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L.L.H: Chapter 28: Forging!

On the way back, Hashirama didn’t say anything. They already sent an envoy to the Sarutobi with the 10% of the mining results, as for how they’re gonna divide it among them and the other tribes, he didn’t care because it wasn’t the Senju’s business.

Masahiko was unexpectedly happy, not that he cared about the Sarutobi or anything, but he also got rewarded, “Witness and Participate in the Side Story in Naruto-verse: Chakra Blades. +2 Witness Points.”

It took him a while, but he remembered that the Chakra Blades are Asuma Sarutobi blade knuckles. It was a surprise that the weapon has got created at this time.

If Asuma is the great-grandson of the current Sarutobi Patriarch… Then the weapons line of heritage is really long then.

During this month, he used 1 point on the mining attribute, then earned 2 points from witnessing this event, which means he made in total 1 point.

“This month is really full of surprises, I’ve never expected that the warring states era really make yield witness points, and there’s maybe more…” Masahiko is not satisfied with this result, he wants more.

After returning to the Senju, Masahiko’s favorite part took place there; the celebration!

While feasting and drinking to celebrate their victories, Hashirama stood up and said, “This time, we have harvested a great amount of the chakra ore, for those who want to forge a Chakra weapon they can ask Tobirama. Now let’s enjoy this party.”

The Senju clansmen looked at each other, they were reluctant to ask first. Masahiko seeing, this he smiles and stood up, “Tobirama, I need two weapons.”

Tobirama nodded; it’s reserved.

Upon seeing that, everyone jumped on Tobirama with their requests.

To create a Chakra Blade, only a small percentage of the conductive ore is needed. The material for such a weapon can’t be entirely made by the chakra ore. Steel is still necessary to keep the durability of the blades. So in the process, the chakra ore and the normal metal will be mixed. Thus, this amount of resources is considered significant!

On the next day, Masahiko came to the Senju clan workshop. This place was full of materials and blacksmiths who were working on the weapons.

It’s very rare to find the chakra ore in the warring states period. So only the most experienced blacksmiths are allowed to work on it.

“Second grandpa, currently we’re flooded with orders. So I apologize before hands, we will need to wait before we can get our weapons.”

“Not a problem… Wait, we? Are you also gonna get a weapon?”

“Yes, I need a sword for the Flying Thunder God,” Tobirama replied.

Masahiko thought, “Is it the one that was stolen from Konoha? Sword of the Thunder God?!”

“Well, if I get involved in this, I will at least get 2 points, but if I…”

Masahiko turned to Tobirama and said, “I don’t like waiting, I’ll forge it myself. Don’t worry, I will forge yours too.” Then he weirdly winked.

“Second Grandpa, you want to forge for yourself?” A few days ago, he saw how talented is Masahiko in mining, but he didn’t expect him to also know how to forge.

Masahiko glanced at him, then said: “You will be surprised.”

Inside the workshop, Masahiko took a hammer then started to hit the iron.

Masahiko hit the iron until his face started to drench in sweat. Is this called forging? Obviously, he had no idea about what he actually needs to do.

Masahiko kept hitting the metal for half an hour, but the forging property didn’t appear in his status bar.

Masahiko glanced at the room to find out that some of the blacksmiths were looking at him, he felt embarrassed and said: “I haven’t done this for many years, my hands become stiff.”

One of those blacksmiths looked at the metal and thought ‘Stiff or not, this is doesn’t look like blacksmithing!’ and couldn’t even hide the disgraceful look on his face.

According to his experience with the mining, the attribute should appear after a few trials, but he was doing this for an hour, and nothing happened. However, he wasn’t gonna give up, Masahiko kept trying until it was already dark, just when the last blacksmith was about to leave the workshop, Masahiko got finally rewarded for his hard work.

Blacksmithing LV0 (0/100)

“AAAAAH! Finally!” Masahiko was two minutes away from giving up. Fortunately, the Blacksmith attribute appeared!

Out of his happiness, he added 1 point without thinking.

Blacksmithing LV06 (10000/20000)

“This is really amazing, I’m feeling years of blacksmithing experience rushing in my mind…”

Masahiko wanted to start the work on the two swords at once, but he saw the last blacksmith leaving the workshop and closing the door behind him. Moreover, Masahiko was hungry; he just remembered that he didn’t eat dinner.

After dinner, Masahiko used all the new experiences he got from the blacksmith attribute to find the best way to create the two swords.

“It turns out that LV6 is the limit of the mortals. Which is a blacksmith master, I think it’s also the level of the Senju’s Blacksmiths Masters.”

Masahiko looked at the remaining WP, and there were 4 points.

“It’s good to leave points for emergencies, but also, there’s a chance that after I create the sword of the lightning god, I will gain more witness points.”

Masahiko gritted his teeth and added 3 points to his Blacksmithing attributes.

Blacksmithing LV8 (40000/60000)

“At this pace, the two swords will be ready tomorrow!” Masahiko kept thinking about this until he fell into sleep.

On the morning of the next day, Masahiko rushed to the workshop with a high spirit.

In just half a day, the two swords were already in Masahiko’s hands. Level 8 blacksmithing is sure different. It’s not a surprise that he could make them this fast. But when he was trying its balance, he accidentally swung the sword to one of the furnaces and left a crack on it.

“I’ll get into trouble! Crap!” Masahiko became anxious and nervousness, then he took the sword and went out quickly.

After thinking about it, Masahiko went to the Senju training ground to test the sword.

Because this is was a Chakra Blade, Masahiko immediately tried to inject it with his Chakra.

“Oh…” Masahiko narrowed his eyes slightly because of the dazzling light that was coming from the blade.

“Officially, this sword cannot be used for sneak attacks, but maybe I can blind enemies with injecting more Chakra in it,” Masahiko said to himself.

Masahiko measured the blade balance, inspected it for a while, then threw it.

Masahiko was about to do a seal, but all of a sudden, his expression changed, in an instant; he replaced positions with his sword!

“I don’t need to do a seal…” Masahiko laughed, “Well, isn’t this the flying thunder technique?!”

Masahiko looked back to the place where he was. Then he shook his head “Well, it’s not as convenient as using a sealed paper, but I think maybe it depends on the situation. The blades can’t be used as disposable items… It seems that a sealing scroll is more feasible. Making a summoning scroll like the one the Seven Legendary Swordsmen had for their swords will be better.”

“Tomorrow, I’ll show them the work of their second grandfather! Hahaha…”

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