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L.L.H: Chapter 273: Where’s My Slug?

After staring at his tombstone for a long time, Masahiko finally reacted and almost cursed out loud.

A tomb was built for such a good looking, living person; isn’t this worth cursing?

Looking around, Masahiko finally lifts off the Genjutsu on him and the fat cat.

The Uzumaki’s cemetery was guarded, and since he lifted that technique, they were immediately discovered.

The guards were two young Uzumaki clansmen about the age of twenty, and since they were appointed to protect such an important place, they were Chunin, which made Masahiko feel a little relieved.

“The younger generation is pretty good.”

“Who are you?!”

Two young men appeared in front of Masahiko instantly.

Masahiko wasn’t surprised that they couldn’t recognize him. Initially, he didn’t often show in the Uzumaki. At this time, since he kept practicing the Kekkei Mora, even his temperament has changed, and it’s normal to not be recognized.

Speaking of these facial changes, Masahiko’s heart was pumping streams of tears. He used to think that he was a handsome old man, but apparently, he was just a tier b before.

If Minato’s face is a perfect score, he previously was about seventy points. But now that he has gained his boost, he feels that he must have ninety points.

It seems that two generations of Masahiko have never been close to being cold handsome. No wonder he was still…

Masahiko glanced at the “36 years old” column in his status bar and could only admit that he was “a handsome uncle.”

“That’s good. It’s better to be mature.” Masahiko moralized.

“Who are you?!”

The two young guards from the Uzumaki Clan asked again. If it hadn’t for Masahiko’s red hair and the cat in his arm, they would have attacked. Also, he looked pretty sad, standing in front of the “deceased” great elder.

Masahiko returned to his senses, cleared his throat, and decided to ask about the tombstone first.

“Is there cough cough…” Masahiko coughed violently. He really didn’t speak much in the last few years, “What years is this?”

The two clansmen: “???”

“Meow~ He asked you what years is this year?”

“A Ninja Beast?!”

Masahiko lowed his head and pat the fat cat’s head, “Don’t talk. I’m more familiar with communicating with humans.”

The fat cat snorted.

“So what years is this?” Masahiko asked again.

The two looked at each other, “Answer our question first. Who are you? And why are you here?!”

Masahiko sighed, “This is a waste of time…”

Suddenly, he disappeared.


Masahiko stood still for a long time in front of the Uzumaki Ichiraku Ramen.

In the past two years, even when he had a rough time dealing with the fat cat, he wasn’t that tied, and he could go out from time to time.

But he didn’t come out because the last time he did, Yuriko died. He was afraid that if he came out, Kenichiro would die too.

Moreover, the more important reason is that Sarah, his daughter…

After the Kekkei Mora, he discovered a very serious matter. Something was wrong about his future self in Roran.

He’s too weak!

Masahiko watched the battle between him and the Six Paths. At that time, even the aftermath was challenging to resist, but now, he felt that he must be several levels higher than his future self.

After he finally unlocked the Kekkei Mora, he realized that he gained a qualitative upgrade from SS+ to SSS-. He really has that kind of strength, and he has repeatedly confirmed that this isn’t an illusion caused by increasing his strength too much at once.

With his current strength, even Rinnegan-Madara would be finished in about ten minutes… he just that strong.

So the question is, his future self, who came back during the Shippuden period, about ten years from now, why is he so weak? Where did the witness points go?

He doubted his strength, then began to doubt his identity, doubted what he said, and finally doubted Sarah.

Sarah is an existing character from the Original. When he said that it was his offspring, Masahiko doubted that but after spending some time with her, he felt some kind of blood connection, and he recognized her as his daughter.

Thinking about it, Sara has spent some time with his future self in the space for a long time… What if this sense of connection was “fake” in a way he didn’t know?

The more he thought about it, the more he worried…

But the time has passed, and his Kekkei Mora training has come to an end, and he can’t stay away forever.

Masahiko finally gathered his courage and strode towards Ichiraku Ramen.

As soon as he came to the door, he saw a group of clansmen rushing out.

“What’s happening here?”

Masahiko looked dumbfounded. Could anyone dare to come to Sara’s shop to make trouble?

Shaking his head, Masahiko walked into the store and saw Sara at a glance.

But Sara didn’t notice him and turned to look behind, “Naruto, come out, they’re gone.

Behind Sara protruded a small head with golden hair, a sunny smile, and three straight lines on each cheek…

Masahiko was startled, “Why is Naruto here?”

Naruto glanced from behind Sara, immediately saw Masahiko at the door, and hid again.

Sara turned her head suspiciously and saw Masahiko.


As soon as Masahiko squeezed a smile and wanted to say hello, Sara rushed over, the fat cat jumped to the side wittily, and Sara hugged Masahiko tightly, “Father! Ooo… it’s great to see you alive!”

Masahiko’s body stiffened at first, then eased, and patted Sara’s head, “Of course I’m not dead. Who made that rumor? You believed it too?”

After a long while, Sara calmed down, let go of Masahiko, and carefully looked at him.

Masahiko’s face darkened, “It’s me!”

Masahiko immediately tried to change the topic and pointed at little Naruto, who was peeking behind with some concern, “Why is this little guy in your shop? Are Minato and Kushina okay?”

“Yeah… they are okay.” Sara nodded, “This is a long story. Tell me first, how did you survive?”

Masahiko was speechless; how did he survive? He wanted to ask how he died?

“Who said I’m dead? You have seen my strength. How can you believe such a thing?”

Sara hesitated, “But Tsunade Sister was the one who said this, and your disciple Nagato also confirmed…”

“Tsunade said so? Nagato confirmed? It seems that they want their butts handed to them!”

Masahiko spoke bitterly. No wonder Sara believed that he was dead, these two guys…


“Huh? Do you want a fish? Wait… where’s my slug?!”