passed quickly, and it was another week.

Obito moved on quickly, and he was no longer angry. At this time, he was mumbling about this and that in front of Masahiko.

“Master, the elders were so surprised that I’ve awakened these eyes, and how it was directly double tomoe…”

“That guy, Gai, is really amazing. Even though I’ve used the Sharingan, I still drew with him. But I have already started learning some advanced Fire Releases, and I will soon be able to surpass him… when Kakashi comes back, I will make sure to teach him a lesson!”

Masahiko listened to all kinds of show-offs with a flat expression. He even thanked God that he didn’t help him open the third tomoe…

“Master, do you know? Tsunade-Sama and Orochimaru-Sama are about to accept disciples. Rin is preparing for that.”

This sentence stunned Masahiko for a moment, then he reacted.

“Why don’t you go?” Masahiko said with a smile.

Being in Minato’s team doesn’t mean that he can’t have a teacher on his own.

Obito looked around, then lowered his voice, “Master, don’t you think Orochimaru-Sama is a bit… scary?

“You’re not wrong.”

It’s a joke to think that Obito will ever be Orochimaru’s disciple.

However, this unexpected wave of witness points that Obito brought him.

In the next few days, Masahiko was personally there to participate in the selection with Tsunade and Orochimaru.

Tsunade’s selection of apprentices is very formal, and it’s simply a medical ninja test for disciples under the age of fifteen. After long thinking and with Masahiko’s slight assistance, Tsunade exceptionally chose two disciples, Rin and Shizune.

Rin prefers medical treatment and Chakra healing techniques, while Shizune is more inclined to make antidotes and medications.

Masahiko’s expression looked solemn as he turned around and said, “Take Obito, you have my blessings.”

However, Orochimaru acted like he didn’t hear him and told him about something that made him a little concerned.

“You said that Jiraiya has also accepted a disciple in the Land of Rain?”

Seeing how Orochimaru nodded in confirmation, Masahiko groaned slightly, “It happens to be the Land of Rain, how so coincidental.”

“That idiot doesn’t know what he’s doing, his new disciple has some basic ninjutsu talent in him, but he’s too old for training.” Orochimaru grin evilly.

Masahiko looked no longer concerned about Jiraiya but frowned and glanced at weird-faced Orochimaru, “Maybe you better ease off on doing human experiments for some time…”

Orochimaru nodded without denying, “I see, Elder.”

After that, Orochimaru began his selection, which was utterly different from Tsunade. There was no assessment, and he didn’t even go to see those candidates with his own eyes.

When they came to Hiruzen’s office, he simply looked through the pages, and then his eyes were immediately locked on one name.

“This one, Sensei.”

“Are you sure you don’t need an assessment?”


“I want this one, Anko Mitarashi.”

Masahiko gained another ten witness points from this event, but there was a sense of discord in his heart.