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L.L.H: Chapter 266: Let God Determine

Gritting his teeth, and tear the letter off.

Since Ringo contacted him, it is estimated that she has successfully joined the Akatsuki. Although he really didn’t like her signature, Masahiko was a bit happy to hear this news, and a deal is a deal. He had to give her that medicine.

Looking at the brown pills in front of him, Masahiko waved his hand, and a medicine bottle appeared in his hand. A dozen pills flew in one by one, and then he disappeared.

On a barren mountain southwest of Konoha, Masahiko met Ameyuri Ringo again.

“Yo!” Masahiko leaned this way of greeting from Nagato.

The woman on the opposite side showed a smile…

Masahiko frowned. He noticed that Ringo was wearing an all-black cloak. It would have been right if it also had red clouds on it.

“Did they change their uniform?” Masahiko whispered.

“Elder Uzumaki, when people get old, does their speed drops down to this extent?”

Masahiko ignored her provocation, “You asked me out, so did you successfully join the Akatsuki?”

“I did. But it can also be considered as I didn’t.”

Masahiko was confused. What is she saying?

“What I found should be just an outer organization. The name is indeed Akatsuki, but the members are generally not strong. Even the leader isn’t worthy enough to be my opponent. However, I discovered that the leader has a mysterious master. I estimate that he should be the leader of the Akatsuki organization you wanted me to spy on.”

Masahiko frowned, “It sounds different from the original…”

“And the leader’s information and the purpose of this sub-organization?

“The name of their leader is Yahiko, and he wants to bring…”

“Say what again?” Masahiko interrupted quickly.

“Oh? Yes, he’s called the Yahiko.”

Masahiko took a deep breath, feeling a little bit dumbfounded, so he was still the founder of the Akatsuki…

“Yellow hair? And his purpose?” Masahiko tried to confirm again.

“Orange hair. He wants to bring peace to the Land of Rain…” Ringo sneered, “It’s just a ridiculous goal!”

Masahiko ignored that, “Yahiko is still alive. I can’t believe I could find him back then… As for the Master, I’m afraid that it should be Jiraiya who stayed in the Land of Rain to teach him. So that’s fine.”

Masahiko glanced at Ringo and shook his head, “You haven’t really joined in yet, right?”

Ringo nodded, “If I join in, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to get out for a while. I’m just inquiring about some information. However, it’s easy to join. They treat the recruits as companions, and they almost accept everyone.”

Masahiko sighed, feeling that he might have chosen the wrong person for the job.

“I feel like she didn’t dig into it deeply enough… maybe it’s just two organizations with the same name?” Masahiko pondered, then suddenly frowned.

“That Akatsuki dude, although he has used the Six Paths of Pain before, he hasn’t made any movements in the past few years, coupled with how the Mizukage was being controlled, will it be that the leader is filling Obito’s spot in the original? If that’s the case, then Yahiko…”

Masahiko took out the medicine bottle from his sleeve and threw it to Ringo.

“This is the medicine that I promised you. You need to take one pill per month. If you stop practicing, you will have a normal lifespan, just like any ordinary person. When you join the true Akatsuki organization, I will give you the remaining amount, and after taking that, you can continue to practice…”


In the end, Masahiko didn’t ask Ringo to leave this sub-organization. Instead, he asked her to do her best for them, especially if the leader is in danger; she must save him and strive to become an official member of the Akatsuki as soon as possible.

After all, Yahiko was also Jiraiya’s disciple; he can’t just let Hanzo kill him. He estimated that Ringo could successfully save his life…

“The spy I sent out has become a baby sitter… I hope she can turn back into a spy in the future.” Masahiko said.

When he returned to the store, Masahiko found Tsunade waiting for him there with a smile.

“Great Grandpa, where is this ‘old place?’ Is the date already over?”

Masahiko thought about Ringo’s teeth, and his face darkened, “The day I date her is the day I become blind!”

Tsunade looked at him weirdly, “So it’s really a girl who asked you out?”

“Stop it already!” Masahiko looked at her, irritability, “So why did you come here?”

Tsunade’s expression was a little more anxious, “There is one thing that requires your consent. I want to pass the Yin Seal to Rin Nohara.”

After all, this is the unique sealing technique of the Uzumaki Clan. It’s okay for Mito to pass it to Tsunade, but Rin wasn’t from the Uzumaki or the Senju.

Masahiko was startled, “It’s okay, just like the slugs, what was passed to you belongs to you, and you can pass it to whoever you want.”

Tsunade nodded, “The second thing is that the teacher has deliberately selected the Fourth Hokage. The person he prefers is obviously Minato. How about you?”

Masahiko smiled, “So you’re collecting votes as Nawaki’s elder sister?”

Tsunade sighed, “Become the Hokage is Nawaki’s dream, after all.”

Masahiko pondered for a moment, took out a sealing scroll from his sleeve. And after releasing it, an old dice cup appeared in front of the two of them.

Tsunade was taken aback, then slowly pulled out an identical dice cup from her sleeve.

“Sure enough, you take it out with you…” Masahiko smiled helplessly, “These are the two dice cups I made when your grandfather forced me to learn to gamble. One was passed down to you, and the other was kept with me.”

Tsunade nodded, “I remember, speaking of which I even beat you once!”

“Ah, the day Hashirama died.” Masahiko fell into a deep silence. After a while, he continued, “Let’s do it again. If you win, I will support Nawaki. If you lose, I will support Minato.”