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L.L.H: Chapter 274: The Knight of Darkness Is Back

Listening to Sara talking about Tsunade and Nagato, Masahiko wanted to summon his Slug, but he found that he couldn’t contact them.

Remember what he felt when he was “evolving,” he said he sensed as if he lost something. It was the Slug’s contract that was “wiped out.”

“No wonder… that Tsunade thought I was dead, she must have checked the scroll and didn’t find my contract.”

Unraveling the mystery of his own “death,” Masahiko sighed for a long time. This little incident was a bit uncomfortable.

“Then what’s the matter with this little guy?” Masahiko pointed at Naruto.

Naruto didn’t hide and ran over a few steps, “Uncle, are you Sister Sara’s father?”

Masahiko was taken aback for a moment. The name uncle wasn’t very appropriate.

But this addressing can be fixed with time. Except when he was born, this was the first time for Masahiko to see Naruto.

After looking carefully at him for a long time, Naruto’s appearance gradually overlapped with the image he had from his previous life; thus, a smile appeared on his face… this made Naruto smiled embarrassedly.

“Sister Sara, is this strange uncle, your father?” Naruto whispered.

Masahiko’s face darkened; Naruto lowered his voice, but how could he not hear him.

“Sara is indeed my daughter, sorry to disappoint you!”

“Well… to tell you the truth, Naruto… He’s more like a fake replacement.” Sara whispered.

Masahiko smiled, thinking about Sara crying and throwing her arms around him before, “At least say an identical fake replacement…”

Naruto looked around ignorantly, then pulled Sara’s sleeve, “I’m hungry, Sister Sara.”

Sara smiled, “Well, Master Naruto, who ran from home, I’ll make you Ramen.”

Masahiko was startled. It seems that some interesting things have happened in the past few years of his training… And he wanted to ask, so he followed Sara to the kitchen.

Sara cooked Ramen skillfully while telling Masahiko about what happened over the years.

“Father, the news of your death came three years ago. At first, only a few of us knew about it, but half a year later, it spread to the Shinobi World somehow…”

“Everyone knows?” Masahiko’s heart sank, “Somehow… Danzo, you’re on my list.”

“Later, I heard that in the Fifty-first Year of Konoha, the materials that Kumogakure supposed to deliver didn’t arrive on time.

Masahiko paused, “Wait, what year is it?”

“Dad, where have you been in the past few years?” Sara smiled bitterly, “It’s August 20th, Konoha’s 53rd year.”

Konoha’s 53rd year… August.” Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief, it much earlier than what he thought.

“Go on, the news of my death spread, and Kumogakure got bolder.” Masahiko knew something like that would happen.

“Then after a while, in February of Konoha’s 52nd year, your disciple Kenichiro passed away…”

“Kenichiro died one year and a half ago?” Masahiko was quiet for a moment.

Sara looked at Masahiko’s expression and said gently, “Father, don’t be too sad.”

“I’m fine. I already knew about this. What’s next?”

“After that… Kumogakure assembled a ninja army and came to the Land of Whirlpools’ borders.”

Masahiko squinted, thinking about the new tombstones in the cemetery before, “Kumogakure has recovered a bit, and they’re asking for troubles. Maybe I should revisit them again.”

Sara shook her head, “Kumogakure didn’t act, and after confronting us for two months, Kirigakure finally started moving.”

Masahiko was startled. Sara continued, “I don’t know what happened afterward. I only know that on Konoha’s side, Minato resigned from the Hokage’s position, and Kushina and member of the Senju came to support.”

“Is that so? So only the Senju came, and Minato resigned from the Hokage position.” Masahiko sighed.

“It seems that it’s time… to deal with Konoha!” Masahiko made up his mind.

Sara shook her head, “You will not guess what happened. Kumogakure unexpectedly retreated, and instead attacked Konoha, Sunagakure and Iwagakure also started moving at the same time, the Fourth Shinobi World War broke out.”

“Huh?” Masahiko was taken aback. That was really unexpected, “Retribution?”

Sara shook her head, “I don’t know exactly what happened. I only know that Minato and Kushina stayed behind to help us with Kirigakure, and the other Senju clansmen returned to Konoha.”

“That’s it.” Masahiko was silent for a moment, and the Ramen was already cooked.

“What’s the matter with Naruto staying here?”

Sara smiled bitterly and shook her head, “I heard that the war with Kirigakure is coming to an end. Kushina and Minato are coming back soon. Naruto sneaked out. He wanted to go to Konoha, but Kushina told the tribe to keep him here.”

“There have been many people from Konoha who tried to convince Minato and Kushina to go back and retake the Hokage’s position, but Kushina rejected them all.”

Masahiko frowned. Probably something very unpleasant happened when they left Konoha.

“Is it Hiruzen? Or Danzo? No matter who it is, I will hang you up and beat you…”

Sara finally put the noodles in the bowl, then Masahiko and her came out, each carrying a bowl.

“It’s so slow, Sister Sara.”

Masahiko smiled, “Boy, do you even have money?”

Naruto was taken aback and quickly touched his pockets, and his face stiffened.

Sara smiled and comforted, “I’ll treat you to this one, but you will have to pay for the next one.”


Masahiko sat down with a smile, put the bowl in front of him, and took a deep breath, “It’s been a long time since I had your Ramen.”

Afterward, the restaurant fell silent, leaving only the sounds of Masahiko and Naruto where making while eating Ramen.

After a long time, Masahiko lifted his face from the bowl with satisfaction, only to find Naruto beside him with the same expression.

“You two look very similar,” Sara laughed.

Masahiko smiled bitterly, glanced at Naruto, and shook his head slightly.

Turning to Sara, Masahiko spoke, “I won’t be of any use in Kirigakure. I’m going to Konoha.”

Minato, Kushina, Nagato, and Konan, a mere mist village, won’t have a chance in front of the current Uzumaki Army.

“Strange uncle, can you take me with you to Konoha?” Naruto was staggering.

“You should wait for your parents. It’s not convenient for me to take you on this trip.”

Masahiko wanted to see what went wrong with Konoha. He couldn’t bear it anymore.

If the problem is Hiruzen, he will give him a pension and send him home. If Danzo was causing trouble, he would hang him on the cusp of the Hokage Building… it’s not convenient to let a kid see that.

Masahiko never thought about hiding the news that he was still alive, “It’s time to let the Shinobi World know that the Knight of Darkness is back!”

“Strange uncle, is your name the Knight of Darkness? You’re strange.”

Masahiko sighed, “Oh my days, I have to educate this kid… otherwise, he’s gonna be the next Uzumaki Boruto.”