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L.L.H: Chapter 33: The Settling of The Dust

In the evening, the Daimyo household held a grand banquet.

The Daimyo, his wife, and his three children attended the banquet. There’s also the shinobi clans. When Masahiko looked around, he could recognize a lot of people.

The Senju, Uchiha, and the Uzumaki didn’t say anything about their previous meeting with the Daimyo. They remained quiet in the banquet. From the Six Clans that fought the Sarutobi and Senju more than three years ago, only 5 attended the banquet.

The Hatake clan patriarch didn’t come. There are also some minor clans attending the banquet, but Masahiko only familiar with the Sarutobi clan patriarch. The person from Shimura clan who stood next to the Sarutobi patriarch might be the Shimura clan patriarch. The patriarch from the Fuma, Yamashiro, and the Hayate clan also attend the banquet.

However, Masahiko eyes were fixed on a slightly familiar guy from a particular clan,

“That… is it the Kurama clan? So they’re the clan in the anime, right? I don’t think they exist they’ve been mentioned in manage, these people are not canon, so in am I in the anime world? A spinoff?” Masahiko was confused. There are some differences between the anime and the manga.

“Crap… I hope that there will be no special awakening for their members… If that happens, then there will be troubles! I’m not ready to engage in a fight with someone who has a god-damn AIZEN LIKE ABILITIES!”

Masahiko thought deeply about this matter, the Daimyo then called the maid to serve the food. The maid put the plate of dishes on the table. Seeing this, Masahiko abandoned his thought, the food was on the table, and nothing in the world mattered to him more than food.

“The Daimyo sure lives up to his name, this feast… So this is the feast in this world, huh? What a grander sight.” Masahiko doesn’t really know about the feast in this otherworld, but from the sight of it, he’s impressed. And if not for the trouble of protecting the Daimyo, he would want to stay in this place.

Masahiko didn’t really mind about Tobirama sitting with him on the same table. Then he starts to eat ravenously.

The Daimyo seemed to have started a speech about something. But Masahiko paid no attention to it. Finally, when he was already full, he looks at the Daimyo and heard him saying,

“That’s it. Thank you for your attention, and please enjoy the feast…”

Masahiko took a break. He ate for 20 minutes, and when he finished sating his hunger, the Daimyo speech was over. There’s nothing much to say regarding that matter.

Seeing how everyone started eating, Masahiko, who is already full, felt bored. He took a cup of tea and started observing other people’s ways of eating.

There are a lot of types of people here, according to his observation. The mysterious nature, such as the Aburame Patriarch. The gallant type, like the Akimichi patriarch. And the flat model, such as Tobirama and the queen drama. Yes, he was talking about Uchiha Izuna.

SLURRPP Masahiko put one leg on the other and sipped his tea.

All the patriarchs were glaring at Masahiko. The patriarchs didn’t seem too comfortable being watched when they’re having dinner. Masahiko couldn’t help but laugh deep inside.

“Nothing, nothing, please continue your dinner gentlemen, I’m only peacefully drinking my tea here.”

Half an hour later, except for the Akimichi patriarch, everybody was full already.

The Nara patriarch stood up and said, “O great Daimyo, thank you for your hospitality, may we know your proposal this time?”

“There’s no need to hurry, we’ll continue our discussion after the Akimichi patriarch finishes his dinner.” The Daimyo said.

The crowd was left in silence again, except for the sound of the Akimichi Patriarch’s chewing.

Half an hour has passed, the Akimichi patriarch hasn’t finished eating yet, the Daimyo let out a long sigh, then shook his head, and opened the talk, “Well I think maybe we can begin our talks now, the Akimichi patriarch can continue to eat, you don’t need to worry about it…”

“Now that everyone is gathered here, I believe you must be asking why I’ve called you here.”

“And yes, it’s still about my personal protection squad that I want to assemble. I know maybe 108 Shinobis is too much, and everyone in here knows that I’ve initially wanted to form a 12-Guardian Shinobi.”

“12 may be enough to protect me, but I’m afraid they won’t be able to protect my wife and children too.”

“So after a long of thinking and consideration, I decided that the most efficient way is to form a 36-Guardian Shinobi to protect me, my family, and the entire palace.”

Masahiko listened to the Daimyo speech, and somehow he wants to laugh, but he held it. Masahiko’s previous proposal made the Daimyo have huge ambitions. He’s no longer satisfied with 12 Shinobis, but to make things agreeable and reasonable for the time being, he made it 36.

The attendants looked at each other, Tobirama stood up and said, “O Daimyo, sending someone to protect you is our duty.”

Upon seeing that Izuna didn’t just sit idly, he stood up and then said, “Daimyo, there are 15 clans and families in total, if each clan send one person then you could have at least 15 people. The Uchiha will send two shinobi, then the number will increase to 16. I think it’s enough to protect you.

“Daimyo, the Senju will also send two people.” Tobirama immediately said.

The Daimyo looked happy with this development, looking at the other patriarchs, hoping that someone will stand up like the Senju and Uchiha. However, in this period, when the Uchiha and the Senju already decide something, nobody dares to refuse.

The Daimyo sigh in relief, even though it’s not what he wanted, but having 17 people is way better than 12…

“Hyuga Patriarch, please come out.”

Tobirama tried to squint his eyes to get a better look, and much to his surprise, the patriarch of the Hyuga, has come from the room behind. Tobirama was surprised that he didn’t participate in the first place. It looks he was here the whole time.

“Hmm!” Izuna stared at him coldly; his eyes seemed full of hatred. He kept looking at him for a while, but the Hyuga patriarch doesn’t seem care. The tension between these two families is still far from being over.

The Hyuga patriarch didn’t say anything to Izuna, he greeted the Daimyo and said, “O great Daimyo, it’s an honor to serve you. Your safety is the duty of the Land of Fire Shinobis. The Hyuga will send three of our top ranking shinobi to join your guard force.”


Tobirama is surprised, and for him, this is a little bit unpleasant. As an ally, he should have consulted with him first.

It didn’t make much sense for Tobirama. Ten years ago, The Uchiha almost destroyed the entire Hyuuga Clan, and now they only have one patriarch and a bunch of retired elders. Maybe the Hyuga did this to keep a good relationship with the Daimyo.

Evidently, it’s useless to escape from the Daimyo sight. If the Hyuga didn’t participate in this guard force, then who knows how’s their relation with the Daimyo will be in the next few years…

Now, the guard force has 20 peoples participating, but somehow the Uchiha and the Senju feels something is off.

The Uzumaki clan patriarch stood up, “My clan suffered a heavy loss in our conflict against the Kaguya clan a few years ago. It’s a heavy blow to our ranks. So we would like to recover, for now; thus, we apologize from the depth of our heart, O Daimyo, we can’t send people to join the guardian force.”

In addition, the Kurama clan also refused to send people.

In the face of these excuses, the Daimyo didn’t try to force them but said, “Thank you for your support. As a result of this, I announce that the 18-Guardian Team has officially been formed. I hope you will choose the right people and send them as soon as possible. And I want to thank the Hyuga clan for sending the most people.”

Masahiko quite pleased with the result, although his plan to make the 108-Stars of Destiny Team is not realized, changing the number of the guardian ninja from 12 to 20 is good enough to change the story and give him witness points.

The dust has finally settled. People from all clans returned back to their rooms, and tomorrow morning, they were going back to their Clans.

After the event, Tobirama and Masahiko were preparing to go back to their rooms too. Suddenly Tobirama ask Masahiko,

“Second Grandpa, have you finished the Sealing Scroll?”

Masahiko answered, “Well, I have, didn’t anyone tell you?”

Tobirama shocked, “Nobody told me anything…”

Masahiko then replied, “Then, you know now… Anyway, because I already finished most of my affairs with the Senju, I will go back to the Uzumaki. Maybe it’ll be a few years when we will meet again. Also, if you ever developed any new Ninjutsu, you have to TELL ME… Remember, your Grandpa will always be there for you!”

Tobirama: “….”