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L.L.H: Chapter 276: Orochimaru’s Experiments

Looking closely at the eyes of Sarutobi Shinnosuke, Masahiko didn’t feel like he was lying.

“Orochimaru defected…”

No one would fake such a report.

Unlike the original, the war was still going on. Orochimaru wouldn’t use experimental subjects from his village, so how did he get caught? And why did he defect?

“When did this happen?”

“Half an hour ago, my father left the village. Fifteen minutes ago, Anbu set off to support him.”

“I just missed it…” Masahiko pondered for a moment, “It shouldn’t be too late to go now.”

Looking far away, Tenten was still teasing the fat cat. Masahiko smiled and disappeared out of thin air… as for the fat cat, he decided to let Tenten “play” with him for more couple of hours.

“Meow?” Masahiko’s smell disappeared, and the fat cat jumped out of Tenten’s arms.

“Uncle? Uncle with red hair?” Tenten realized that Masahiko went missing, “Poor cat, did your master abandon you?”

Fat Cat: “…”

She was already so tired of her master.


To the northwest of Konoha Village, Masahiko appeared after several flickers.

With his perceptual ability turned on to its maximum, Masahiko noticed more than a dozen Chakra fluctuations, and among them was Sakumo, who should have been in the supporting Anbu team Shinnosuke mentioned.

“Speaking of support, this means that Hiruzen actually asking for help… interesting.”

Masahiko flashed to catch up but didn’t reveal his presence; he kept low key and advanced, passing the Anbu team. He really wanted to see how Hiruzen was beaten by Orochimaru… that seemed very interesting.

When he reached the Land of Fire’s borders, Masahiko finally sensed their Chakra fluctuation; there was a battle going on.

Unexpectedly, this wasn’t a battle between Orochimaru and Hiruzen. There was another one who participating, Jiraiya.

In other words, Jiraiya and Hiruzen were besieging Orochimaru, but Hiruzen still needed to send a signal for help…

“Orochimaru, how could he be this strong?!” Hidden, Masahiko’s eyes widened.

The Monkey King Enma and the two old toads on Jiraiya’s shoulders proved that the two men were fighting with all their strength.

On the other hand, Orochimaru was at ease; although he also entered his Sage Mode, he didn’t need to summon his snakes…

“Orochimaru, why did you defect? Is this a joke?” Jiraiya shouted.

Hiruzen smashed with his staff, then quickly fell back. The cracks on the ground spread, then Orochimaru suddenly emerged. This was Orochimaru’s inorganic rebirth.

After gasping two breaths, Hiruzen stood upright.

His face was both gratified and sad, “Orochimaru, I didn’t expect you to be this strong… But why are you suddenly defecting?”

That’s right, it was a sudden defection; it felt as if it was a joke.

An hour ago, Hiruzen was in the Hokage Office when he suddenly received a letter from Orochimaru stating that he was going to defect…

This was a bit unexpected, and he couldn’t tell if it was true.

But Hiruzen had to take it seriously, and since Jiraiya was in the village, he came to found him.

After discussing the matter, the two decided to check on Orochimaru. After going to his house, they found another letter.

There is only one line on the letter: You will find me at the junction of the Land of Fire and the Land of Sound.

Hiruzen didn’t worry about any traps. Konoha’s 53-year-old Hokage was still very confident in his combat strength, and Jiraiya was also with him. Even if it was the Akatsuki, they were confident in their ability to retreat.

However, life can be tricky.

In this place, they found Orochimaru waiting for them, with a carved long horizontal scratch on his forehead protector…

As soon as he wanted to question Orochimaru, the latter took the initiative to attack. After several confrontations… Hiruzen was surprised to find that he and Jiraiya weren’t worthy opponents of Orochimaru.

Since things went wrong, the always cautious Hiruzen still managed to use special means to contact the Anbu… and Masahiko came along and saw this scene.

“Orochimaru, why don’t you speak?!” Jiraiya’s Sage Mode has disappeared. When Masahiko arrived just now, it was already the end of the battle… Jiraiya and Hiruzen were almost defeated by Orochimaru!

In his space, Masahiko’s brows frowned, “It’s not right, it’s too wrong, Orochimaru can’t reach such a point… Even with the Sage mode, it shouldn’t be so wrong.”

Masahiko’s curiosity almost reached its peak, and just when he couldn’t help but come out, Orochimaru spoke.

“Sensei, you’re too confident. so you came to stop me with such a fool?”

Jiraiya didn’t mind the word “fool,” but shouted, “Orochimaru, were you the one who wrote these letters?”

“Ah, I’m really defecting.”

Jiraiya looked stunned, “Why, we just repelled Sunagakure together, and Iwagakure and Kumogakure are attacking our village. You actually want to defect at such a time?”

Orochimaru didn’t reply but sat cross-legged and explained: “This is an experiment. But I need more than you two…”

Hiruzen was startled, “Experiment?”

Some of the Anbu’s report indicated that Orochimaru was secretly keeping some ninjas from Sunagakure and Iwagakure, and Hiruzen knew about that, which made him feel guilty.

“No, not those experiments. I’m not interested in those anymore.”

Orochimaru’s expression was cold, “Well… this is an experiment to test a certain technique, and you two wouldn’t be enough.”

“There is another more important experiment. It doesn’t matter if I tell you really…”

Orochimaru was about to speak but suddenly stopped.

Not far away, more than a dozen people came in a rush; it was the Anbu led by Sakumo. During the war, Konoha had only a few people left, so he ended up rejoining the ranks.

“Hokage-Sama.” Sakumo took a few steps forward and looked at the embarrassed Hiruzen and Jiraiya carefully, then tried to find other enemies than Orochimaru… that moment was embarrassing.

“Ahem…” Hiruzen coughed twice and looked at Sakumo, “The only enemy is Orochimaru.”

Sakumo froze for a moment, then he looked at him solemnly.

With a prosthetic arm, Sakumo wouldn’t manage to easily win against Jiraiya or Hiruzen, but Orochimaru…

“White Fang-Dono has finally come. It’s time to try my new technique.”

Orochimaru stood up, made seals with both hands.

In the space, Masahiko squinted, “It’s that technique!”

“Edo Tensei!”