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L.L.H: Chapter 270: Special Methods

After repeatedly confirming that Nawaki wasn’t joking, Masahiko’s face darkened, “So that’s what you meant by ‘close’?”

He didn’t know what Nawaki was thinking. In the original, it was strange that Fugaku named his son after Hiruzen’s father, but that can be explained by “the Uchiha showing their loyalty.”

But now, Nawaki wants to name his child after the sage’s name…

“You think I’m dead to name the kid after me?”

Compared to this, Masahiko would rather the boy to be called Senju Sasuke… Senju Masahiko that feels very embarrassing.

After persuading Nawaki for a long time, the latter had no intention to change his mind, and Masahiko had no choice but to give up, “It’s a girl, it must be a girl!” Masahiko tried convincing himself.

After pondering for a long time, Masahiko felt that he could not “sit and wait to die,” and he had something to do.

“Since you are unkind, don’t blame me for being unrighteous!”

Masahiko went straight to the Uchiha, but instead of looking for Kagami, he found Fugaku.

“Fugaku, Fikoto is pregnant, right?” He wanted to confirm first.

Fugaku was stunned, “Elder Masahiko, did the news spread already? I only learned about this yesterday. Who told you?”

Masahiko chuckled, “Of course I know!”

Fugaku: “…”

What is wrong with him?

“It’s good to be pregnant. It’s good to be pregnant.” Masahiko muttered to himself.

Fugaku: “???”

Suddenly, Masahiko took out a camera from a sealing scroll.

“Come on, Fugaku put a pause. I will take two photos of you.”

Fugakure’s expression was stiff, and he didn’t understand what Masahiko was doing.

“Kacha…” After several camera flashing lights, Masahiko nodded, slightly satisfied.

“The face is quite fierce, but this will do.” Masahiko turned around and left, leaving Fugaku with, “Take care of Fikoto. Your second son is going to be a genius.”

Fugaku: “…”

After obtaining Fugaku’s photos, Masahiko worked all day long to prepare all the necessary materials.

Early the next morning, Masahiko came again to the Senju Clan.

“You want to teach Itachi Ninjutsu personally?” Nawaki looked surprised and hesitated, “Itachi is only four and a half years old, isn’t it a bit early?”

“It’s not early. It’s not early.” Masahiko responded with a smile, “Itachi is a Sage Body ninja after all, and he grows faster than others.”

“Then please!”

Nawaki brought Itachi to Masahiko, and the little boy greeted him well, “Sage Grandpa.”

“Hey!” Masahiko happily replied. He patted Itachi’s little head, then pinched his little nose.

It was probably a bit strong, noticing Itachi’s watering eyes.

But Masahiko had already put a serious face, “Itachi, starting today, I will guide you in the enlightenment practice of Ninjutsu, and I will teach you my unique practice methods, starting with the Unique Chakra Extraction Technique!”

Nawaki was surprised, “Is there a unique way to extract Chakra?”

“Well, I created it by myself,” Masahiko responded, “Follow me, little Itachi. And you Nawaki, don’t you dare interrupt us.”

Nawaki smiled bitterly and stopped; he had a bad hunch about this…

Masahiko took Itachi to his room in the Senju, closed the door tightly, and glanced at Itachi with a smile, then pinched his little nose.

“I will teach you now my unique Chakra Extraction Technique. Don’t spread the practice process.”

Itachi nodded ignorantly and watched Masahiko pull out Fugaku’s “picture.”
“Uncle Fugaku?”

Masahiko was startled. He didn’t expect Itachi to know him.

“It’s not him. It just looks a bit like him.”

Itachi nodded half-believingly.

Masahiko continued to speak.

“You have to keep this face in your mind when you refine your Chakra. It will greatly help the speed of your training.”

“Oh.” Itachi nodded hesitantly.

After that, Masahiko taught Itachi the normal Chakra Extraction Technique and pinched his little nose again.

“If you get it, start practicing!”

One month later…

Masahiko watched Itachi skillfully use the basic three-body techniques, nodded with satisfaction, and walked forward.

Seeing Masahiko’s expression, Itachi wanted to hide, but Masahiko’s hand seemed to cross the space, and accurately… pinched his little nose.

“Yes, you have basically reached the Ninja Academy graduation standards. The special Chakra Extraction Technique I taught you is really effective, right?” Masahiko said so, while he thought secretly, “What an enviable talent.”

Itachi was full of grievances, “It’s very useful, but Grandpa Sage, can you stop pinching my nose…”

“Ah, haha…” Masahiko scratched his head, awkwardly, “Next time.”

Waves his hand, Masahiko took out a Kunai, and the target was still Fugaku’s photo.

Itachi was surprised, “Are you going to teach me your Unique Kunai Throwing Technique?”

“Hahaha, yes.”


Time goes by, and two months have passed.

The time came to Konoha’s forty-eighth year, and Masahiko’s enlightenment practice Ninjutsu for Itachi was basically over. The news of pregnancy also came from Kushina’s side, and Masahiko didn’t intend to continue.

Putting away all the special Kunai targets, Masahiko pinched Itachi’s nose again.

Seeing faint marks appearing on both sides of his nose, Masahiko nodded in satisfaction.

“This is the end for your Ninjutsu enlightenment practice, but you must continue to use the Chakra Extraction Special Method!”

Itachi nodded, “Yes.”

Masahiko explained again, “Don’t tell other people about these special methods.”

Many people were curious to come and have a look in the past three months, but Masahiko refused.

Seeing Itachi promising, Masahiko nodded in satisfaction and left the Senju Clan.

“Nawaki, since you were unkind.” Masahiko smiled evilly, “Itachi will look like Fugaku in the future, but you can’t blame me!”

Grandpa Sage’s revenge was kind of harsh…

Going to Minato and Kushina’s home, he saw Minato with a smile on his face accompanied by Kushina.


“Elder Masahiko!”

Masahiko nodded, “Have you informed your grandmother? Kushina. She is looking forward to this day!”

Kushina rubbed her stomach, with a face full of happiness, “Someone went to inform.”

Masahiko was helpless, “Why are you touching your stomach? It’s still too early.”

Kushina blushed and took her hand away.

“Is the Kyuubi still behaving well?” Masahiko said with concern.

Kushina nodded, “I get along well with the little fox.”

“That’s good.”

Minato sighed, then said, “Elder Masahiko, I heard that Bijuu…”

“It’s okay. He won’t dare. Rest assured.” Masahiko soothed.