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L.L.H: Chapter 269: Senju Masahiko

The first wave hasn’t settled, and another wave has risen.

The time came for Konoha’s forty-seventh year, and the village who had another new year’s eve became lively again.

Masahiko didn’t expect Konoha elders to propose marriage for the Hokage Minato and the Land of Whirlpool’s Princess, Uzumaki Kushina.

By the way, after Hiruzen passed down the hat to Minato, he filled the elder’s position after the Hyuga’s Patriarch’s death. The current council was composed of three people, Hiruzen, Danzo, and Kagami.

“Why are they in a hurry? Masahiko was helpless, “But because they managed to come with a good gift, I won’t mess it up.”

The Fourth Hokage proposes marriage to the princess of the Uzumaki Country. This was surely much bigger than that of Kenji and Aika. Therefore, just for the bride price, they gifted about… 20 Asuma heads.

In the Land of Whirlpool, Nanako agreed very happily and rushed over to Konoha.

Minato and Kushina are in agreement, and she has no reason to refuse.

Nanako came to Konoha and immediately found Masahiko to discuss… the dowry issue.

“Dowry?! Masahiko shouted, “We accepted the marriage, and we accepted to make Kushina Konoha’s Jinchuriki. Yet they were still shameless enough to ask us for a dowry?”

Nanako looked helpless, “Sensei, keep your voice down. It’s not Konoha who asked us, but we can’t let Kushina look too shabby. She’s a princess…”

Masahiko sighed, looking upset, “No wonder they sent such a colorful gift. They knew they’re gonna have it back. Oh, game on, you old farts, I will make you pay it back…”

The Land of Whirlpool can be said to be wealthy, even though it is not as good as the Land of Fire, but they’re wealthier than a ninja Village, like Konoha.

Nanako looked helpless, “Sensei, I want to hold my great-grandson in my arms while I still can…”

“Why the hurry?! You’re still…” Masahiko was about to say, but then he noticed Nanako’s gray hair and couldn’t say anything.

“Forget it… I figured it out already.” Masahiko said, “The money that Hiruzen owes me can be added to the dowry. I don’t think they are going to pay it anyway.”

“Yes, Sensei.”

Watching Nanako leave, Masahiko did the calculation, “Nanako, she’s over seventy years old…”


Keeping Masahiko calm and happy, the wedding preparation went smoothly.

Nanako loved her granddaughter, Kushina, to her bones. The issue with dowry slowed the process a bit, but things didn’t get complicated.

As for Minato, Jiraiya was responsible for him, but he didn’t understand these aspects at all, so he asked Tsunade to help since she had the experience of hosting a wedding for Nawaki before.

Watching Tsunade getting busy to prepare Minato for the wedding, Masahiko felt relieved. It would have been regrettable to see Tsunade or the Senju holding a grudge against Minato for winning the Fourth Hokage position.

When everyone is working in the same direction, the wedding preparations will progress quickly.

In the end, Masahiko decided to make the wedding on March the 1st, Kohoha’s 47th year.

Many people were puzzled as to why he chose March 1st and why he kept saying that it was a good day, but Masahiko just smiled and didn’t explain.

“March 1st is the day school starts. First, it’s the day these two met, second and more importantly, wouldn’t this mean that it would be an extra day off for the kids?” Masahiko smiled secretly, “You don’t know how many children would be grateful for that.”

Therefore, the wedding of Minato and Kushina was held on March 1st.

Masahiko has attended many weddings, and each time it gave him a different feeling.

When it was Hashirama and Mito, he felt that he had witnessed history. Kenji and Aika, he felt that he had uncovered the mystery of Tsunade’s bond hair. Nawaki and Mikoto, he felt that he had changed the world.

Up to now, Minato and Kushina are the only couples who gave him mixed feelings of excitement and awkwardness.

The excitement is because the “golden boy and the jade girl” have come together, and he can’t wait for Naruto’s birth. The awkwardness is because Kushina was the girl he looked after as she grew up, and there is a kind of indescribable and complicated feeling of a father watching his daughter marry.

“I’m at the very best, just a grandfather…” Masahiko shook his head and looked at Incheon.
(T/N: Incheon: Kushina’s father.)

Incheon was getting people with Hiruzen and had that majesty aura around him as the Uzumaki Daimyo.

The wedding was very lively. Just by looking at Konoha Stadium, you can imagine the scale and the number of attendees.

It wasn’t easy for more than a month to decorate the place, but the host of the wedding, Nanako, did a great job. She also took the initiative to invite him as Masahiko, the Great Elder of the Uzumaki, so he had no choice but to nod his head to his disciple.

There is no need to mention that the marriage was a well-regulated “Naruto World Wedding” since Masahiko didn’t participate.

However, Masahiko watched with great interest. After all, it’s the “Naruto Model Couple” of Kushina and Minato. And there was no such wedding in the original.

The wedding lasted for a long time, before noon and until the sky gradually darkened. Kushina and Minato received blessings from various people.

In the end, Masahiko stepped forward and sent a blessing, and the wedding was over.

Everyone watched the couple exist, and Masahiko also gained 20 witness points.

“After this, I just need to wait for Naruto.”

Recalling Kushina’s flushed face just now, Masahiko laughed dumbly…


Masahiko’s life was peaceful again. He wondered around Konoha with nothing to do all day, thinking about a way to get witness points, but found nothing. During this time, nothing happened… The only important thing is that Neji was born in July, but these characters’ birth never gave him a witness point.

“Is it because I have to witness and participate?” Masahiko smiled bitterly, “You’re kidding me if you mean that kind of participating…”

Until the end of Konoha’s 47 years, there were still no signs from Kushina, but some news from the Senju’s side disrupted Masahiko’s peaceful life once again.

Uchiha Mikoto was pregnant again.

Counting the days, Masahiko was shivering. The two couples are going all out again. They’re pulling out a “Sasuke” this time, right?

Hurrying to the Senju Clan, Masahiko found Nawaki.

“I heard that Mikoto is pregnant again. What are you going to name the baby?”

Nawaki smiled happily, “If it’s a girl, we haven’t decided yet. But for the boy… you will never think of it!”

Masahiko’s face turned dark, “You’re gonna call him Sasuke, don’t you?”

Nawaki was taken aback, “Sasuke… oh, isn’t the Third’s father? You’re very close, though.”

Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief, then his face stiffened, “What do you mean?”