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L.L.H: Chapter 296: Hanzo’s Death

Five days later, Kirigakure Guest House.

Masahiko sat cross-legged on a chair, looking helpless.

On the bed, not far away, little Kimimaro sleeping soundly.

“Although he’s a really good kid, he’s also a little insecure. When we return to the Uzumaki, I must choose two companions for him to blend with. I can’t always stay by his side.”

It may be due to the fact that he was imprisoned for most of his life, or maybe because he’s just a little kid. Either way, after Kimimaro finally met his savior or “god,” he now refuses to leave him even for a moment. And Masahiko doesn’t know how Orochimaru handled this in the original.

In short, Masahiko could only sleep in a chair for the past five days.

“This is really not healthy for my old man’s bones…”

Masahiko scratched his head, stood up, and opened the door.

It’s another day. He spent five days in Kirigakure, and finally, the long-awaited Fifth Mizukage’s Succession Ceremony is nearing.

“Mei becoming the Fifth Mizukage wasn’t a change, but the time isn’t right. It’s now way earlier. There should be many witness points.”

“But before that, there is one more thing.” Masahiko thought and knocked on the door of the opposite room.

Two seconds later, the door was opened, and it was the blue face of Kisame.

“Sharku-Saaan~ have you thought about it?”

Masahiko’s nicknames for Kisame were improving every time.

“The Seven Legendary Swordsmen of the Mist are dead in name, and your previous action will make it difficult for the village to trust you again. Come with me and become the First Legendary Swordsman of the Whirlpool!”

Kisame rolled his eyes, he actually wanted to agree, but the way Masahiko kept calling him made him a bit resistant. When he thought of seeing Masahiko every day in the Land of Whirlpools after joining, he felt pain in his stomach.

“Elder, can’t you just call me by my name?”

“You didn’t like it? Okay, join us, and I will call you Shark-faced bro? Brother of the Shark Face…? No…?”

The blue face of Kisame turned even bluer and felt more hesitant.

“God.” Kimimaro came out rubbing his eyes, “Is it dawn?”

Masahiko patted his messy head, “It’s dawn, tidy up, and prepare for the Fifth Mizukage Succession Ceremony. I’m their VIP guest, and I shall send their Fourth Mizukage to heaven as a celebration…”

People say that the guy he sent to heaven earlier that week hasn’t woke up from the come yet.


At the same time, the Land of Rain battlefield.

Yahiko, Ringo, Obito, and Rin secretly sneaked into Hanzo’s territory in the Land of Rain’s central area.

Since the security was really tight, and the patrolling ninjas were everywhere, they had to assassinate most of them using Obito’s Mongekyou Sharingan.

Obito had already regained consciousness ten days ago. In that period, besides recovering from his injuries, he also became familiar with his new abilities.

After knowing that Rin was rescued by Yahiko, Obito was very grateful… he now gained a new elder brother, Yahiko, and learned o his ideals of letting the world know peace, and admired it to the extreme.

He almost lost Rin in this war, so he also hated it. Now he was following Yahiko, who wants to bring peace to Amegakure, to get rid of the aging demigod, Hanzo, the salamander!

The sneaking was very smooth, as well as the ambush…

Hanzo stood tall and glanced at Yahiko and Ringo, “It turns out that the two of you are still alive, so did you sneak back to here to die?”

Ringo pointed her Kiba at Hanzo, “I said we don’t need to sneak in. Yahiko, this Uchiha boy isn’t reliable at all. It would have been better if we opened our way here, killing. Damn you, Hanzo. The scar you gave me that day is still itching!”

Facing Ringo’s wrath, Obito didn’t even reply.

It may be due to the fact that he followed Masahiko since childhood. The two thought similar. What he really believed actually is: if Hanzo’s slash was a bit deeper, it would have been better for the both of them.

“Uchiha boy?” Hanzo locked his eyes on Obito, “Is Konoha also involved now? How troublesome…”

Yahiko looked at him and shouted loudly, “Hanzo, who’s known as the salamander, not only did you fail to bring peace to this land, but also brought pain. You’ve failed Amegakure!”

“How naïve,” Hanzo said in a deep voice. Amegakure has always been the battlefield of the major village, and of course, that brought it pain.

“Summoning Technique!”


The Land of Water, in front of the Mizukage Building.

Masahiko sat drowsily in a chair. He didn’t get much sleep these days. Hearing Mei’s announcement as the Fifth Mizukage, he couldn’t stop himself from sleeping.

Surrounded by a Kirigakure group of ninjas, they cast murderous stares at him most of the time. When listening to her speech, everyone, except Masahiko, were standing, including Mangetsu.

He didn’t wake until a line from the system flashed, “Witness and change a branching story from Naruto World: The Fifth Mizukage, get 10 (*5) witness points.”

“Only fifty?” Masahiko suddenly woke up, “Well, fifty isn’t bad.”

Patting Kimimaro’s head on the left, he suddenly felt that his right sleeve was pulled by someone.

“Kimimaro…? Then whose head is this?” Masahiko turned around with a dazed expression, “Please, don’t be Kisame…”

Turning around, Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief.

“Elder, I’m a grown man, don’t pat my head!”

Masahiko smiled, “Yagura, why don’t you stand next to Kimimaro and say that again. Besides, in my eyes, whether it’s an adult or a kid, you’re all children.”

Yagura: “…”

In the past few days, Masahiko and Yagura have also become familiar with each other, but unfortunately, “big man” here wasn’t easy to turn. He was very loyal to Kirigakure.

A few days ago, during the rebellion, a bloodline limit group of ninjas formed a small force and tried to ambush him, but he easily killed them all.

Yagura was a perfect Jinchuriki. In the previous war, he was able to play with Kushina. If it wasn’t for his unreliable character, the Fifth Mizukage position would have been his.

Looking at the Kirigakure ninjas, dismissing one after another, Masahiko cast his gaze on Mangetsu, “It’s time to send you to heaven.”


In the central area of Amegakure, the battle has come to an end.

With a sickle in his hand, Hanzo hit a dead end.

Looking at Ibuse, which seems to have been torn apart by some kind of strange force, Hanzo glanced at the bleeding eye of Obito.

“Your Mongekyou Sharingan’s ability is a space one?”

Hanzo suffered from a lack of information. If Ibuse wasn’t killed in seconds, he believed he could win even facing these four.

“Uchiha boy, you’re doing a good job.” Ringo finally praised him while pointing her thunder sword at Hanzo.

After he finished Ibuze, Yahiko also joined to prevent Hanzo from feeling.

Hanzo held his sickle with both hands and stood upright.

“Did you think that Hanzo the salamander would be slaughtered easily once he loses his summoning? Think again, you arrogant kids!”

Hanzo didn’t waste his last breaths on Ninjutsu and chose the Samurai Style to end this.

Until… he died in battle!