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L.L.H: Chapter 272: The Tomb of Uzumaki Masahiko (Vol.4)

Name: Uzumaki Masahiko Age: 48 years old

Ninjutsu: 20000 Taijutsu: 5000 Technique: 32000 (Convertible)

Kekkei Mora: (Detachable) (35000000/70000000)

Fuinjutsu: LV9 (5000000/10000000)

Unique Skill: Mind’s Eye of the Kagura
Space (1/8)


Status: SSS-

Witness Points: 20

In the Eight Trigram Space, Masahiko lay on his back, checking his brand-new attributes line by line.

“I’m 36 years old now! I don’t even remember if the number was reduced by five or six years, what a pleasant training session… Like hell!”

Masahiko shouted and sat up straight, and the fat cat, who was dozing on his chest, bounced out instantly and hit the wall of the space.

“Meow~ Is it dawn?”

“The hell are you talking about? My space is always bright!”

This wasn’t Masahiko talking to himself. It was actually the fact cat speaking to him. As for why the fat can speak, this was a heartbreaking story…

At that time, years ago, Masahiko was doing his best to keep Nanako alive, and finally, she heard the baby crying.

After that, Nanako passed away with a smile on her face, and the sealed Nibi died naturally with her. Since he didn’t have time to take care of it, Masahiko threw it directly into his space.

After that, Masahiko took care of Naruto for a while, presided over Nanako’s funeral, and after discussing with Minato and Kushina, he sealed half of the Kyuubi inside Naruto’s body. He obtained a large amount of Witness Points, enough to finally unlock the Kekkei Mora.

After that, Masahiko waited for Kushina to regain her strength and fully recover. After making sure that the “Nine-Tailed Demon Fox’s Attack” won’t occur, Masahiko decided to start his practice.

As a result, as soon as he entered his space, Masahiko’s eye popped out, watching the fat cat lying on the ground and looking like he was dying.

After careful inspection, Masahiko had a dumbfounded look on his face; the fat cat “ate” the Nibi’s Chakra.

Yes, he literally took a bite.

Masahiko was stunned at the time and remembered when he used to tell him, “Fat cat, if you keep eating like this, you will end up eating to death one day…” He really did it!

Because an ordinary cat can only live for ten to twenty years, Masahiko was trying his best to feed the fat cat well so it can live longer.

Before eating the Nibi’s Chakra, the fat cat actually had a trace of Chakra and was transforming into a Ninneko. But this wasn’t enough to help it to digest the Nibi’s Chakra.
(T/N: Ninneko or ninbyō (忍猫, literally meaning: Ninja Cat) are able to work with ninja due to their keen senses and unusual flexibility.)

Masahiko was speechless, but he couldn’t just leave it like that. So he ended up delaying his plans and use, on the fat cat, various healing and sealing technique in turns, to finally help the fat cat digest the Nibi’s Chakra.

Having saved the cat’s life, Masahiko found that the fat cat’s body had been greatly enhanced, and he suddenly had an idea, which he thought was an amazing one at the time. Masahiko decided to create the first Nyanshruiki in Naruto World.
(T/N: Nyanchuriki or Nekochuriki (猫柱力, literally meaning: Power of Cat Sacrifice) bears a strong resemblance to the real Japanese word Jinchuriki (人柱力, literally meaning: Power of Human Sacrifice.))

Determined on this matter, Masahiko forget about everything outside and fully committed to the task, relying on his Medical Ninjutsu, his unmatched LV9 Fuinjutsu, and his unprecedented LV10 Pharmaceutical Technique… and of course, the food he kept in the scroll. After a lot of long nights, he finally succeeded.

Little by little, the Nibi’s Chakra was sealed in the fat cat’s body, and it became the strongest Nyanchuriki…

Masahiko initially regretted wasting all of that time to seal that fat cat. But when it woke up and talked, Masahiko felt that it was totally worth it.

It converted into a Ninneko and can talk. It can accompany Masahiko for at least hundreds of years.

“It’s ridiculous, but in the end, it was a female cat that’s going to accompany me.”

When all the dust settled, Masahiko wanted to start his own practice. But before that, he needed to go outside, refill his food scroll, and see what was happening these days.

What surprised him was that he unknowingly stayed in the Eight Trigram space for a year and a half; no wonder that dozens of food scrolls were all eaten.

Fortunately, nothing major happened during this period. On Konoha’s side, Minato was still the Fourth Hokage, Kushina was doing well, and Naruto was also growing healthy.

On the side of the Uzumaki, Nagato has finally succeeded in releasing the Dust Release. Masahiko asked him to find Tsunade, sign a contract with the slugs and start his Sage Mode training. Sara’s Ichiraku Ramen was blooming, and the business was doing well.

Everything was developing in the right direction. The only thing that was upsetting is… Yuriko is sick.

Masahiko never expected Kenichiro to outlive his other two older disciples. But it seems that all of that Taijutsu has actually helped to expend his lifespan.

In any case, Masahiko stayed by her bed for two days, then she also passed away, and his days turned dark again. At the funeral, Masahiko said a few words to Kenichiro, brought more than twice the amount of food he previously stored, and decided to stay alone for a bit of time and start practicing.

Because he wasted a year and a half on the fat cat, Masahiko started feeling anxious.

After returning to space, the two thousand points were added, and he entered a bizarre state.

It seemed as if he was evolving from a low-life form Shinobi to a high-level state. This sense of transformation is not comparable to the previous few times with a little Yang attribute.

Since he’s an “ordinary person,” even if the system gives him the Six Paths’ power, the “evolution” will take a long time.

The evolution process lasted more than ten days, and Masahiko felt that he had become a little different as if he gained and lost things.

Before he could check his status, the fat cat asked for help. The Nibi in his body had been resurrected, and a battle between cats began.

Although the fact has become a lot stronger, when it comes to soul, it is definitely not as good as the Nibi. Even Masahiko’s soul is only slightly better.

There is no way Masahiko can use “solve this with words” and help others…

There is no need for a detailed story. In short, Masahiko was cursed miserably.

The dignified beast was sealed inside a domestic cat, and nothing will change this.

In this way, Masahiko began his unpleasant training.

On the one hand, you have to get familiar with his own Kekkei Mora, and on the other hand, he has to take care of the fat cat… it wasn’t until the food was consumed again that the training was over and the fat cat has stabilized.

“Am I gonna miss Naruto’s enrollment?” Masahiko smiled bitterly.

He doesn’t know how much time he spent inside the space, every new year, his age will automatically increase by one year, and now it has become 36. He can’t remember whether he has aged up by five or six, so he couldn’t determine what year it is now.

The only thing worthy of surprise is that his Kekkei Mora is really powerful. It… breaks the rule of Dust Release stability.

Masahiko can now be said to be a ninja who knows all the Kekkei Genkai, he can even use the Wood Release, but of course, his Chakra cannot be as strong as Ashura, so his Wood Release wasn’t as strong as Hashirama. Maybe Ashura’s Yang Attribute has reached LV10…

Masahiko, who was sitting upright, muttered, “Fat Cat, let’s go out.”

Fat Cat nodded and jumped into his arms, then Masahiko appeared in the outside world instantly.

A cemetery in front of him, the Uzumaki Clan’s cemetery, was the last place he has been in, so when he went outside, Masahiko teleported there.

Masahiko looked around and frowned, “It seems that there are many new graves…”

Walking deep into the cemetery, he came to Nanako’s tombstone.

“The Tomb of Uzumaki Nanako.”

Masahiko looked back again, “The Tomb of Uzumaki Yuriko.”

And on the right, “The Tomb of Uzumaki Kenichiro.”

“Kenichiro died too?” Masahiko sighed, “Time isn’t forgiving.”

After being silent for a while, Masahiko turned around and returned, but the fact cat caught a glimpse of a massive tomb behind Kenichiro’s grave and read the name.

“The Tomb of Uzumaki Masahiko.”

“My Tomb?! How did I die?”

Masahiko stood there silently.