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L.L.H: Chapter 27: Clash Of Titans!

At the heart of the battle.

The two sides stood in front of each other, and the atmosphere is getting heavier.

Hashirama alone is about to face the five patriarchs of Nara, Akamichi, Inuzuka, Aburame, and Yamanaka.

Even though they had the number advantage, they still didn’t dare to underestimate Hashirama.

The patriarchs looked at each other.

The Nara patriarch gently nodded to the Aburame patriarch, while the Yamanaka patriarch was also ready to move.

“Shadow Imitation Technique!“

“Secret Technique: Locust Swarm!”

“Secret Technique: Mind Disturbance!”

The three patriarchs attacked at the same time and from three different directions.

“The Mokuton-World of Trees Wall is approaching!” Against three people, Hashirama didn’t budge. The spawning roots didn’t only act defensively but also offensively against these three.

Facing Hashirama’s attack, the three patriarchs stepped back and tried to dodge, they didn’t dare to face it head-on.

The Inuzuka clan patriarch couldn’t react at the right time and didn’t have a choice but to block it, but alas, the impact was strong enough to make him scream in pain. It is evident that the Inuzuka patriarch has received a heavy blow; even his Ninken became defensive and barked at Hashirama.

The Inuzuka patriarch patted the head of his Ninken, then they combined into a two-headed dog unleashing the “Fang-Wolf Fang Technique,” they jumped and spine extremely fast, and destroyed the roots their vacuum vortex, then rushed toward Hashirama.

Without any hesitation, Hashirama weaved a seal. “Mokuton: Mokujin No Jutsu!”

Dozens of meters from Hashirama location, Masahiko saw the ten of meters tall wooden Golem.

Masahiko whispered, “It’s my first time seeing this technique, it’s really outrageous. This battle should be settled…”

When he was about to finish his sentence, the expression on his face suddenly stagnated: “Hey, hey! This is too exaggerated…”
Just when Hashirama has finished summoning the Golem, the Akimishi Patriarch suddenly pulled out one of the strongest technique that Masahiko has ever seen in his whole life, in an instant, he became 100 meters larger, which made the Golem next to him look like a child!

Masahiko felt a little bit worried, but he whispered: “Well, maybe the size is just…”

Bam!!! Just before he could even finish his sentence, The Akimichi patriarch one-shotted the wooden golem!

“Oh shit! Does this fat family have always been this strong?” Masahiko shouted out loud.

In fact, Masahiko surprised because he didn’t think that the Akimichi clan patriarch would be this strong. Because their Patriarch in the original, Choji’s father, was only a Jonin, and none of them could pull out such a strength.

Tobirama asked, “Second Grandpa, don’t you know? In terms of physical capabilities, in the Land of Fire, the Akimichi is the second strongest just after the Kaguya.”

“Second strongest?” Masahiko has taken aback a little, “Then what about the Eight Inner Gates user?”

“Eight Inner Gates users? What’s that, Grandfather?”

“I also don’t know what it is, and where can I learn it…” Masahiko slowly answered.

Before Masahiko discovered the leveling system, he already considered learning the Eight Inner Gates as a mean to receive a burst in power for a short time. He wanted to prove himself even for a short time by using the Eight Inner Gates.

In the fourth ninja wars, Madara made a comment about “He’s insulting me for not bringing out the Red Vapor” By these statements. It’s assumed that Madara has heard of the Gate of Death before in the warring states period.

However, Masahiko has spent two years of his life investigating the existence of the Maito family in the Land of Fire, but he couldn’t find them.

It’s possible that maybe they are unique for each generation, and it’s not inherited through blood. Or perhaps, judging by Rock Lee’s appearance, this technique is only inherited to those who have thick brows?

After he came to this conclusion, Masahiko has even considered putting thick brows and go out…

Because he was deeply thinking about the Eight Inner Gates technique, he almost forgot about the Hashirama VS Akimichi battle, until something shocked him.

Suddenly he saw a bigger wooden golem in the sky. It was almost equal to the size of the enlarged Akimichi clan patriarch. Both of them now locked in a duel. The other patriarchs couldn’t interfere; the scale of the battle is just too big.

“Mokuton-Wood Transformation!” Hashirama used a hand seal; the wooden golem then grew dozens of hands and grabbed the Akimichi clan patriarch.

“Super Push!” The Akimichi patriarch shouted. His palms then got more prominent, then he started crushing the golem hands one by one.

“Secret Technique: Shadow sewing!”

“Secret Technique: Destroying Fang!”

“Secret Technique: Poisonous Swarm!”

Seeing an opening that was created by the Akamichi Patriarch, the other three patriarchs didn’t hesitate to attack and finally managed to crush another wood golem.

Hashirama tried to spawn another wooden golem, but the Yamanaka patriarch suddenly used “Secret Technique: Mind Control!”

Although it would be impossible to control Hashirama, this mind attack was enough to stun Hashirama for a while. Thus he didn’t have any choice but to defend against the other patriarchs’ attacks!

“Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Five Layers Rashomon!” Hashirama summoned all of the five gates of the Rashomon to block their attacks and provided more than enough time for him to prepare for his new move.

The following fights felt like an Infinite loop. They attack, defend, attack again, defend again. The five patriarchs, now led by the Akamichi patriarch, continued on fighting against Hashirama for another half an hour.

At that time, their chakra was already consumed by half; thus, Nara tried to stop the battle with a tactical agreement.

“Senju patriarch, it seems we’re evenly matched. I’m afraid this stalemate will be dragging for too long. What about we divide it 50-50?” The Nara patriarch said.

Hashirama didn’t answer and standing on the hand of his Wooden Golem.

“Senju Patriarch?” Nara patriarch ask once more.

“Not good! Akamichi Patriarch, attack him, quickly!” The Yamanaka patriarch sensed some strange chakra circulation inside Hashirama’s Chakra Flow.

However, it was too late, Hashirama opened his eyes, with a pale blue pattern appears around them, he activated the Sage Mode!

“Sage Art: Gate of the Great God!” Several Torii Gates fell from the sky, targeting the Akimichi patriarch, the gates pin the patriarch neck, hands, body, and feet, and firmly suppressed him. He wouldn’t be able to escape even if he shrinks back.

“Not good, everyone, be careful!” Even though he was stunned, the Nara Patriarch warned the others.

However, it’s all for vain now that Hashirama has entered the Sage Mode…

“Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands!” Hashirama clasped his hands together and summoned a gigantic Buddha Kannon wooden statue with hundreds of arms.

“Top Buddha Transformation!” Suddenly, The Kannon statue hit the ground with its numerous hands.

In the distance, Masahiko saw this and smiled: “Now it’s really settled…”

Sure enough, after the Kannon Hundreds Arm Assault, the battlefield was covered in dust. After a few moments, the dust settled, and a huge crater could be seen. The place right now looked more like a valley.

Hashirama closed his Sage Mode. And the five patriarchs except for the Akimichi were unconscious, the former was still trapped, of course, it would have been ended badly for him if Hashirama wanted to target him with his attacks.

Hashirama only took a break for around five minutes before Tobirama’s return with the army for the support. Now, the five patriarchs who were so beat up and their forces were surrounded by Hashirama and his allies, waiting for their inevitable death!

Looking at them, Hashirama smiled, and instead of attacking, he said: “Let’s go, we’re celebrating our victory tonight!”

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