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L.L.H: Chapter 267: Plotting

In the Amazon Store, Masahiko stared at the dice cup in front of him, feeling a bit speechless.

He rolled a “666” in the shape of a “pin,” but he didn’t expect Tsunade to roll the same hand.

“He thought that Tsunade will never lose, and it’s unlucky for him not to win, so he never thought what would happen if they draw?” Masahiko pondered for a long time. Tsunade will be busy fighting for Nawaki to get the Hokage position and teaching Rin Ninjutsu. It’s unlikely that an accident will happen, but this increase in the gambling skill…

“Sure enough, in addition to fate and other aspects, Naruto world also has the power of brother control! Anyone with a brother can’t be underestimated.” After a long time, Masahiko came up with such a dumb conclusion.

“It seems Tsunade also noticed that I was keen on Minato’s side.” Masahiko shook his head. The joy on her face when it turned out to be a draw couldn’t be deceived.

“Okay, I won’t help neither sides. I had a dilemma because of this anyway…” Masahiko shook his head and put the dice cup away.


Konoha was in a mess again.

The last time it was this chaotic was when they had the first debate match two years ago. This time Masahiko had really nothing to do with this.

Konoha now has too many people who are qualified to compete for the Hokage’s position.

Except for Jiraiya, who was still outside, and Orochimaru, who Masahiko didn’t know he was studying recently and didn’t seem to be interested in the Hokage position at all.

In addition to them, there are still six or seven candidates.

The possibility is relatively slight; that is, Shikaku Nara, the IQ is beyond the standards, but the strength isn’t enough. The only people who are supporting the Nara are the Akimichi and the Yamanaka.

After them, it’s the Hyuga and Patriarchs of the Inuzuka and Aburame clans. There is another person that Masahiko will pretend is not there, Kato Dan. Though he has been teaching at the Academy for quite a long time and has helped make well-known students, they might vote for him.


In the Amazon Store, Masahiko had a headache looking at Kushina in front of him.

“Grandpa, you can help him!” Kushina, who has been careless, rarely showed this attitude of the spoiled little girl in front of him.

“Weren’t you the one who said that you’re gonna bring Minato back to the Uzumaki with the little fox?”

Kushina blushed, then grabbed Masahiko’s sleeve with watering eyes and a slightly open mouth…

Masahiko’s face stiffened, “Do you think you’re still a three-year-old girl? You’re 22 years old, for god’s sake, and you’re about to marry…” Speaking of this, Masahiko felt a slight pain in his heart, the kind of feeling you have when you’re being left behind by a female college.

“Grandpa, you…”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, interrupting her.

“There are many people who support Minato right now. As far as I know, Hiruzen is doing his best to build enough momentum for him.”

Although Minato was Jiraiya’s apprentice, he was from a commoner’s background, and that was somewhat a disadvantage when he’s facing someone from the Senju. But his looks and affinity can make up for it.

To paraphrase Madara’s sentence: I, Masahiko, declares you the most handsome…

Although somewhat can’t be absolute, it’s not too far off.

Kushina hesitated, “But Minato wasn’t notified for the Shinobi Meeting just now…”

Masahiko was startled, “Shinobi meeting?”

“I just watched the of the Elder Uchiha go to the Hokage Building from a distance, and kind of overheard what he was talking about…”

Masahiko couldn’t help but laugh, “So you’ve learned to eavesdrop? Who did you learn this from?”

He had forgotten that he had eavesdropped on the entire village two years ago.

But now Masahiko finally understands that Kushina was asking him to collect information about Minato’s current situation.

“Listen…” Kushina looked sad.

“Alright, I’ll go!”

“Grandpa, you’re the best” Kushina kept the little girl’s behavior.

Masahiko shook his head. After a long absence, he used the Kaguya Will Mode since his space ability could still be sensed by some people.

“Grandpa, what is this?” Kushina looked at Black Masahiko, shocked.

“Unique Ninjutsu, do you want to learn?” Masahiko smiled, exposing his white teeth.

Seeing Kushina shaking her head repeatedly, Masahiko smiled evilly and sank into the ground.

Masahiko hid in the meeting room’s left wall on the top floor of the Hokage building and waited.

“No wonder they didn’t call Minato. This is simply a gathering of geezers.” Masahiko observed the participants.

Although compared to him, these people are all considered juniors, they were still old, and the youngest one was in his early fifties.

“What are they going to do?” Masahiko was curious.

With time, the seats in the conference room gradually filled up, and Hiruzen, who was sitting in the main chair, finally spoke,” I believe you already guessed why I’ve gathered you here today. It’s for the election of the Fourth Hoage.”

After a pause, he continued, “I know that some of you already have a preferred candidate, but I implore everyone to support Namikaze Minato to become the Fourth Hokage!”

Masahiko was startled; he wants to do it this way?

Some people here also raised this question.

Danzo said with a solemn expression, “This involves the lover of Namikaze Minato, Uzumaki Kushina. Some people may not know that she’s the Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki, but she’s also the princess of the Land of Whirlpool. If Minato doesn’t become the Hokage and leads Konoha, he might end up ruling the Uzumaki or become the Patriarch instead, after he marries Uzumaki Kushina. I’m afraid Konoha will lose both the Kyuubi and the genius Minato at the same time!”

“So what?” The person who said this seemed confident that Konoha will not miss these combat powers if they were lost.

“That way, the Uzumaki will get more powerful!” Danzo said immediately.

Inside the walk, Masahiko frowned slightly.

As soon as Danzo said that sentence, the silence controlled the place.

After a long while, Kagami couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “Are you trying to shame our allies? With Elder Masahiko here, do you think the Uzumaki will ever cause harm to Konoha?”

No one answered, and Kagami looked disappointed, “Hiruzen, do you think so too?”

Hiruzen didn’t reply and turned to Utatane Koharu, “Kagami, calm down, Elder Masahiko is more than 120 years old after all, and no one can live forever… besides, this is after all… our Konoha.”

Kagami looked around, and when he saw how everyone looked thoughtful, he suddenly sighed, got up, then walked straight out of the room.

Inside the wall, Masahiko closed his eyes slightly, then his body gradually disappeared.

Masahiko slowly drilled out of the ground in front of Kushina’s eyes.

“Grandpa, how is the situation?”

Masahiko hesitated, then squeezed out a smile, “Don’t worry, Hiruzen is trying to collect more votes for Minato!”

Kushina breathed a sigh of relief, “Excuse me, Grandpa!”

Watching Kushina walk away, Masahiko shook his head. Just now, he wanted to forcibly take Minato and Kushina back to the Land of the Whirlpool.

Thinking of the people in this conference room, except Kagami, they were all separated from him and the Uzumaki, it’s indeed a bit sad, but…