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L.L.H: Chapter 297: Two Kids in Hand and Two Monsters In The Back

The coast of the Land of Water.

Terumi Mei, who has just become the Fifth Mizukage, accompanied by Kisame, Hangetsu, and Yagura, sent away Masahiko and his party.

Including the kidnapped Kimimaro, Masahiko has also abducted Kisame.

“You must pay off the debt within three days!” Masahiko yelled while walking away.

“Don’t worry, Elder,” Mei responded.

Hangetsu snorted coldly, then left to visit his seriously injured father.

After the succession ceremony of the Fifth Mizukage, the Fourth Mizukage, Mangetsu Hozuki, came to Masahiko’s ascension to heaven celebration with confidence, since he had the secret technique of hydration to protect him from such attacks.

Masahiko said that he was too naïve.

He turned on his Sage Mode, then he sent him four kilometers to the sky…

It took him more than a minute to fall down to the ground, and even with the help of several people who used water release to ease down the fall, coupled with his own hydration technique, he still got seriously injured, and he’s now fighting death.

Even if he survives this, his life as a ninja is over.

“God, are we going to your country… Ahh!” Kimimaro was about to ask, but he almost fell into the water.

Masahiko reluctantly pulled Kimimaro out, “Be careful, and don’t get distracted.”

After Masahiko expanded the Whirlpool’s Land, the distance between the two countries was less than 10,000 meters. If it weren’t for the extremely thick fog, people would be able to see the land from standing at the coast.

Masahiko didn’t take Kimimaro back directly because this was an opportunity to train Kimimaro… he still doesn’t know how to run on water.

“It’s not my country. From now on, it’s our country.”

Kimimaro was full of excitement, but he didn’t dare to speak, fearing to get distracted, and carefully controlled his Chakra to walk on the sea.

Masahiko looked back, Mei and Yagura were still watching from the other side. The distance they crossed was about… 20 meters, and they walked for almost… 20 minutes.

“This going to take forever.”

Kisame’s complexion was hideous, and the feeling of uncertainty about his future was getting stronger… speaking of which, his complexion has never looked good.

“Elder, why do you have to train him now?”

Masahiko shook his head, “You don’t understand.”

Kisame: “…”

This is really gonna take forever.

Half an hour later, “Kimimaro, you’re getting better. Keep the hard work.”

Masahiko encouraged him, looked back and forth, then he caught a big fish with his right hand.

After mobilizing his Fire Release, the fish was cooked easily, then he passed it to Kimimaro.

“It’s noon, eat something, we will rest, then continue.”

“Thank you, God, for this gift!”

Masahiko shook his head, “This kid…”

He caught another one and handed it to Kisame.

“You eat too.”

Kisame froze for a moment, “Thank you, Elder. But I can’t use Fire Release.”

Masahiko was startled, “Sharks eat cooked fish?”

Kisame’s face darkened, and he didn’t even try to reply.


In the evening, the three finally returned to the Land of Whirlpools. After a long time of training, Kimimaro had fully mastered controlling his Chakra.

Masahiko returned without notifying anyone in advance, yet he found some elite patrol teams waving at him.

Even with such a low-key action, some people were waiting for him on the shore, which made him very moved…

“Isn’t this Zabuza? So you’ve decided to join the Uzumaki?” Masahiko laughed.

“Kisame?” Zabuza ignored Masahiko. He was focused on Kisame since he was one of Kirigakure’s famous ninjas.

Masahiko didn’t care and said, “Kisame was invited by me. Compared to him, you’re just like luggage to that little girl there.”

Even though he knew that Haki is a boy, Masahiko still calmed him a little girl.

“Zabuza-san,” Haku said softly.


“Have you been waiting for me for a few days?” Masahiko said with a smile.

Haki whispered, “Three days.”

“Haku, don’t talk too much.”

Seeing Haku lowering his head, Masahiko shook his head helplessly. Not only does Haku look like a girl, but he acts like one too…

Masahiko suddenly got startled, then turned at Kimimaro and said urgently while pointing at Haku, “Remember, he’s a boy!”

Kimimaro nodded ignorantly, while Kisame rolled his eyes.

“Let’s go, come with me. This ancestor will give you a formal establishment.”

Masahiko pulled Kimimaro, then walked to Haku and grabbed his hand.

Two cute kids in hand, and two ugly monsters in the back, this was all that he gained from this trip to Kirigakure…

In the hall of the patriarch, Masahiko led the four to find Nagato and Minato.

The two got along really well in this period, and their relationship was good. Under the guidance of the Fourth Hokage, Minato, Nagato’s ability to handle the clan affairs has finally improved.

Except for the “Yow-yow” that no one could change, Nagato now looked more like a qualified leader.

“Yo! Sensei!”

“Great Elder!”

The two had long received the news of Masahiko’s return, and they also heard that he brought back several ninjas from Kirigakure, so they waited for me here.

Masahiko nodded and pointed at Kisame and Zabuza, “These two are originally Shinobi from Kirigakure. You should know each other. The choice to abandon the shadows and join our mighty country.”
Zabuza didn’t look interested… while Kisame rolled his eyes.

Masahiko ignored them and continued to speak.

“In addition to the Samehada of Kisame, we already have four Legendary Swords. It’s time to form our Legendary Swordsmen Squad! As for the two remaining swords, I will find a way to bring them here.”

In fact, when he was in Kirigakure, he had the chance to take the Hiramekarei, but he was a little bit down on the sword.

The sword was so heavy, and Chakra must be restored in it. It’s kind of troublesome.

“Give the Kubikiribocho to that scary dude over there, and choose three other worthy swordsmen to give them the other swords.”

Zabuza didn’t care anymore. He didn’t care what Masahiko calls him from the start, yet he didn’t expect to get a sword that easily. He originally thought that he would need to do something to show loyalty.

Nagato nodded and was about to give orders, but he hesitated.


Masahiko scratched his head, “The Legendary Swordsmen Squad won’t have a specific task, nor do they need to act collectively. They will be treated as the kinds which have been granted special titles, and they will perform tasks solely.”


Masahiko nodded, then looked at Kimimaro and Haku.

“These two kids have special talents, and the education methods of our Ninja Academy won’t be suitable for them. I will guide them for some time, then Konan and Kushina will take care of them… or maybe the two of you will help.”

After saying that, Masahiko paused for a moment, looked at Haku, then said, “I’d better find another girl to join them… things might get wrong.”

If Kimimaro and Haku get along too much… Masahiko was really worried about this…