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L.L.H: Chapter 265: Debate

Konoha was in a mess.

The dispute that was originally confined to Nawaki and Orochimaru’s confrontation gradually evolved to wrap inside the entire village.

After Hiruzen and Danzo “expressed” where they stand on this particular issue, the patriarch of various clans “expressed” one after another.

Senju Station.

Nawaki was feeling a little guilty. This entire mess was caused by them.

Masahiko didn’t look bothered, “All the people with high status in the village expressed their opinions… Well, if I add another person to your camp, I will say it’s Jiraiya, who’s traveling far away, has written to show his support to you.”

Nawaki startled, “Is that alright? Great Grandpa…”

“Just do as I say.”


The Land of Rain.

“Fire Release: Fire Ball!” Jiraiya was demonstrating the Fire Ball’s hand signs when he suddenly was interrupted by a sneeze, and a small flame was spit out of his mouth.

“Sensei, your technique…”

“Ahahah…” Jiraiya scratched his head, “It should be someone in the village who misses me, don’t worry about it. Let’s continue. I will only teach you for another month, then it’s up to you to change this war-torn country!

“Yes, Sensei!


Konoha Village, inside the Hokage Building.

Hiruzenand Danzo smiled bitterly at each other, knowing that Masahiko must be the one who has done this.

Originally, when the two were dragged into this, they got alerted, but the subsequent series of actions were way too fast for them to correct things.

Now that the entire village is involved, it really won’t end well.

After a long silence, Hiruzen sighed, “What should we do now? It can’t go on like this. Otherwise, Konoha will end up splitting.”

Some people have started to act because of these disputes in recent days, and they can no longer be suppressed.

Danzo’s face looked hideous, he was the one who indeed started this incident, but Hiruzen also tacitly agreed. And Hiruzen now is asking him to find a solution.

“Good, both of you are here.” Masahiko walked in with a smile.

Hiruzen stood up, acted like nothing is happening, and said, “Elder Masahiko, you’re here.”

“Elder Masahiko.” Danzo also said hello.

Masahiko waved his hand and asked knowingly, “You all know what Konoha is arguing about these days, right? Have you figured out how to solve this situation?”

The two of them cursed secretly, and who do you think is the reason?

“Elder Masahiko, what do you think we should do?” Hiruzen said helplessly.

Masahiko smiled, “Konoha has always been adhering to the principles of fairness and openness, and this time it’s the same. The more they argue, the clearer the truth will be!”

The two looked at each other, “They are already arguing enough…”

“Not enough!” Masahiko smiled mysteriously.


Three days later.

Konoha Stadium is full of seats.

Masahiko’s voice spread throughout the stadium.

“Today, half of Konoha’s residents gathered here because of the issue that everyone has been arguing about recently, whether the task or the companion is more important?”

“This issue has been everyone’s talk for a week, but we didn’t hear each sides’ arguments yet, so we’re gathered here today to solve this problem since it has seriously affected Konoha’s stability and harmony.”

Masahiko frowned slightly as he spoke, feeling that this last line was a bit awkward. Clearing his throat, he continued to speak.

“Today, here, we want to put an end to this incident.”

“The few people in front of me are all important, high-status figures in Konoha, and their views on this matter are very clear.

“We’re gonna put an end to this turmoil through their debate. I guess everyone has no objection?”

“Good, I announce that the first Debate Conference of Konoha Village has officially started!” Masahiko said with a smile, “We will first ask Elder Shimura Danzo, who thinks that the task is the most important thing for a ninja, to step forward and clarify his views!”

Danzo: “…”

Danzo couldn’t think straight, and he was cursing Masahiko secretly in his heart. At the same time, he was so confused by how Masahiko brought the situation up to this point.

“Elder Danzo seems to have nothing to say, so please let our beloved Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi come forward and clarify his points of view!”

Hiruzen stood up with a bitter smile, glanced at his good friend Danzo, apologized in his heart, then began to use the Will of Fire again.

In this kind of public occasions, few people will dare to say that they can give up their companions for the task’s success. The higher the status, the tougher it is.

The higher the status, the more subordinates in charge, and even the most loyal people will feel grieved when they hear that you might abandon them for the mission.


A farce came to an end, and the choice of “companions first” prevailed.

“It seems that the coffin bread will be cut off by me this time.” Masahiko smiled and shook his head, “See you later. It feels great to ridicule them once like this.”

“They are ninjas, but they’re also humans, tasks can be restored, but if the companion is gone, he’s really gone.”

Masahiko thought, then suddenly felt something was wrong, recalling Tobirama’s character, and adding that when he said this, Hashirama should be alive, “It doesn’t make much sense… the guy would have killed for his brother.”

Inside the Hokage Building.

Hiruzen sighed and said, “I’m afraid Konoha will lose a lot of money this time. The rule that Tobirama-Sensei put is the only reason why civilians always preferred Konoha to release mission.”

Danzo didn’t speak and stood beside him with a gloomy expression.

“But that’s okay. It’s a different era. It would be more beneficial to Konoha’s future development if the ninja cared more about their companions.” Hiruzen continued to speak.

After a long silence, Danzo coldly snorted, “Hiruzen, do you still think you have a chance? Elder Masahiko made it clear that he wants to support Senju Nawaki as the Fourth Hokage and didn’t even mention Minato. He really wants to take him and Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki, Kushina, back to the Uzumaki.” If Masahiko heard this, he would definitely clear that he was wronged.

Hiruzen was silent for a moment, “After going to the Land of Earth to negotiate. Let Minato lead the team. Jiraiya and the others will help…”


Time flies, and two years passed in a flash.

In the past two years, Masahiko lived in the Amazon Store, watching the ebb and flow…

This is not the case. Masahiko participated in almost every major and minor issue in Konoha, just to gain witness points.

But in the end, there was too little to collect. After two years, Masahiko only gained 80 witness points, most of which were brought to him by Obito becoming Chunin, and Kakashi as a Jonin.

“I’m 300 points short. Minato should bring a lot from becoming Hokage. But what exactly can bring more points after that?” Masahiko sighed.

The fact that Minato will become the Hokage was almost certain in his heart. And he didn’t feel like he needs to do anything at all for that to happen. Every mission experience of Minato in the past two years will be spread out and will envelop perfectly in the end.

“Sure enough, Hiruzen still prefers Minato. Is it Kushina’s influence?” Masahiko also had doubts.

“Moreover, my dark knight has finally moved.” Masahiko weighed a letter in his hand that said, “See you in the old place,” and the signature is a row of jagged teeth.