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L.L.H: Chapter 34: The Maiden

After the clans’ summit, Masahiko followed the Uzumaki clan patriarch back to the Uzumaki village.

“Nephew, are there any promising young geniuses in our clan recently? After I’m going back, I think I will take some disciples under my wing.” Masahiko said while they walk home.

“Well, maybe there are few, I don’t know much. You can go back and gather all the children under 12 years old, and pick whoever you want…”

Masahiko rolled his eyes, this Patriarch didn’t give him a clear answer, pick whoever you want? What are they? Vegetables?

“Well, if you have any recommendations, just tell me. I’m looking for the talented one, even if they are not that strong, it’s okay, I’m looking for potential.”

After saying this, Masahiko suddenly remembered something.

“Why hasn’t the witness points for the 18-Guardian transferred yet? Is it necessary to be formally established with its entire members first?”

“I really hope the clans will quickly send their people to join the guardian force…”

After one day of running, Masahiko and the Uzumaki patriarch finally arrived at the Uzumaki clan village. Masahiko finally saw his hometown again after four long years.

“After these four years, a lot of things have changed,” Masahiko said, a lot of new buildings were added to the village.

“The population has doubled in these past years since the last time you were here; thus, new houses were built.” The Patriarch explained to Masahiko when he saw Masahiko’s puzzled face.

Masahiko nodded.

The Patriarch looked at Masahiko and said: “Well, I’ve been out for five days, I should be going back soon to deal with the Clans affairs. I’m going back to my house. You know your way from here, right?”

Upon saying that, the Patriarch turned and left.

Masahiko took a walk to his home, which he didn’t see for four years. Along the road, he saw both familiar and unfamiliar faces. Those who knew him greeted him.

He arrived at his home when he opened the door; he was surprised that it was clean and tidy. It seems that the Patriarch to care of the cleaning for this whole time.

After having a quick look, Masahiko went to his bedroom and laid on his bed.

“Since I’ve obtained my first witness point, I have been busy myself searching for more. I spend most of my time doing just that. But is it really worth it? There should be a lot of things to witness later. Was it worth it to stay for all of these years at the Senju?”

Contemplating… Now he sees himself as a man who always in pursuit of strength. His sole purpose is just to become stronger.

“With my current strength, except for the twin Gods of Shinobi, there’s nothing that can threaten my life in this era.”

“Maybe I should slow down a little bit. The System is not going anywhere, it’s mine. For a few years ahead, I can clear my mind, wait for the establishment of Konoha, and train some disciples, I think. Just think of it as my pension.”

Masahiko suppressed these feelings and relaxed his body. He was so tired that he only took out his sweat-drenched clothes off and slept with nothing but his undies.

In the early morning of the next day, Masahiko was awakened by the sound of the door being opened then closed again.

“What the hell is this? Is the Patriarch visiting me this early, wait! This chakra is not his…”

The one who opened the door was a girl with dark gray eyes, holding a small bucket of water and a few rags on the other hand.

When she saw Masahiko, the girl got stunned for a moment, then she threw the water at Masahiko.


Masahiko got splashed by the cold water, but he couldn’t help but smile helplessly.

“It’s not my fault that you sneaked in my house and found me naked…”

About half an hour later, at the patriarch hall.

“Grandpa, I didn’t know you were back, I’m sorry…”

The girl repeatedly bowed and apologized to Masahiko.

“Okay Nanako, grandpa Masahiko is not angry with you. You can go and continue your work.” The Patriarch comforts the girl and sent her away.

When the girl went out, Masahiko stared at the Patriarch. What happened this morning is surely left Masahiko with some question.

The Patriarch explained, “Nanako is an orphan.”
“She’s not talented in Ninjutsu, at the age of 11 she was still a Genin, so I asked her to do some chores, including cleaning some houses.”

“Orphaned…” Masahiko said faintly.

In the warring states period, there aren’t actually a lot of orphans. There’s a lot of deaths and injuries, and the people who participate in wars know about these risks, they usually have relatives to take care of their children if anything happens.

Usually, people have three to five brothers. The families are huge, which also means that they have a lot of uncles. So if their fathers die, their uncles will take care of them. This is like an unwritten rule in the warring states. Thus even if one’s parents are dead, usually another member of their family will take care of them.

“So she’s not very talented in ninjutsu. That’s why she’s helping with the chores, huh?” Masahiko still left questioned, “Doesn’t she have any other relatives in the Uzumaki, an uncle or an auntie?”

The Patriarch smiled and said, “Her uncle is Uzumaki Murasaki… As for her parents, they died when she was still a child; she used to live with her grandparents. But they passed away two years ago.”

“Murasaki has also died in the war. I don’t want her to be completely abandoned, so I took her under my care.”

Masahiko nodded,
“I understand, but as your “second daughter,” her character is not gentle. She poured a bucket of water on me, it’s very different… with Mito.”

The Patriarch smiled bitterly, “Well, her natural character is quite rough, I want to teach her to be gentle, but…”

Masahiko shook his head, “Nah, this is good… As an orphan, she has to be able to protect herself.”

“Ah, don’t forget to gather some of our clan youngsters for me to choose as disciples…” Masahiko stopped for a moment, then continued, “Nanako can join too…”

Hearing this, the Patriarch seems very pleased, “Thank you, uncle.”

Masahiko then walked away and waved his hand, “I woke up by a bucket of cold water this morning. I want to clean myself properly…”

At Masahiko house,

It seemed like a deja-vu after he entered the house, Nanako opened the door holding a bucket of water and a few rags on her hand.

Masahiko instinctively tried to dodge, but suddenly Nanako bowed to Masahiko (a Dogeza) and apologizes.

“Oh… No water this time… Ahem… I already talk to the Patriarch, and he forgave you, so what are you doing here?” Masahiko asked Nanako.

“Grandpa Masahiko, I come to clean the house.” Nanako stood up and picked her cleaning tools.

“Oh, okay, its fine I’m gonna do it myself. The Patriarch seems to be looking for you, so you better go to him.” Masahiko replied.

“Ah… I understand.” She then turned and ran out again.

Masahiko looked at the cute little sheets on the bed and the cleaning tools that Nanako left. He completely lost motivation to do the chore.
“No, no, no… Don’t sleep now! I better have something to eat and then clean myself.”

“Oh my dear sheets, I gotta hurry and dry them soon…”

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