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L.L.H: Chapter 289: I am God

Three days later.

Konoha, the Hokage Office.

Hiruzen had a bitter face, and the look on Sakumo’s face wasn’t that great too.

“You mean, you’ve lost contact with Uchiha Obito and Rin Nohara for six days?

Sakumo nodded, “We found traces of a battle between the two of them and another party in the southwest of the Land of Rain, but no dead bodies were found.”

Hiruzen breathed a sigh of relief. The relationship between Konoha and the Uzumaki has just stabilized. If this kind of news comes out at this crucial time, Masahiko might turn on them again.

“Inform Kagami. If they were captured by Iwagakure, we would pay whatever price they ask for them!” Hiruzen issued, then gritted his teeth, “If they turned out to be dead… we must retrieve their bodies at any cost!”

Sakumo didn’t execute immediately, “Hokage-Sama, let me handle this personally.”

Hiruzen was taken aback, Sakumo continued, “Kakashi is a bit off, I’m worried…”

Hiruzen nodded in understanding, “Okay, then you go.”


At the same time.

Somewhere in the Land of Rain, in a hidden room.

Obito opened his eyes, and the scene in front of him slowly cleared.

“Obito, are you awake?”

Rin’s smiling face popped in front of him. But Obito was still so lost and asked, “Are we… in heaven?”

“Boy, this is not heaven. Are you still asleep?”

Ringo appeared from the side, with a playful smile on her face… but the three-centimeter on the side of her mouth made him look particularly hideous.

“This is… hell!”

Obito’s eyes turned white, and he fainted out again.

Ringo: “…”

Rin smiled embarrassedly, “Obito’s wounds are almost healed, but his mental state isn’t steady, and he can’t stand such stimulation..”

Ringo: “…”

When did I stimulate him?

Rin woke up two days ago and has been taking care of Obito since then.

Now that Obito has finally become better, she turned to Yahiko and said, “Brother Yahiko, I want to report to Konoha first, so as not to worry about us.”

“If you want to take him and go back, I won’t stop you either,” Yahiko said.

Rin shook her head, “Let’s decide when Obito wakes up.”


The Land of the Whirlpools.

Masahiko has figured out in the past three days that even if Kenichiro was reincarnated by the Edo Tensei, it’s unlikely that he would be able to open the Eight Gates and still be controlled.

Even the current Orochimaru won’t be able to control Kenichiro once he opens the Eight Gates.

Slightly relieved, he began to observe Kushina’s parenting, which was particularly interesting.

Kushina’s way of educating Naruto was particularly simple… long-termed.

When she pointed to Masahiko for the 998th time and told Naruto that he would be called Ancestor, Naruto finally gave up to his fate, and the title Old Pig Sage lived only for less than a week.

In fact, from Kushina’s point of view, Naruto should call him Great Grandpa, since she calls him Grandpa. But from Minato’s perspective, Naruto is six generations younger.

So to sum it up, even if he is five generations behind, it’s right to call him Ancestor.

Masahiko had never expected that Kushina’s nagging would work, but Naruto gradually became more “behaved.”

Of course, seeing how his eyes were constantly moving, Masahiko felt that he might be holding back and ready to make a big move.

Life has been calm for a few days. Masahiko goes back and forth between Sarah and Kushina’s house every day, while Nagato and Konan are busy.

When Kirigakure surrendered, they had many things to deal with.

October just passed, and early in November, Nagato came to him.

“The war compensation for Kirigakure hasn’t arrived yet?”

Masahiko frowned; they wouldn’t.

They were beaten up and suffered heavy losses, and now the news that he’s still alive should have reached Kirigakure. How dare they act “reckless?”

Nagato shook his head, “Yo! There’s indeed no news at all. According to the intelligence, there seems to be something wrong with Kirigakure.”

“There’s something wrong on the inside?” Masahiko was stunned for a moment, and some memory suddenly flashed in his mind.

“Kirigakure, Kaguya Rebellion, Kimimaro, Orochimaru… what is it?”

For a long time, Masahiko kept shaking his head. He could no longer remember the specific details, but if it was really Kaguya’s rebellion, Masahiko felt that he might get a chance to catch Orochimaru.

I didn’t get to beat Madara for ten days, and I feel a bit stressed up now.

“Kirigakure, don’t worry about it, I’m going to visit them.”

Nagato was startled, “Sensei, you don’t need to go personally? Let me handle it.”

“There are other things that need to be dealt with. I’ll go.”

Nagato didn’t stop him anymore, and Masahiko asked him to say hello to the others and disappeared.


The coast of the Land of Water.

Since they just experienced war, it was still dilapidated here.

Masahiko didn’t rush to go to Kirigakure but made two rounds along the coast, hoping to get some news from the ninjas responsible for the reconstruction.

“Is it really a civil strife?”

After simply integrating some news, Masahiko came to a conclusion.

The moment the Fourth Mizukage Hozuki Mangetsu took office, the Bloody Mist Era has basically ended. Because he himself is Bloodline Limit Shinobi, he can’t deliberately target the Bloodline Limit Clans, right?

But these conflicts formed over the years aren’t so easy to eliminate, and other ninjas in Kirigakure still have hustle against the Bloodline Limit Clans.

After this war, the number of ninjas lost exceeded everyone’s expectations, and the Bloodline Limit Clans were no longer at peace. With the intention of a coup d’état, Mangetsu’s position as the Mizukage was a bit unstable.

The remnants of the Bloodline Limit Clans aren’t working together, especially the most discordant… Kaguya!


After disguising using the Transformation Technique, Masahiko came to Kaguya Clan.

After several wars, the Era of the Bloody Mist, as a Warring States Clan, the Kaguya Clan, had only a few dozen Chakra fluctuations left, the strongest of which was nothing but a Jonin.

Slightly sensing, Masahiko found a slightly special Chakra wave coming from a corner in the clan.


It was a dungeon. Although someone was guarding it outside, Masahiko quickly flashed in.

Hidden in the space, he observed little Kimimaro in front of him.

“White hair, two red dots on the center of the eyebrows, pretty handsome…” Masahiko murmured.

Kimimaro was holding a bone in his hand at the time, and he kept piercing with it a human drawing on the wall time after time.

“This world… is there a god? If there is a god, why am I being locked up here?”

Masahiko looked at the sculpture, and felt that it was a bit familiar, took another look at Kimimaro, who was overwhelmed by a dark aura and decided to use a “horror movie” approach.

Suddenly, the bone that Kimimaro was using was held by a hand that protruded from the wall.

“Don’t sting. It hurts.”

Masahiko transformed into the sculpture’s image and got out of it.

Kimimaro didn’t panic but widened his eyes, “Are you… God?”

Masahiko was stunned for a moment.

“Yes, yes, I am I am.”

Kimimaro: “…”

Not that much.