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L.L.H: Chapter 271: Listen The Babe Is Crying (End Vol.3)

Hearing what Yuriko said, Masahiko felt a bit in his heart.

“She’s sick… how could it be so sudden?”

Yuriko shook her head, “Sensei, sister Nanako has been in poor condition for more than half a year. I think she didn’t tell you because she didn’t want you to worry. When the news of Kushina’s pregnancy has been passed to her, she immediately wanted to go to Konoha, but she almost fainted out.”

“Actually, she still insists on coming, but I left a few people to check on her…”

Masahiko sighed, “You’re doing the right thing. Don’t let her come if she’s sick. The same goes for Kushina. We need to take care of her.”

“You wait for me in the store. I’ll go to Kushina.” Masahiko walked out and changed his appearance from Hagoromo to Masahiko.

“It seems that several more plot character is being born, but I’m very busy.” Masahiko felt a bit regretful.

When he came to Kushina’s home, a serious old woman’s face appeared in front of him.

“Elder Masahiko.”

Masahiko frowned, and it took him a long time to react, “You’re… Hiruzen’s wife, right?”

Biwako Sarutobi was the Third’s wife and a Shinobi, but Masahiko had nothing to do with her so far and only met her a few times.

“Yes, it’s me, Elder Masahiko.”
“What are you doing here?”

“The Fourth has a lot of things to do. So he can’t be with Kushina every day. Hiruzen asked me to take care of Kushina, so the Fourth can rest assured.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is?” Masahiko nodded and looked inside the house; it looked very neat.

“So Hiruzen sent his wife as a babysitter, but it’s too early for that. Kushina is only one month pregnant, so they don’t need to be so nervous…” Masahiko shook his head and muttered inwardly.

Suddenly, Kushina walked out of the room with her hands on her belly, but it wasn’t bulging at all, and the scene was very funny.

“Grandpa, you’re here.” Kushina flushed when she saw Masahiko and put her hands down.

Masahiko wasn’t in the mood to tease her, “Kushina, pack things up, we’re going to the Uzumaki. Your grandmother… is sick.”

Kushina’s expression changed suddenly, “Yes, Grandpa.”

She immediately turned around and went back to the house to pack her things. Masahiko looked at Hiruzen’s wife, who seemed like she wanted to say something, and said, “Go and inform Hiruzen, Kushina, and I are going to the Uzumaki.”

Masahiko directly used the “notification” feature.

Biwako hesitated, “Yes, Elder Masahiko.”

Watching her leave, Masahiko waited for Kushina to finish packing, and the two went to meet Yuriko.

“Maybe you should inform Minato before going.”

Kushina shook her head and took out a Flying Thunder Kunai.

Masahiko was surprised, “It’s a bit too far. Can Minato use the Flying Thunder God for such a long distance?”

Kushina took out another one, “I will leave one halfway. It should be enough.”

Masahiko was speechless, such an efficient other people’s space Ninjutsu, his is… just fake.

After meeting with Yuriko, Masahiko looked at Amazon Store firmly. Sara has gone to the Uzumaki to open a store two months ago, and it’s estimated that his Amazon store will have to be closed for three to five years.

After hesitating, Masahiko took out a piece of paper and wrote: Obito, Rin, this is your Master, I’m going to a distant place. The next time we meet, it may be after three or five years. I hope that at that time, you will become strong ninjas.

Folding the paper repeatedly, and put it in the crack of the door.

“Let’s go.”


The Land of Whirlpool.

Daimyo Palace.

Masahiko watched Nanako lying on the bed.

After carefully checking her physical condition, Masahiko shook his head secretly.

“Natural age…”

“Grandpa, grandmother’s body…”

“Kushina, it doesn’t matter. What you need now is to take care of yourself.” Nanako said, knowing her own situation.

“Sensei, I want to talk to you alone.”

Masahiko was taken aback, and drove out the group of people around her, and sat down by the side of Nanako’s bed.

Nanako also sat up. Although her physical condition isn’t very good, she still has a bit of strength.

After being silent for a while, she said, “Yesterday I was accepted as a disciple by you, and in a flash, it has been almost 61 years.”

“61 years? That’s incredible. I don’t remember.” Masahiko sighed.

“Yeah, in a few days, it will be 61 years.”

Masahiko was silent for a moment, and Nanako continued: “Sensei, we are getting old, but you’re getting younger year after year. Younger people don’t even believe that you’re my Sensei.”

Masahiko smiled, “It doesn’t matter. You can be my Sensei if you want.”

Nanako smiled bitterly and then continued to say, “Sensei, will I be able to see Kushina’s child?”

Masahiko hesitated, and Nanako sighed, “Is that so? What a pity…”

“You will see him!” Masahiko said, “I will take care of you myself in the days to come. Speaking of which, I haven’t served anyone in my life before…”

Nanako was taken aback, then smiled and said, “Then please, Sensei.”


As the days passed, Nanako was getting weaker day by day, and Kushina’s belly grew bigger too.

Minato comes to the Uzumaki Country to stay with Kushina every night using the Flying Thunder God, and returns to Konoha every morning, flying back and forth no-stop.

Masahiko took care of Nanako personally.

After he fully controlled the space Ninjutsu, his Chakra’s control ability has been dramatically improved, and his current medical Ninjutsu level was similar to Tsunade.

Relying on his medical Ninjutsu, he felt like he could give Nanako more time.

But even so, at the end of September, Nanako was still unable to move and could only lie in her bed and wait for Kushina to come and visit her.

“Nanako, it’s finally time, only one month left,” Masahiko said in a low voice.

A smile appeared on Nanako’s face, “I’m sorry, Sensei.”


The day when Kushina will give birth finally came, the last evening of October.

As for Konoha Village, including Minato, Jiraiya and Tsunade also rushed over. In terms of delivering the babe, Tsunade is even more reassuring.

As for Masahiko, he can’t be there for the delivery because he can’t walk away.

Since yesterday, in order to maintain Nanako’s life, he didn’t stop the medical Ninjutsu, and he has consumed almost half of his Chakra.

“Nanako, listen, it’s busy outside. Kushina is about to give birth.”

Kushina’s delivery room was arranged next to Nanako’s room.

“Hmm…” After a long while, Nanako squeezed out a word.

Masahiko closed his eyes slightly, Naruto was about to be born, but he wasn’t happy at all. Although he always thinks that there might be a chance to resurrect Nanako in the future, it’s not certain when he will possess this power, or will he ever possess it. For now, It was just a psychological comfort…


“It’s a boy!”


The baby’s crying, mixed with the noises of everyone suddenly emitted.

Masahiko looked at Nanako with a smile.

“Listen, it’s the baby crying…”