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L.L.H: Chapter 290: Zabuza

Kimimaro is not stupid.

Although he hadn’t had much contact with outsiders because he has been kept in prison since he was a child, he’s not stupid.

Masahiko didn’t have the “charm of personality” Orochimaru has, and Kimimaro immediately questioned his identity.

“God, why did you get out of the wall, looking exactly like the drawing?”

Masahiko paused and put on a profound expression, “God is omnipotent, and one’s appearance is ever-changing.”

Kimimaro: “…”

That can’t be true.

“Anyway, can you get me out of here?”

“Of course, but why should I take you out?”

Kimimaro was startled, then his face dimmed, “Can’t God save me?”

Masahiko shook his head and smiled, “Although I can’t save you, you will soon be released.”

Upon saying that, a clansman from Kaguya came straight to the cell.

Kimimaro looked up abruptly, with hope in his eyes, “Really?”

Before the words fell, the door was open, and the dazzling sunlight came in.

“Kimimaro, it’s time for you to be useful.”

“I can go out?” Kimimaro looked at the huge man in surprise, then turned to Masahiko, “Are you really a god?”

“Stop joking. Who are you talking to? Follow me quickly!”

Kimimaro was taken aback, “Can’t you see him?”

“What do you mean? Is there anyone else in prison?” The huge man walked in and looked around, “There’s no one! Hurry up!”

Masahiko’s voice echoed in Kimimaro’s ears, “One can choose whether to let others see his image, or whether to hear his voice.”

Kimimaro got rejoiced and walked out with the huge clansman step by step.

Masahiko almost laughed out loud.

It’s getting quite interesting.

Especially when Kimimaro started believing him, it got quite interesting.

The prison was quiet, Masahiko was silent for a moment, thinking about this visit’s purpose.

That’s right, Masahiko came here hot-headed and didn’t even consider his own purpose.

He only remembers that there was such a stall in the original, the Kaguya is going to rebel, and then Orochimaru will appear and take Kimimaro away…

I can’t remember what happened before, and the reason for Kaguya’s rebellion now may be different. Other Bloodline Limit Clans may also take advantage of the situation now… I can’t even be sure that Orochimaru will come.

Even if Orochimaru came, Masahiko didn’t think about what he’s going to do with him… And he wasn’t so sure that he can catch him.

“It’s better to be able to catch him. But if I couldn’t, I will at least make sure take little Kimimaro with me, and no money will be lost.”

After thinking for a moment, Masahiko made a decision.

Although Kimimaro belonged to the Kaguya Clan, it was obvious that he wasn’t welcomed, and it shouldn’t be difficult to turn him back to the Land of the Whirlpools.

“By the way, I’m asking for the account of the Land of Water owed to us.”

Masahiko’s figure suddenly disappeared.

Outside, under Masahiko’s perception, there were only two Chakra fluctuations left in the Kaguya Clan, one is Kimimaro, and the other is the huge clansman who took him away.

Masahiko flashed and appeared in front of the two.

“God! You’re here!” Kimimaro exclaimed excitedly.

The man was talking to Kimimaro and got started when he heard the words, and turned to face Masahiko, but couldn’t see anything.

“Who are you talking to? If there is a god in this world, it should be one of Kaguya!”

Masahiko curled his lips; he wasn’t wrong…

“Yes, the god belongs to our Kaguya Clan. He looks exactly like the carving in prison.”

The huge man, who hadn’t cared much, looked solemn at the time, “The drawing in prison?”

Facing the Masahiko inside the space, he respectfully said, “That’s a drawing of our first patriarch! Is your spirit protecting our clan?”

Masahiko paused and almost laughed, “The First Patriarch? It turned out to be him. No wonder it looked familiar.”

“Is it really you!” The man shouted emotionally, banded a knee, then angrily he said, “We will never forget what you’ve taught us, but the man who rules us a coward who is afraid to die. We will never surrender to the Uzumaki. We’re going to kill them all, take control of the village, and avenge you and the other ancestors!”

Masahiko sighed inwardly, and the huge clansmen continued to speak, “Kimimaro, follow me!”

After he said that, he left instantly.

Masahiko’s current appearance belongs to the Kaguya’s First Patriarch, who led his clan to escape to the Land of Water during the Warring States Period.

This person is of great significance in Masahiko’s long life. It was after he dealt with him that Masahiko became known as the Uzumaki Great Elder.

The First Patriarch, who swore revenge back then, also passed the flame to the younger generations. But now, the gap between the Kaguya and the Uzumaki is getting bigger and bigger, with Kimimaro being the only possessor of his clan’s Shikotsumyaku Bloodline Limit…

It may be the news of Masahiko’s “resurrection from the dead” that made them lost the last bit of confidence in revenge and chose to perish by battle. However, it’s impossible for a mere two dozen people to seize the village.

Masahiko shook his head, watching Kimimaro looking at him eagerly, not far away, then smiled.

“God, what should I do now?”

“Do whatever you want,” Masahiko said.

Kimimaro hesitated for a moment, then ran, following the footsteps of the huge clansman. Since the god hadn’t instructed him, he decided to follow the huge clansmen to slaughter Kirigakure’s ninjas.

Masahiko hung far behind and followed Kimimari, keeping a short distance, fearing that he would run into Orochimaru.

However, he never met Orochimaru, yet he encountered two acquaintances.

Zabuza and Haku.

“So I’m destined to cross that bridge and meet every Shehe in this series?”

The moment he encountered them, Kimimaro stopped and took a fighting stance.

“Are you ninjas from Kirigakure?”

Zabuza put his hand on his long sword behind him and slowly shook his head, “No.”

Masahiko didn’t know that this rebellion in Kirigakure started without Zabuza being a part of it. Zabuza has already defected. So it was right to say that he wasn’t a Shinobi from Kirigakure.

Kimimaro was stunned for a moment, preparing to let them pass, but Masahiko’s figure suddenly appeared beside him.

“God! Do you have any orders?”

“God?!” Zabuza repeated it with a weird face and pulled out the long sword behind him, “Pretending to be a god, who are you?!”

Masahiko didn’t hide his figure, looked at the long sword in his hand, and shook his head slightly, turning to Kimimaro.

“He said he wasn’t a ninja from Kirigakure, so you believe it?”

“This man in front of you isn’t an ordinary ninja. He’s one of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen of Kirigakure, Zabuza!”

Kimimaro was taken aback, took on his fighting stance again, and was ready to attack.

Haku admirably looked at Zabuza, thinking, “It turned out that Zabuza’san is so strong…”

Zabuza: “???”