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L.L.H: Chapter 268: The Fourth Hokage

After the “geezers ninja meeting,” the person who was gonna be the next Hokage determined.

Except for Nawaki and Minato, all the other candidates withdrew. And compared to Nawaki, Minato had more approves.

Minato was born as a civilian and had a higher status among the civilian ninjas. After this meeting, with the exception of a few families attached to the Senju, the Uchiha, and the Hyuga who haven’t expressed their views, most of the other clans supported Minato.

Masahiko wasn’t surprised by this result. Although no one directly responded at the meeting at the time, the silence alone was enough.

“Really disappointing.”

In the Amazon Store, Masahiko sighed. Supporting Minato means that everyone also agrees with Danzo and Hiruzen’s ideas.

The relationship with Hiruzen is far less close than Hashirama or Tobirama. After all, there is a significant age gap. As time goes by, Masahiko’s feeling of not being part of this era was getting deeper and deeper.

“Father, father, what are you think about?”

On the side, Sarah spoke worriedly, feeling that Masahiko didn’t seem okay in the past few days.

Masahiko was startled, shook his head, and laughed, “It’s nothing. You seem to be very free these days.”

Sara nodded, “We don’t have a lot of customers these days. The branch in the Uzumaki is already in preparation. I won’t be free after that.”

Because Sara refused to take charge of the Uzumaki branch, Teuchi could only accept another apprentice, Son. But the child was clumsy, and until now, Teuchi was still uncertain about entrusting him with such a task.

Masahiko paused, “How about I take you back to the Land of Whirlpool? That is our own country, after all.”

Sara was taken aback, “Father, what’s the matter with you?”

Masahiko sighed, “It’s nothing. I just want to go back and stay for a few years. After a while, maybe I will go back for four or five years. And I’m not relieved to leave you alone in Konoha.”

Sara hesitated, “I’m fine, but Boss Teuchi…”

“It’s okay. I’ll talk to him.” Masahiko interrupted.

Sara looked still puzzled, not knowing what was wrong.

Masahiko wasn’t planning to go back because of “sadness” or something. It’s just that his Witness Points are about to hit the two thousand’s milestone, and he will soon have the long-awaited Kekkei Mora.

He’s planning on taking advantage of the time between Naruto’s birth and the period before it to grasp the Kekkei Mora fully. And the Land of Whirlpool is the best place of practice.

As for whether to gather more witness points, Masahiko didn’t need to consider participating in any upcoming events. In case it didn’t work, and he needed more, he will just seal half of the Kyuubi in Naruto’s body. It wouldn’t be possible for such a large main story to give fewer witness points.

“Buy one nine-tailed Jinchuriki, and get one more for free, are you satisfied, Hiruzen?”

He doesn’t have to worry about what will happen to Naruto in his childhood. On the day that Kushina gives birth, he would definitely stay nearby. As long as the Kyuubi doesn’t break the seal, with Kushina’s strength, nothing would go wrong afterward.

“The only problem now is… Teuchi.” Masahiko showed a somewhat contrite smile. He was the one who encouraged Sara to stay in Konoha. Now he’s the one who wants her to go to the Land of Whirlpool.

However, unexpectedly, Teuchi rejoiced.

“Great, Boss Hagoromo. I was worried about sending Son there. He won’t do well in the Uzumaki. It’s great that Sara can go!”

“Really?” Masahiko felt weird.

Facing Masahiko’s suspicion, Teuchi wanted to pat his shoulder to assure him, but his hands were covered with flour, but he still said, “Yes, it’s really fine!”

“Huh… and here I’m thinking all day that I was going to embarrass myself. So when does Sara need to leave?”

Teuchi hesitated, “My wife is currently looking for a good place in the country, then we will start the work… It might take a bit of time, about three to six months.”

“It’s still a bit early…” Masahiko murmured, and took out a bag of money, and handed it over to Teuchi.

“It’s going to be the first Ichiraku Ramen in the Uzumaki, and Sara is the one who will be in charge of it. Take the money, and let your wife chose a larger shop with the best decoration.”

Scratching his head, Teuchi said, “Boss Hagoromo, I can’t take that, you’ve already helped me enough…”

Masahiko glared, “Do you think I would give you more money for nothing? Half of the shop will belong to Sara!”

“Ah? Oh!” Nodding repeatedly, “No problem, Boss Hagoromo.”

“Well, that was easy.” Masahiko walked out with a smile on his face. Teuchi behind him was also smiling; he looked a bit scary…


Time passed quickly, another two months.

The “Vigorous” Fourth Hokage selection finally came to an end.

Tsunade did her best for her younger brother, but in the end, he couldn’t compete with Minato. The last straw was Jiraiya, who came back from his long journey.

“Jiraiya is more disciplined than I thought.”

Masahiko thought he would abandon his disciple for Tsunade.

Masahiko is now standing in the open space in front of the Hokage Building. It can be said that he was part of a sea of people because today was the day Minato takes over as the Fourth Hokage.

In order to prevent the crowd from squeezing his daughter to death, Masahiko gently turned on the repulsive force to make a bit of spacious space for two people.

“Master!” Obito’s voice came from behind.

“Damn… let me through… who stepped on my foot… Hey, don’t push…. No, don’t touch me.”

Masahiko watched dumbfoundedly, Obito going through the crowd to reach him.

“Huh?” Masahiko squinted, and he could see a little boy’s head exposing behind Obito. And he quickly took his head and twisted around.

“Good job, little brother!” Obito shouted with satisfaction, then patted the boy’s head in exchange for the boy’s contemptuous look.

“Master, this is my new brother, Uchiha Shisui!”

Masahiko sighed, “If he was accepted by you as a little brother, then this kid probably has no future.”

Of course, he knew who Uchiha Shisui is, but he didn’t expect the latter’s path to cross with Obito. It is estimated that Shisui was forced into being his little brother by Kagami, fearing that his grandson would be misled.

Obito was about to refute, but he noticed how the crowd had calmed down and looked up. Seconds later, Hiruzen and Minato appeared on the rooftop of the Hokage Building.

Masahiko listened quietly to Hiruzen’s monologue about the “Inheritance of the Will of Fire.” In about ten minutes, Hiruzen officially handed over the Hokage Hat to Minato, and the latter also said a few words.

Minato, who was originally handsome, looked even more stunning with the Hokage Hat.

“Should I also make a whole set of clothes worthy of my face?” Masahiko wondered inwardly.

A line of Chinese characters flashed before him, “Witness and slightly change the main storyline of Naruto World: The Fourth Hokage, get 50(*2) witness points.”