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L.L.H: Chapter 31: The Nation of Fire

At the Capital of the Fire Nation.

After one day of traveling, Masahiko finally reached the center of the Fire Nation. Located on its center is the famous capital of the Fire Nation.

As the heart of the economy of the Fire Nation, the capital indeed looks lively. The low rise building and family pavilion can be seen densely pack the city.

Although it’s been 58 years since Masahiko crossed to this world, Masahiko never even once visit a relatively advanced metropolitan area in this world. At least now, his long desire to visit this world metro-city is finally reached.

There are no high rise buildings like in the 21st century. The architecture here has more local and traditional flavor. Masahiko took a walk on the streets in the downtown area, and he could hear the shouting and hawking sounds of some vendors.

The handmade pottery from the Wind Nation, the clothes from the Water Nation, stone carving from the Earth Nation, and many more…

There are a lot of merchants traveling to this city while bringing goods from all over the world.

“It’s really amazing. Even in this war-torn era, just to make ends meet, people will travel here. It’s surely true that even at this time, business is a viable alternative than fighting.”

Suddenly, Masahiko heard something familiar, “Don’t miss our latest product! The first in the whole country, only in our shop you can find…”

Masahiko surprised a little, he slightly nodded his head, “A familiar marketing method…”

He walked closer to the salesman. And the salesman was surrounded by a big crowd. He tried to dive closer to the commotion.

Held by the salesman is a headset. Masahiko didn’t know this kind of thing might appear here in this world. But when he looks around the crowds, from their reaction, it seems that this thing is not unfamiliar.

“Well this world, after all, is written in a contemporary era, it does have a stroke of modernism in it. So I think things like this may be normal…”

The salesman continued his talk, “This is the latest radio headset developed by my store. Just wear this, and it doesn’t matter how far apart you and your partner are you still can communicate through this. A lot of shinobi are using this now. This radio headset can be used in battlefields to relay command without any delay! Only for 100 million Ryo, quickly! The stock is limited.”

Masahiko shocked. This thing… He wasn’t sure, but it seems this technology is still a rare commodity in this era, distance communication, but again for 100 million?

In Naruto’s story, the bounty on Asuma Sarutobi’s head was 30 million Ryo. And at that time, the 30 million Ryo is comparable with the present 3 million Ryo.

As for 100 million Ryo, it’s the same as the entire saving of a small clan.

Sure enough, a lot of people were curious about this, but no one wants to use their cash on this.

“Only fools will buy it…” Masahiko thought, but suddenly he hears a familiar voice.

“I’ll buy it!”

Masahiko looked at the source of the voice and saw the Nara patriarch who, was about to buy the radio headset.

When he saw his acquaintance, Masahiko was thrilled, “Nara patriarch! Hahaha, we meet again…”

When the Nara patriarch saw Masahiko, he suddenly remembered the battle a few years ago at the Sarutobi mine; they lost thanks to Masahiko’s summon technique. This made his face suddenly turned pale and wanted to leave immediately.

Masahiko couldn’t help but laugh more and tried to stop him.

“Why the rush? Nara patriarch, it’s not easy to see some acquaintance in the capital.”

“I just thought that this radio headset is too expensive and only a fool will buy it… I mean… Your family is wealthy!”

The Nara patriarch was helpless. If he understands right, Masahiko was about to call him a fool.

He reluctantly said, “Oh… yeah… well… probably…” He didn’t seem to care.

“Is Nara patriarch also summoned here by the government?”

“The government? No, I’m here just for shopping.” Nara patriarch said.

“Oh, is that so.” Masahiko could feel that the Nara patriarch is trying to hide something, “You want to buy this? Why not just communicate using the Yamanaka technique?”

The Nara’s expression suddenly changed, he didn’t expect Masahiko to know about this.

“Don’t be nervous, I have lived for 58 years. Of course, I’ve heard things.” Masahiko tried to explain.

The Nara patriarch nodded, reluctantly tried to believe Masahiko’s words, and turned away.

“Ohh…” This time Masahiko didn’t stop the Nara patriarch; he laughed then walked away. Teasing a smart person is more fun than teasing Hashirama, Masahikom thought.

After that, Masahiko lost his interest in continuing his sightseeing. After asking a few people, he finally arrived at the Daimyo estate. After explaining his intentions to the guards, he was taken to the Senju’s room.

“Second Grandpa, you’ve come? How was your trip?” Tobirama greeted Masahiko as he entered the room.
“Well, smooth. I guess you’re now stuck with my crooked ideas…” Masahiko glanced aside.

Tobirama’s face looked stiff; he was cursing his older brother for running his mouth in his heart.

“How could you say that?! You always helped us these past years. I couldn’t be thankful enough.”

“Well, apologie accepted. What’s going on this time?” Masahiko said while Tobirama thought, “I didn’t make an apology!”

“It’s not clear yet, because the attendees to the meeting didn’t come yet. But as time passed by, a lot of Clans representatives gathered here. The big clans and the small families are coming from all over the country. I think something big is about to happen.” Tobirama explained.

“Everyone?” Masahiko asked awkwardly.

Tobirama smiled, and he said, “Yes, they also come. In fact, because of our in-law relationship, their room is placed next to us.”

“What? I have to go and see my nephew then.” Masahiko said with a hint of guilt.

Masahiko walked to the next room with the Uzumaki name written on it, then knocked on the door.

The door opened, and it was the Uzumaki patriarch who opened the door.

The moment he saw Masahiko, the patriarch froze for a while, then he smiled and said, “Second Uncle! Long-time no see, you still haven’t changed!”

“Wow, you are a lot older…” Although he tried to look like a 55-year-old man, Masahiko couldn’t be honest with himself, and he maintained the 48 years old appearance with some changes. The same thing didn’t happen with the patriarch, now he’s in his 40s, and the stress that he was dealing with seemed to affect his body too. He looked even older than Masahiko.

Masahiko saw this and felt a little bit embarrassed. In order to obtain more witness points, he stayed at the Senju. Even so, he should have visited more and helped his nephew. “Patriarch, after this thing is settled, I will go back to the Uzumaki with you.”

The Uzumaki patriarch got filled with joy. “With you around, it’ll be easier! Over these years, the second and third elder has also retired, and you weren’t in the village. Only my second and third brother left, it’s become very hard to guard and manage the village, the people seemed dissatisfied, thinking that I’ve become a dictator.”

Masahiko rolled his eyes and said, “Don’t worry, it won’t be the same when I go back. I’ll go back and teach the younger ninja. As for other things, I will be counting on you.”

“Yes, uncle, as long as you go back…” The Uzumaki patriarch nodded.

“Well, I’ll be next door. I’m here to help Tobirama with the Land of Fire matters, so don’t come and look for me!” Masahiko then went back to the Senju’s room.

The Uzumaki patriarch sighed,
“This second Uncle is still the same…”


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