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L.L.H: Chapter 30: Naughty Boy

The Blacksmith workshop has been busy for a whole month, and now it has finally come to an end.

In the meantime, Masahiko sweet-talked Tobirama to give him more chakra ore and created another Fuma Shuriken for himself, which will be more than enough for the time being.

The Fuma Shuriken was made, and Masahiko needed to start working on the sealing scroll matter.

It took a total of half a year to test which wooden bark is the most suitable material to make a scroll… to finally found out that the best one was already then one the Senju had.

Accomplish almost nothing for this past 6 months, Masahiko was really eager to start working on the scroll to one more get surprised with the New Year’s arrival.

He spent the New Year with both Tobirama and Hashirama. Masahiko is now younger by one year, now he’s 30 years old, but in the eyes of others, his appearance is that of a 55-year-old man.

In the new year, Masahiko spent his time researching and inventing the sealing scroll.

Initially, he thought that it won’t be so difficult to make a sealing scroll with his sealing technique. However, the sealing scroll also related to space ninjutsu, and Masahiko didn’t know the first thing about it and needed to ask Tobirama for help.

The Senju was frequently going to war, and with Tobirama usually leading the expedition or the strike team. One, two, three years, has passed by.

It took him three years to see those Chinese Characters before him, Masahiko almost felt like crying…

“Witness and cause Minor Change to the Side Story of Naruto World: Sealing Scroll, +2 witness points (*2).

“I spent three god damn years to only obtain 4 witness points…”

“Minor change? Does this affect the original creator or something?”

“Damn! Who is the original creator of this scroll, is he so powerful? Bet he’s so powerful, he could match our Fuinjutsu in making this crappy scroll…”

“But luckily, I have other gains… My Fuinjutsu already increased by one level, which is equivalent to spending 20 witness points…”

In the end, Masahiko didn’t have a choice but to comfort himself.

“Grandpa, Kenji has come to see you~” A young childish voice surprised Masahiko and made him jump from his chair, and all of a sudden, a series of sad flashbacks flashed in his mind.

Masahiko’s face suddenly went dark, “No! He came out!”

Senju Kenji is the child of Hashirama and Mito, and also the future father of the Godaime Hokage, Tsunade. In the past three years, the person Masahiko who was very eager to meet has become his bane of existence.

Perhaps he inherited Hashirama’s genes a little bit too much, this child seems to be lack of affection since he was little.

In the past three years, the sealing scroll that Masahiko trying to make was torn five times by Kenji, Masahiko’s beard was either cut or burnt four times, and he also secretly replaced Masahiko’s scroll material three times…

“Kenji-Kuuun~ grandpa is coming for his hug.” Masahiko quickly collected the newly completed scroll and hide it, then he welcomed the boy.

“Ahh, let me hold my beautiful nephew.” Masahiko tried to contain the situation by holding Kenji.

“Ohh… grandpa’s beard!” Knowing what will happen next, he quickly handed Kenji back to Mito.

“Second Grandpa, are you still busy making the scroll? Do you need my help?” Mito smiled and offered her help.

“No need, I just finished it. I was about to report the good news to Hashirama and Tobirama.” Masahiko explained with a hint of cheerfulness in his face.

“Oh! Congratulations, Grandpa! Hashirama said that he will be in the hall now. And it seems that Tobirama still outside since yesterday.”

“Huh? Going out again? Which small clan is not stable this time?”

In the past three years, after that secret meeting between Hashiram and Madara, the Uchiha and the Senju didn’t fight again. It seems that Madara realized that their power is no longer equal, and a full-blown conflict will be risky. So although the fighting has continued, it was only about beating the small unsettled clans.

“It’s not small clan grandpa. It seems to be that the Daimyo of the Land of Fire has called.” Mito replied.

“The Daimyo?” Masahiko is puzzled. This world is not only habited by Shinobi only.

The Land of Fire is comprised of civilians as its main population, and only a fractal percent are Shinobis. While the civilians are more than ten million, the Shinobis are only a few thousand, and this large population is governed by the Daimyo.

Some clans can have a bad tendency, like when they start to fight and kill another clan. This can affect the economy. Therefore, the Land of Fire separates each clan and recognizes them without interfering in their affairs.

The Shinobis are only asked to maintain that superficial respect, and that’s the case, especially for those big clans like the Senju and the Uchiha.

But for the Daimyo to call for the Senju and for what specific reason is unknown. Masahiko felt confused.

Then, Masahiko, Kenji, and Mito went to the patriarchal hall.

“Otou-Sama!” The little boy shouted Masahiko’s face become green… he’s surprised by this little demon’s ability to become so polite in front of his father as if the only person who picks up on is Masahiko. No wonder Mito always smiles proudly in the back. Her child has a noble class manner in front of Hashirama…

“Grandpa, here you are, any new about the sealing scroll…?” Hashirama said.

“It’s finished. After I write the material and the procedure on how to make it, it can be mass-produced.” Masahiko said with a smile.

“Great! Then in the future, we don’t have to worry about supplies and logistics!”,Hashirama smiled.

“Hashirama, what about Tobirama…?” Masahiko asked.

“Oh, he’s going to the Land of Fire capital. It seems something is happening there. Don’t worry about him, grandpa.” Hashirama said indifferently.

After a brief conversation with Hashirama, Masahiko went back to his room and begin to record the procedure on how to manufacture the sealing-scroll and also made a summoning scroll for his two new Fuma Shuriken. This busy period will come to an end.

It’s been nearly four years since Masahiko left the Uzumaki. He’s been thinking to rest for a few days, bid farewell to Hashirama, then return to the Uzumaki.

Unexpectedly, Hashirama summoned Masahiko to the assembly hall on that night.

“Second Grandpa, I just got a letter from Tobirama, and they require the presence of a lot of ninja clans, such as the Uchiha, Nara, Aburame, Akimichi, Yamanaka… These Clans has already arrived there, Tobirama is afraid that he won’t be able to handle it alone. I’m thinking about sending you.”

“I am going?” Masahiko felt confused, “You still have a lot of people among the Senju Clansmen, why it should be me?”

“The Uchiha are represented by Izuna, Madara didn’t go. And I am not in good standing with the Land of Fire government….” Hashirama felt embarrassed to admit this. “As for letting you go, it’s Tobirama’s personal request, Grandpa. Tobirama said, although you sometimes sound weird… A-Ah, I mean, sometimes your way of thinking is out of the box…”

“Well, that’s mean! I just sometimes have some crooked ideas…” Masahiko said bitterly. “Sigh… Well, I will go. I will do my best for the sake of the clan. But after this I will bid my farewell, it’s been four years since I left home, it’s time for me to go back. And I hope the next time I meet your family, you’ll do something about this little bear behavior…”

(T/N: “Bear Child: Internet Language, Bear children have a derogatory meaning. This name comes from the north and refers to those annoying children. The ignorance of the bear child is often the result of the parents’ excessive indulgence.)

“Okay, I’m sorry to trouble you… Wait, when did Kenji was naughty?”

“Ha? I almost jump off a bridge because of his harassment!” Masahiko turned away and left the hall.

Hashirama was left with black question marks on his face.

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