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L.L.H: Chapter 288: Worship

The Land of Whirlpools Port.

Masahiko brought Naruto with him and stood there.

Behind them is a group of “left-behind ninjas” led by Goya, standing there to welcome the returned troops.

After three days of storytelling, Masahiko finally established his glorious Ancestor’s image.

Although Naruto is still a little arrogant, he has accepted Masahiko as the “Old Pig Sage.”

“Naruto, did you miss Minato?” Masahiko said with a smile.


The war with Kirigakure has been going on for a year and three months. Kushina also came back to see Naruto every once in a while and personally arranged a tutor for him.

Minato rarely came back and was always active on the battlefield, successfully getting the nickname “Yellow Flash Minato.”

“They came!” Masahiko smiled, looking at Nagato and Konan flying quickly in the sky.

On the sea’ surface, the yellow silhouettes flashed, and Minato appeared with Kushina.

There were ninja troops constantly rushing to the Land of the Whirlpools, with a few giant ships behind them.

“Great Elder!”


With tears in her eyes, Kushina rushed and hugged Masahiko’s right arm. Masahiko briefly comforted her and then looked at Minato playfully. He called him Great Elder instead of Elder Masahiko, which is quite the progress.

“Why? Is it because our beloved Fourth Hokage-Sama has officially joined the Land of Whirlpools?”

Minato smiled wryly, and before replying, Masahiko’s two disciples swooped down from the sky.


Nagato and Konan rushed over together. Masahiko smiled and pushed Nagato with a repulsive force, making him one meter behind Konan, which gave her the advantage to hug his other arm…

“Father!” Little Naruto was stunned for a moment, then reacted and threw himself into Minato’s arms.

All of a sudden, the Uzumaki Port became a cluster.

Only Nagato stood there scratching his embarrassedly before he cheered up again.

“It is great that you’re not dead, Sensei! To celebrate this moment, let me sing a song for you!”

“Get out!” Masahiko scolded him with a smile.

“So many people are here, don’t embarrass me, Nagato.” Masahiko glanced around, and the surrounding ninjas looked like they wanted to come over but didn’t dare to disturb.

Looking at the ninjas and ships on the water, Masahiko shook his head, “Let’s talk about these things later. You should arrange other important things first.”



After half an hour.

Minato dealt with the trivial matters extremely fast, and the group of people came to the Patriarch hall of the Uzumaki Clan.

After seeing how several people wanted to ask, Masahiko took the initiative to explain.

“At the time, I had some problems with my Chakra while I was practicing and couldn’t show up. The Slug’s connection was also cut because of that.”

Several people nodded. They also had this kind of guess in their hearts.

“Sensei, you’re already the strongest Shinobi. Why are you practicing so hard?”

Masahiko shook his head, “There is always someone outside! If I don’t work harder, this Sensei of yours will be surpassed by younger people in ten years. It will be shameful!”

When he said this, he thought of Itachi, who was ten years old…

He saw through his “Face Changing Technique!” Masahiko felt that if he didn’t work harder, he would see a crow everywhere he goes sooner than later!

There was silence in the room for a while. It was clear that Nagato had something to say, but he didn’t know what to say facing Masahiko.

After a long time, Masahiko took the initiative to speak.

“Nagato, it seems that being the Patriarch is not an easy job, right? Do you know where you were wrong?”

Full of Nagato said, “Sensei, I know. I should have been tougher facing Kumogakure. If I did, they would have treated the news of your death as a rumor. And even if they didn’t believe it, you wouldn’t have dared to offend us.”

Masahiko stared, “But it was a rumor!”

“Yes, yes…”

“Fortunately, your rapper friend saved the Uzumaki Clan from suffering severe losses.”

“Yup, Yup!”

“Shut up!”

When Nagato interrupted like this, the atmosphere in the room became lively again.

Kushina was still that little girl from before and kept asking questions, while Konan, who was five years younger, looked like her big sister.

Little Naruto sat aside, his lips were pouted, and he looked like he was about to cry.

He felt wronged since no one paid attention to him.

Masahiko changed the subject with a smile, “Minato, are you going back to be Hokage?”

Before Minato could open his mouth, Kushina looked angrily, “What are you going to do, Grandpa? That old thief Danzo! And the Third Hokage is not a good person too…”

“Danzo was beaten up by me, and now he has defected,” Masahiko said.

Kushina said, “Grandpa, you’re too kind to him!”

Minato was a little puzzled, “Defected?”

“Yes, defected.”

“I see…” Minato pondered, he has served as the Hokage for four or five years, he has some understanding of Danzo.

“Father, let’s go back.” Little Naruto plugged in.

Minato smiled gently, “Don’t worry, Naruto.”

Masahiko was startled, “It seems that you have a plan already, so I shouldn’t interfere.”

Lying on the back of his chair, Masahiko sighed emotionally.

Except for these few people present, his three disciples that passed away, his daughter, and a few other people, not many people were close to him.

Konan was obviously more careful and noticed that Masahiko’s mood suddenly became low.

“Sensei, let’s go see Grandma Yuriko and the others.”

Masahiko was taken aback, looked up at Konan, and then at Nagato.

Speaking of this, the room became quiet.

“Grandpa, let’s go see grandpa and others!” Kushina said.

“Um… let’s go.”

The Uzumaki Cemetery.

The six of them and Masahiko came here.

The guards didn’t change, and they were still the same young clansmen.

They also heard that the person who suddenly appeared in the cemetery two days ago was Masahiko. And when they saw him, they greeted him with red faces.

As the first two clansmen who saw Masahiko, they felt quite embarrassed not to recognize him.

Several people split up, Minato and Kushina went to pay homage to Nanako, and Kushina talked to her grandma about the current situation in the Uzumaki.

Nagato and Konan came to Yuriko’s tomb to worship.

As for Masahiko… he went to warship his grave.

“I’m gonna keep this tomb. It’s in a good location. Maybe when I’m finally bored, I will come here and lie down for two years, then go out again…”

Masahiko sighed slightly, then turned to Kenichiro’s grave.

“You stayed a Single Dog for more than seventy years, and even after death, no one comes here to see you, what a sad end, Kenichiro.”

“Nanako and Yuriko were also sent away by me personally, only you…”

If it wasn’t for the fact that he couldn’t use the Edo Tensei, Masahiko would have liked to call Kenichiro and comfort him.

“I still have to find Orochimaru and then call out all of my three disciples to reunite.”

“Nanako and Yuriko should be okay, but Kenichiro, I didn’t even have a chance to meet him one last time, I’m sure he’s complaining about me in the afterlife…”

Thinking of this, Masahiko was taken aback.

“Edo Tensei, Kenichiro?”

“The Eight Gates… no way that would be so troublesome… right?”