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L.L.H: Chapter 264: Game of Hats

“In the blink of an eye, Hiruzen was 53 years old, and he has probably been a Hokage for… 18 years.”

Masahiko thought for a moment and pulled out some pictures from his confused memory.

“It seems that Hiruzen should be retiring soon. Some people won’t sit still if they want a certain successor.”

Masahiko didn’t need to find out who was behind this incident, “I’m just gonna put the blame on Danzo.”

Masahiko would be surprised if this kind of thing weren’t done by Danzo.

First, he used Orochimaru’s “cold-blooded heart” to draw a debate about whether the task is important or the companion, and then he used the “pure-blooded” Nawaki to confront him with Orochimaru. If it goes well, it can solve the two competitors at one; the two biggest competitors.

“It seems that since Minato didn’t get flashing nickname yet, Danzo ignored him.” Masahiko smiled and shook his head.

In Masahiko’s opinion, he still prefers Minato as the Fourth Hokage, no matter who’s on the other is.

People are close and distant, and Masahiko’s judgments are influenced by past and present life.

Just like before, when Fugaku and Nawaki fought for Mikoto, Masahiko didn’t oppose or support. But if Nawaki and Minato both fought for the Hokage’s position… Whether it’s from a personal preference or from Kushina’s perspective, Masahiko will always be on Minato’s side.

“Besides, I’m afraid that Nawaki’s character isn’t suitable for being a Hokage.” Masahiko decisively found a reason for himself.

As for Kushina’s idea of turning both Minato and the Kyuubi back to the Land of Whirlpools, Masahiko didn’t believe that it was doable. Looking at her like that, would she be willing to let Minato give up on his dreams?

“But Danzo is really playing dirty,” Masahiko murmured, walked out of the Amazon store again, and decided to deal with Danzo.

But first, as the Amazon shop owner, he went around Konoha listening to the conversation in the street using Wind Release.

All kinds of gossips were ignored. Masahiko didn’t care about who lost a fat cat, who lost someone, or even who got knocked… in the head.

He just counted the number of people who were supporting rescuing their companions.

What made him gratified is that many people believed that the right decision is to rescue the companion, even though most of them were civilians.

“A ninja must always focus on completing the task.”

This sentence was added to the Ninja Academy textbook, but now it has become the source of contradiction.

In fact, even now, Masahiko doesn’t know whether this sentence is right or wrong. There are different explanations in different situations, but a person who doesn’t value his companions’ lives can’t get everyone’s approval to become Hokage.

In other words, if Orochimaru doesn’t explain clearly his “cold-blooded” behavior, he will definitely lose the position of the Hokage.

With this idea in his mind, Masahiko first found Orochimaru and wanted to interview him.

“A boring trick.” This was Orochimaru’s reply.

Masahiko expected, Nawaki to be still confused about how he suddenly was standing in the center of the storm, but Orochimaru seems to have seen through it at a glance.

Masahiko smiled, “Then what are you going to do?” Just let it go?” Orochimaru licked the corner of his mouth, “Elder Masahiko, will you let it go?”

Masahiko rolled his eyes, how this guy can stay indifferent at all times.

Masahiko sighed, then he looked a bit surprised.

“Your strength… you got stronger again?”

Orochimaru was thirty-four years old, the peak age of a ninja. The progress that Masahiko has sensed was relatively clear.

“It’s just a little,” Orochimaru responded.

Masahiko smiled, then he waved his hand and went out.

No wonder Orochimaru isn’t too concerned about this matter. It turns out that he has found a way to improve his strength…

“It seems that the Sage Mode has been a great help to him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have achieved any progress without doing modifications on his body.”

There was nothing he to do, Masahiko was only here to confirm Orochimaru’s views, and the following things need to be done through Nawaki.

After entering the Senju Station, Masahiko directly found Nawaki in the Patriarch’s Hall, and Tsunade was also there.

“Great Grandpa,” Tsunade greeted him first and then beamed with joy, “Two Senju clansmen are expecting a babe. It worked!”

Masahiko was taken aback, “That was quick,” then he smiled and said, “That’s natural. It will definitely work since this old man took action.”

After thinking for a long time, Mashiko couldn’t find a suitable way to say it.

Tsunade nodded and sighed, then said, “Great Grandpa, you came here because of Nawaki, right?”

Nawaki shouted, “Sister, I really didn’t say that.”

“But it is your opinion, right?” Masahiko said with a smile.

Nawaki fell into silence and was unable to refute.

Tsunade sighed, “Just think about this way. Second Grandpa, Tobirama put that sentence in the textbook for a reason. A Ninja must always focus on finishing the task. That’s why Orochimau’s decision is understandable. If he chose to save people, he might have been facing even greater criticism now.”

Tsunade’s remarks made Mashiko’s expression change. He thought that she would firmly support saving people, but she unexpectedly stood in Orochimaru’s camp.

“Sure enough, she was chosen to become the Fifth Hokage not only because she was the eldest granddaughter of Hashirama.”

Seeing that Nawaki didn’t have Tsuande’s same morals, Masahiko relieved him. “I can’t say that’s entirely true. I don’t know the specific task situation, but I think both options are fine. The only difference is that if the captured companion is a friend of yours. Your way of thinking will change, and like Nawaki, who put his companions first, you will also choose to rescue them.”

Nawaki nodded repeatedly.

Masahiko continued, “Tsunade, think about it, if the captured is Jiraiya, what would Orochimaru have chosen?”

Tsunade looked at Masahiko blankly.

Masahiko’s face stiffened; that was embarrassing.

“Orochimaru would have used that opportunity to get rid of Jiraiya for good…”

There was a weird silence in the room. Masahiko was thinking about how to switch between examples. Later, he felt that no matter who was captured, Orochimaru’s choice would have never changed.

“Nawaki, you’re right. Orochimaru’s approach should be refuted fiercely!”

Nawaki nodded and suddenly stopped, “I don’t think I have the guts to face…”

“I know!” Masahiko interrupted, then sighed, “This is the start of a new round of the Hokage competition. Some people have used some cheap tricks. But Great Grandpa here has always had a bright eye, and he can see through it at a glance.”

Nawaki nodded ignorantly.

“Then what shall I do, Great Grandpa?”

Masahiko paused, with a smirk on his face, “Currently, only you and Orochimaru are in the center of the storm. We can’t let them just watch the show.”

“You will do this…” Masahiko leaned toward Nawaki’s ear while Tsunade rolled her eyes. This Great Grandpa is probably going to cause troubles again…

One day later, everyone on the street was talking about new things: “The Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi had publicly supported Nawako, while Konoha’s elder Shimura Danzo publicly supported Orochimaru.”