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L.L.H: Chapter 275: You’re Worse Than Masahiko

On the streets of Uzumaki

Masahiko embraced the fat cat, while Naruto followed him step by step.

“Strange uncle, aren’t you going to take me to Konoha? This direction doesn’t seem right.”

Masahiko turned with a smile, “I haven’t been in the village for decades, but you think you know the roads better than me?”

After he said no, Naruto kept nagging and nagging, then Masahiko finally said he’s gonna take him.

“Oh, is there any other way to Konoha?” Naruto nodded ignorantly.

“Why do you want to go to Konoha?” Masahiko asked with a smile.

Naruto answer assertively, “I want to be the Hokage!”

Masahiko was startled. He didn’t expect Naruto, who didn’t grow up in the same environment as the original, to still have this ambition.

“Why do you want to be the Hokage?”

“The Hokage’s position should belong to my father anyway.” Naruto twitched his mouth.


“But I will have to win against Masahiko for it!”

Masahiko’s face stiffened, so the curse didn’t work. Nawaki’s second child is a boy?

“All right, future Hokage, we are here.”

Naruto was startled and poked his head out from behind Masahiko.

“So fast? Huh?! Isn’t this my home?”

Masahiko smiled, turned around, and picked Naruto up, “Yes, you’re home.”

Masahiko secretly asked Sara about Naruto’s current residence’s location, and when he opened the door to enter, there was a slightly familiar Chakra fluctuation inside.

“Uncle, let me go. I’m going to Konoha. I don’t want to go home!” Naruto kept struggling.

The person in the room came out and was a “young man” about fifty years old, with a firm face, “Naruto, you sneaked out again!”

When Naruto saw that person coming, his whole body collapsed, and he stopped the struggle.

“Damn it, I got caught again. Strange uncle, you lied to me!”

Masahiko handed Naruto over to the “young man,” then the latter looked at Mashiko, “Thank you…”

Halfway through the conversation, he let go of Naruto, and the latter fell on the ground.



“You’re… the Great Elder?!”

Masahiko scratched his head embarrassedly. The other person could recognize him, proving that he was a clansman, but Masahiko didn’t know him…

“Elder, do you still remember… Kill without mercy?”

“Oh!” Masahiko nodded again and again, “Goya, I remember.”
(T/N: Uzumaki Goya: He’s the Patrol Team Leader, and Masahiko told him to kill without mercy whenever he catches a Kirigakure’s ninja. Read Chapter 128 for more information.)

Uzumaki Goya said excitedly, “It’s really you, you’re still alive!”

“So, what are you going here?” Masahiko helplessly asked. The other guy was still maintaining the “he’s actually alive” expression.

“Kushina-Sama asked me to be Naruto’s tutor!” Goya said proudly.

Masahiko looked at Naruto, who was still rubbing his butt, and sighed, “Don’t take it easy. This kid has to be taught carefully. You shouldn’t be polite, don’t show him any mercy!”

“Yes, Great Elder!”

“Hey hey, don’t get too excited… you’re not gonna kill, don’t you!”

“Evil uncle…”
It seems that Naruto that the strange uncle nickname, has evolved to evil uncle.

“Also, Goya, teach this kid some history, will you,” Goya called him Great Elder many times, and Naruto still didn’t know who he was.

“Yes, Great Elder.”

“Everyone will know that I’m alive by tomorrow.” Masahiko thought for a moment.

He felt that one day would still be enough for him to solve the mess in Konoha.

“Yes, Great Elder.”

Masahiko sighed, he always replies this way, as expected from the Uzumaki Country Patrol Team, and it’s appropriate for such a guy to educate Naruto.

“Okay, watch him carefully. I’ll go first.” Masahiko turned and left, while Naruto crouched, trailing behind him trying to sneak out, but he was caught back by Goya.

“Naruto, don’t even try to run! Let me teach you the history of the Land of Whirlpool!”

“History?!” Naruto looked at Masahiko’s back with a bitter face, “Evil Uncle! You’re worse than Masahiko!”

Masahiko: “…”


On the road to Konoha, Masahiko’s figure kept flickering.

“Meow~ there’s a nasty fox smell on that kid.”

“Oh? You can smell it?” Masahiko was startled. Since he feared that it will affect his childhood, Masahiko used the 64 Trigram Seal on Naruto and kept the Kyuubi tightly sealed inside. He was planning to open it later and let him control its Chakra little by little.

“Meow~ my nose is very good.”

Masahiko glanced at him with a smile but didn’t say anything.

“The noses of foodies are generally excellent…”

The sky was getting darker. Just a few meters before reaching the village, Masahiko stopped, and without hiding his presence, he just walked in brightly.

He also signed the “village registration.” The name he used was Uzumaki Masahiko. Thinking of the two ninjas who guarded the gate, Masahiko wanted to laugh out loud.

Therefore, since he entered the village, an Anbu has been following him far behind, but he didn’t care.

It’s estimated that Hiruzen will get the news at any moment, knowing that he’s still alive; he will surely come to see him.

Masahiko walked to his shop that was closed for five years, and couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Someone renovated the shop?” Masahiko’s mouth twitched. He looked at the two-story building in front of him while rubbing his eyes repeatedly.

Excluding the building next to it, that was Ichiraku’s Ramen, his Amazon Shop has definitely disappeared.

Ninja Buki… This is the name of the brand new shop in front of Masahiko.

“This is a bit too much…” Masahiko twitched his mouth, “My private property has been sold. Hiruzen, you will pay for this.”

“Uncle, are you buying?” The little girl’s crisp voice emitted.

Before Masahiko could answer, the girl exclaimed: “Ow, a cat, so cute… so fat!”

Masahiko smiled, “Fat cat, did you hear that? You should lose weight.”


He carefully looked at the little girl and the Ninja Equipment shop in front of him. He didn’t need to think much about it. The girl before him was Tenten.

Masahiko handed the fat cat over and said with a smile, “Little girl, I’m not here to buy equipment. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here in Konoha. When did the shop was opened?”

The fact was held in Tenten’s arm with a dumbfounded look. He wanted to break free, but he was warned by Masahiko’s eyes, and he could only stay there grievously while being “squeezed” by Tenten.

It doesn’t matter which era or world, little girls always love cats.

“Our family bought this store a year ago.”

“So…” Masahiko pondered for a moment. His Amazon Store was really sold.

Looking around, the Anbu following him was still nearby, but why hasn’t Hiruzen come yet?

“Wasting my time!”

Masahiko stepped back and waved to the Anbu. Instantly, he appeared in front of him.

“Elder Masahiko, is it really you?”

Masahiko was stunned for a moment, and then he realized that it was one of his acquaintances, “Shinnosuke, where’s Hiruzen?”

“It’s really you!”

After hesitating, Sarutobi Shinnosuke leaned over and whispered a few words.

Masahiko squinted, “Orochimaru… defected?”