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L.L.H: Chapter 32: 108 Shinobis

In the early morning of the following day, Masahiko followed Tobirama to “see” the Daimyo of the fire nation.

Fortunately, the Daimyo is not such a sissy, he showed himself in the meeting.

At the same time, Masahiko and Tobirama met his infamous rival Uchiha Izuna and Uchiha Senso. The current patriarch, Madara, of course, couldn’t come.

Uchiha Izuna looked at Masahiko and sneered, “Has the Uzumaki really became the dogs of Senju? This old man is following you even to this place?”

“Old man? Are you sure he’s not older than me?” Masahiko smiled and said, relying on his forever 48 years old face, Masahiko could notice the look of Uchiha Senso filled with a hint of despise.

“Elder, ignore him, no ways he’s younger than you.” Izuna saw how the elder looked embarrassed and tried to comfort him.

Alas, all that has been said…

In short, Masahiko felt even happier when the elder’s face turned red.

“Cough…” With a single cough, Daimyo at the center of the stage attracted everyone’s attention, and the mumble stopped.

Seeing the silence, the Daimyo said, “This time, I summoned all of you here today, because an assassination attempt on me by a Shinobi, that took place a few days ago.”

“After the death of Santaro, none of my guards can make me feel safe again.”

“Of course, you weren’t called here because I suspect that the assassins were sent by you, but because I feel my safety is threatened.”

“I hope that the major clans can send a few elite shinobis to protect me and form a group of 12 guards.”

“And of course, I will reward anyone who participates, so what do you think?”

Several people in the audience looked at each other but didn’t say anything.

Major Clans acknowledge the status of the Daimyo and understand his current situation. First, because the Daimyo has managed to improve the economic situation of the Fire Nation, thus making this country prosperous.

Of course, the shinobis income also increased. Second, because the Daimyo don’t really have enough fighting power compared to the shinobi’s clans, and that’s the main reason why they didn’t have a problem with him.

The Daimyo requested to form a 12 guardian shinobi to protect him; it’s like a form of military employment directly from the Daimyo, not the states. It’s not like a conscript from the states, but because this is a request from the Daimyo himself, regarding his security issues, they couldn’t refuse.

This may seem like a simple matter, but by becoming the shadow protector of the Daimyo, this group will be authorized to do a clandestine operation, and they can even act on behalf of the Fire Nation. So the formation of this group can shift the balance between the clans. This is why this matter is not as light as it seems.

The Uchiha Senso raised his hand, then stood up, “Daimyo, I apologize, but we will have to think about this matter further with our clan.”

Tobirama winked at Masahiko, of course, he also was gonna object this, and as the representatives of the team, Tobirama couldn’t make the decision. So he depended on Masahiko to work things out.

Masahiko stood up and smiled at the Daimyo, and then he said, “O Daimyo, for your safety, it’s understandable for you to form a twelve guardian ninja. But the assassin might not only target you alone, your wife and children are also threatened.”

“So for the safety of the nation and the government, how can 12 people be able to do it? I think it would be more reasonable to form 108 guardian Shinobis instead.”

The Uchiha duo looked at Masahiko with wide eyes, they seemed very surprised. At that moment, Masahiko didn’t dare to turn around to look at Tobirama.

Then Masahiko continued to defend his argument. If the 108-Shinobi is to be found, then it will greatly change the story; thus, he will yield numerous witness points.

On the podium, the Daimyo smiled and said, “Oh, thank you for your suggestion, I will consider the idea of forming a tram of 108-Shinobi further!”

Several representatives bid farewell to the Daimyo and return to their room.

While walking to his room, Masahiko couldn’t bring himself to look at Tobirama. Besides, initially, he was sent to assist him, but now the result was out of everyone’s expectation.

“Tobirama, I…”

“Second Grandpa, your solution is perfect!” Masahiko tries to apologize to Tobirama, but Tobirama interrupted him out of excitement.

“Huh…” Masahiko is confused, and he doesn’t know what to say.

“If the Daimyo formed the guardian twelve, then the smaller clans who have been called could join, their position will rise, and the other powerful family, surely won’t be able to refuse. But if he wants to form a team of 108 shinobis, all of the clans win end up refusing, and the whole proposal will be in vain.”

“Sure enough, bringing you was the right choice!”

At the moment, Masahiko has frozen in his place and felt like he was gonna faint out. He didn’t think that his words will have an in-depth evaluation like that.

“Ah, yes, yes…” Masahiko reacted, “Exactly what I thought. I didn’t expect you to uncover it this soon…” Masahiko played along; he estimated that the witness points won’t be that much anyway.

It’s just like what Tobirama expected, the Daimyo have summoned the Senju and the Uchiha, and other the clans again. Not to discuss the forming of 12 guardian ninja, but to talk about the forming of the team of 108 shinobis.

Sure enough, even the smaller family who could benefit from this has refused the Daimyo’s proposal.

In a room, on the other side of the Daimyo estate, the Ino-Shika-Cho clans were gathering there.

The Yamanaka looked very concerned about this, and said, “What should we do about the Daimyo now? If the 108 Shinobi team is gonna be formed, with this kind of power, I’m afraid they will attack us at some point!”

As he said, he looked at the other two patriarchs, “The Daimyo is quite the clever man… I heard he recalled the Senju and the Uchiha to meet with them privately. If the Uchiha gets a good chance, it might be the end for us…”

The Nara patriarch shook his head, “Not necessarily the Uchiha, maybe it’s the Senju…” When he said this, he remembered Masahiko’s slender face.

“Akimichi, what do you think?” The two looked at the Akamishi patriarch at the same time.

“Hmmm… Ahh… I think the buffet by the Daimyo yesterday was delicious. Maybe I should let my family’s chefs come to learn it.”

The other two could only sigh and shake their heads. They ignored the Akamichi patriarch and continued their discussion.

The other Clans came to the same decision as Ino-Shika-Cho and objected the Daimyo’s proposal, but in the end, he was still the Daimyo, and they needed to come out with a proper way to refuse this proposal.

The next day, the Daimyo summoned the Senju and the Uchiha again.

Compared to yesterday, the Daimyo face seems displeased, especially upon seeing Masahiko.

Masahiko wanted to prove he’s innocent, and swear that he’s on the Daimyo’s side.

Before the Daimyo could say anything, Masahiko opened the conversation, “The 108-Stars of Destiny that I proposed yesterday… I feel like I didn’t think that through. And the Daimyo don’t really need that much of people. The recruitment, maintenance, and how to make sure they work well together will also make an issue. I still think that 12 are not enough, how about 24?”

The Daimyo somehow was getting calmer. He let out a sigh and said, “I didn’t think about it too yesterday. I don’t even think I can afford to pay the cost of this employment… As for the specific number, I think I have to consider the needs first.”

“I will hold a banquet in the evening to gather you all together, and we will discuss it again later.”

Masahiko and the others nodded and bid farewell to the Daimyo.

While walking, Tobirama said to Masahiko, “The Daimyo is indeed a powerful man, he will rethink his proposal, and settle this matter. But thanks to you, things worked out for both sides, Grandpa!”
“Ha, ha, ha!” Masahiko laughed proudly…

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