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L.L.H: Chapter 263: One Stone and Two Birds

Konoha forty-fourth year, August.

The remains scenes of the Third Shinobi World War finally dissipated, and the serene atmosphere from the past came back to Konoha.

Endless streams of civilians rushed over to release missions, and the endless lists of tasks made the ninjas who have just come back from the battlefield busy again.

In Masahiko’s shop, a long-lost customer, Hatake Kakashi, was welcomed.

Masahiko was on the edge of his seat, waiting to see Sakumo’s “new arm, but he ended up disappointed.

It was an arm made entirely of Chakra conductive metal.

There was no such high technology to connect nerves as Masahiko imagined. It can only be controlled by Chakra.

“Elder Masahiko, that’s enough. It doesn’t affect my daily life.”

Masahiko shook his head, “I will find a way to get you a better arm. With such a thing, your strength will not be as it was.”

“Without his right hand, Sakumo’s strength was almost cut off by half. If you lost you’re right; it doesn’t mean that you will be able to train your left to be as strong as your right and become the next “Goro Shigeno.” The Hatake’s Swordsmanship uses both hands, and most of Naruto’s swordsmanship is also the same.
(T/N: Goro Shigeno: The protagonist of the Anime Major.”

He thought Yuna would surprise him again, but he forgot that she had always been interested in creating devices and never studied the human body.

“This is enough, Elder Masahiko,” Sakumo repeated again.

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, “How come you’re the one comforting me. Where’s Kakashi? Did he come back with you?”

“He came with me but was stopped by your little apprentice, and the two went to the Training Ground to compete.”

“This guy, Obito, he’s gonna get his butt handed to him again…”

Masahiko felt helpless. Although Obito finally awakened his Sharingan, he hasn’t made much progress in other areas except his Dojutsu…If there is no accident, he will surely get bullied by Kakashi again.

However, this is what he thought, but he suddenly remembered how Obito’s case needs “stimulation.”

After a moment of silence, Masahiko spoke again.

“Let’s celebrate your arm recovery… Even if it’s not a full recovery, please let me treat you to ramen.”

Sakumo couldn’t laugh or cry. Is he treating him to ramen for such a big thing?

Masahiko noticed his expression and shook his head, “You don’t know how popular Ichiraku Ramen is now. These ninjas, who’ve been at war, haven’t tried anything that good for months, and since they came back, they were emptying their pockets there.”

“It’s a bit late. I’m afraid we won’t be able to get in before dinner if we don’t go now.”

Masahiko was stunned. Seeing Masahiko leaving, he quickly followed.

Sure enough, nearly an hour before dinner, the seats in Ichiraku Ramen were almost full, with civilians and ninjas.

Watching the two walking in, the noisy room was quiet for a moment, after which shouts of “Master White Fang” came out.

Masahiko’s face stiffened, remembering that he was still Hagoromo now, and eating with Sakumo would probably arouse suspicion.

But soon, he became calm again.

“What’s wrong with being with White Fang? Master White Fang is in poor health, and he needs medicine!!”

After that, Masahiko graciously ordered two of the most expensive ramen with just a gesture of his hand, added meat and noodles, while Sakumo looked at him speechless.

“You’re… treating this so casual.”

Masahiko ignored him.

The two slowly walked to their seats while everyone was looking at them, they didn’t care, but the store’s atmosphere was a bit wrong.

After the two entered the store, considering Sakumo’s status, it was reasonable for the room to get a bit quiet, but it was weird to stay that way for ten minutes.

Sakumo is usually not the kind of person who’s scary or too harsh on people. How could he make people this quiet?!

“I just can’t stay this way.” Masahiko sighed. Then, using Wind Release, he emitted the sound of two ninja’s conversations not far away into his ears.

“Unexpectedly, Orochimaru-Sama is such a person…” One of them looked disappointed.

“What’s the matter? I think what Orochimaru-Sama did was the right thing.”

“How can you say… Shush.” One of them noticed Masahiko looking at them.

Masahiko listened without head and tail, “What’s wrong with Orochimaru? Is it human experiments?”

He wanted to know more, but he found that even the whispers were gone.

Masahiko shook his head helplessly, then said, “Sakumo, go and ask these two over there what happened to Orochimaru?

Sakumo was taken aback, then did what he said.

Masahiko didn’t overhear; he looked around, then he moved the meat in Sakumo’s ramen into his bowl…

After a few minutes, Sakumo walked back with a furious expression.

“Elder Masahiko, something went wrong.”

With noodles in his mouth, Masahiko said indifferently, “What’s the matter?”

“Details of a secret S-Class mission performed by Orochimaru there years ago were revealed. In order to complete the mission, Orochimaru…”

Masahiko was stunned. This story sounds familiar, especially when he looks at Sakumo in front of him; it feels more familiar. It’s a cheap “pirated version” from the original.

“Sometimes, saving a companion will result in mission failure and a great loss to Konoha. Knowing that the companion you rescued will also accuse you, will you still save him?” Masahiko shook his head and said.

Sakumo paused.

“You don’t know to answer, I know.” Masahiko waved his hand and ate the last bite, “Eat yours. It’s getting cold. You don’t need to worry about this, just wait, and you’ll see the changes.”

Sakumo hesitated, sat down, but got stunned as soon as he picked up his chopsticks.

Seeing Masahiko hurriedly leaving the place after closing the bill, he choked silently.

“Are you really asking me to pretend like you didn’t do this?”


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Masahiko sighed, “The details of an S-Class secret mission have been spread so widely, and it was from three years ago. No one knows who leaked this information… Is it Danzo, or are he and Hiruzen both involved?”

“But what’s the use? This time the target isn’t Sakumo, but Orochimaru. Moreover, Orochimaru chose to complete the task. Some people may think that he’s unkind, but most ninjas will be supportive, right?”

“Will Orochimaru end up… committing suicide too?”

Masahiko began to think more and more weirdly, and usually, when such a thing happens, it turns out to be a Genjutsu.

Sure enough, this matter gradually fermented in Konoha in the next few days, from a small room in a restaurant to everyone in the village.

In the streets and alleys, civilians, and ninjas, everyone was discussing this matter, and two factions gradually formed. One side thinks that the task is more important, and the other side thinks his partner is more important.

As the focal point of the incident, Orochimaru had no response.

Until one day, some people starting talking about a new element to that story: Senju Nawaki, the new Patriarch of the Senju Clan, denied the behavior of Orochimaru, and he believes that his companion should have been rescued.

This is the first ninja with sufficient status to express his opinion publicly.

“Although Nawaki can have an opinion, and it’s normal to talk about this in private, he shouldn’t have publicly refuted Orochimaru’s decision…” Masahiko sighed.