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L.L.H: Chapter 277: Debut

Masahiko was so familiar with the hand signs of the Edo Tensei.

After learning it from Tobirama, he failed to communicate with the underworld because of the Six Paths’ denial.

About a year ago, Masahiko tried again after fully comprehending his Kekkei Mora, but ended in failure… After all, the underworld was the Six Paths realm.

“Damn you old man Rikudou, just wait for this weak pawn to become a fully-sized queen, and pull you out of the underworld and kick your old ass a hundred times, no, a hundred and six times.”

In the space, Masahiko watched Orochimaru easily perform the Edo Tensei and gritted his teeth with hatred.

And as they emerged one by one, Orochimaru summoned three coffins arranged in fronts.

The words One, Two, and Three were written on the coffins.

“This technique… must stop him!” Hiruzen yelled. Obviously, he knew what kind of Ninjutsu this is. After all, he was the person who knew every technique in the Scroll of Seals.

Instantly, an overwhelming amount of Ninjutsu were released at once, but Orochimaru remained calm and used a hand sign, “Earth Release: Rampart!”

No more, no less, it was the right Ninjutsu to evade all of these attacks.

Hiruzen suddenly shouted, “Too naïve!”

And from a hidden corner, a huge Fuma Shuriken broke out of the dust, hitting the front coffin.

Orochimaru’s expression changed, “As expected of my teacher, with such rich combat experience, it seems that I can only…”

Halfway through his sentence, the Fuma Shuriken bent weirdly and flew toward his forehead.

Orochimaru urgently lowered his head, and his hair was cut in half.

“As expected of Sensei… so your real target was actually me?”

Hiruzen: “???”

I didn’t do that?!

In the space, Masahiko snickered; he secretly used his gravity force.

He was really curious. The words written on the two coffins at the back were “One” and “Two.” So they were obviously, Tobirama and Hashirama.

But the front coffin says “Three,” and Hiruzen isn’t dead yet, so is it the Third Raikage or the Third Kazekage?

Hiruzen’s group stood on guards as the two coffins behind slowly opened.

“This is…”

“The First and Second Hokage-Sama!” Someone from the Anbu exclaimed.

“Hashirama and Tobirama, it has been a long time…” Masahiko sighed. This trip wasn’t in vain.

“This is… the Edo Tensei?”

In the coffin, Tobirama was the first to understand the situation.

Hashirama looked around, then he turned angrily, “Tobirama, it’s no you who called me this time. We’ve both been summoned?”

Then he noticed Hiruzen, “Is it Hiruzen? You’re also old. It seems that many years have passed.”

“The First Hokage-Sama…” Hiruzen’s looked at unease.

“Orochimaru, how dare you play with the soul of the dead?! How did you learn the Edo Tensei…”

Hiruzen had more questions, but the words stuck in his throat as he saw the last coffin slowly opening.

“Has the plan succeeded?” The person inside the coffin said, “No, this is the Edo Tensei!”

In the space, Masahiko’s expression became serious because the person inside the third coffin was Uchiha Madara!

“Where did Orochimaru get Madara’s cells? According to Madara, the plan should be the same as the original, except that the Akatsuki is executing it. Are they the ones who gave Orochimaru Madara’s cells? Put it in this way… defection makes sense. And Orochimaru is so strong because he transplanted both Madara and Hashirama’s cells in his body!”

“Would he be able to match my strength with a Rinnegan eye?”

Masahiko was speechless, this scientist snake can’t be provoked, can’t be provoked!

“Then the question is, the word three was written on Madara’s coffin, and he was also placed in the middle between Hashirama and Tobirama, does this mean that he’s… the mistress?”

Masahiko’s deep thinking was taking a while, and it started to go in the wrong way as always.

Outside, the three dead people who were reincarnated by the Edo Tensei have begun to recall the “old days.”

“Madara, long time no see, hahaha.”

Madara cast a faint glance at Hashirama, decisively ignored him, then looked at Tobirama, “This should be your Ninjutsu, you bastard.”

However, the younger brother ignored him…

“Big brother, we need to solve this trouble immediately.”

The triangle relationship between these three was clear at a glance.

Tobirama glanced at Hiruzen and could only recognize two familiar figures next to him, Jiraiya and Sakumo.

“Hiruzen, what’s the situation? Where’s Second Grandpa?”

Hiruzen showed a sad expression, “My disciple Orochimaru has stolen your research on the Edo Tensei. As for Elder Masahiko, he passed away three years ago.”

“The old man is dead?!” Madara shouted, “So that damn old man is finally dead too!”

“Second Grandpa… how could it be possible?” Hashirama was surprised.

Tobirama was very calm, “Did anyone see the corpse?”

Hiruzen shook his head, “No, but Tsunade said that the contract between Elder Masahiko and the slug was broken.”

“Is that so?” He didn’t ask any more questions.

“So the caster is Orochimaru? He’s a real genius.” Turning his head, Tobirama said, “But you made one mistake, that is, you really dared to reincarnate the three of us at the same. Even though you’ve given us only half of our powers, this is still the technique that I’ve developed!”

Tobirama shouted and was about to act, but he suddenly found that his body stiffened and couldn’t move it.

“I think I can still control you,” Orochimaru said slowly.

Madara moved aside, “No, you can’t control me. Hashirama, stop pretending, and let us fight!”

Hashirama shook his head with a bitter smile and turned to look at him, “Madara, we can’t do that now. Let’s talk about it after we solve this situation.”

“These two…”

If Tobirama could control his body, he would have cried without tears. He was the one who talked big but ended up being the only one controlled.

Orochimaru showed a solemn expression, then with the word “sealed” marked on his palm, he applied a stronger binding force on the two of them.

“He’s really an amazing kid,” Hashirama said after he realized that he couldn’t move anymore.

“Hiruzen, I’m afraid that we’re gonna cause you trouble this time!”

Hiruzen looked solemnly at Jiraiya and Sakumo, “We will need to stop them this time, and the others will leave! This is not a battle you participate in!”

The Anbu team, who followed Sakumo, successfully managed to demonstrate a great example for the idiom “say sauce” at that moment and escaped.

“Hahaha, so this is your limit, Hashirama?” Madara laughed out loud, “It seems that I won this time…”

Madara was about to awake his Rinnegan eyes and break free, but Orochimaru quickly gathered Natural Energy and opened his Sage Mode…

“It’s really hard to control.” Orochimaru breathed a sigh of relief and slowly took out a kunai with a sealing paper on it with his left hand, then pressed it against Madara’s neck.

Just when he was about stretch his hand, another hand appeared out of thin air and stopped him.

“After watching this drama show for a long time, I felt like it was my turn to make a debut.” Masahiko’s voice emitted.

Orochimaru quickly fell back for a few meters, “Elder Masahiko, you’re really not dead.”

“Why? Have you dug my grave?”

“Also, Madara, I’m sorry to break this to you, but I’m not dead.”

“Damn you, old man…” Madara turned his head, gritting his teeth.