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L.L.H: Chapter 295: Ascend to Heaven

Facing Masahiko, Kisame didn’t care about the soldiers chasing him behind, and the shameful memories from the past came back to haunt him…

“Shark-faced brother, why did you kill the big bro? He must have been greedy and didn’t give you enough money!” Masahiko said with a smile.

Kisame’s eyes flickered, then he said, “It turned out to be you.”

“You actually recognized me. It’s such an honor.” Masahiko smirked.

Kisame lifted his Samehada. At this moment, only his newly acquired sword could give him a sense of security.

Looking at the chasing ninja behind him again, he turned around and pondered.

Masahiko smiled, “Hey hey, you’re not gonna yell, ‘help me stop them,’ then run away the moment you have the chance, are you?”

Terumi Mei, who was the fastest, gradually caught up and stopped in front of Kisame.

“He has been blocked?”

Mei looked at Masahiko and Kimimaro and finally focused on the boy.

“The Kaguya Clan actually has a handsome boy like him. Unfortunately, he’s a little younger. Come here to sister.”

In Kimimaro’s face, Mei opened her arms.

“God?” Kimimaro looked at Masahiko.

Masahiko scratched his head, “Mei is quite attractive, but this isn’t quite right. I’m being ignored here. What about me, the handsome grown up guy standing next to him?”

Kisame rolled his eyes.

After teasing Kimimaro, Mei turned her attention back to Kisame again.

“Kisame, don’t run away anymore. Kirigakure is weak. The village needs you.”

Kisame didn’t respond, and the six men team that was chasing him finally caught up. Mangetsu stepped forward and asked, “Mei, why are you hesitating?”

Mei looked faintly at Mangetsu, “The village can still be in need of such a strong ninja-like Kisame.”

“But he will definitely double-cross us…”


Kisame slammed the front of the Samehada on the ground, attracting everyone’s attention.

“Bring it on.” Kisame didn’t choose to run away.

“Cough!” Masahiko coughed twice, indicating that there are still people here.

“A Kaguya remnant?” Mangetsu suddenly noticed Kimimaro.

Masahiko was left dumbfounded. Is he so invisible? Not once but twice did they ignore him and focused on Kimimaro.

Fortunately, Mei finally turned her gaze to him, “Uncle, now that I’ve taken a closer look, you also look quite handsome. Unfortunately, you’re a bit old, we’re not a good match… so why don’t you let the little brother from the Kaguya come to his sister?”

Masahiko: “…”

After a long silence, Masahiko sighed helplessly, patted Kimimaro’s small head, then disappeared in place.

He caught the No.1 on his list in the crowd and decided to send him to heaven.

Latterly send him to heaven, but ascending him to the sky.

He suddenly appeared out of thin air among the crowd, then kicked the ninja’s butt and sent him flying while crying in pain, higher and higher, until he was no longer visible.

Masahiko used and focused all of his strength, so he could make him fly for longer distance without killing him instantly.

Ignoring the shocked expression on everyone’s face, he once again disappeared and returned to Kimimaro’s side.

“Cough! Let me introduce myself first. I’m Uzumaki Masahiko, yes, the Immortal Sage.” Masahiko said, then looked at Mei, “Well, I should be 121 years old this year… so yes, I’m a little bit older, more like a one-hundred-years-out-of-your-league type of situation.”

Mei got startled and felt a bit embarrassed…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” A scream came. After Masahiko finished introducing himself, the ascended ninja finally fell down.

Mei suppressed the embarrassment and looked at Mangetsu, who nodded at her, “Water Release: Water Waves!”

Almost simultaneously, the two of them used water release, forming a small pond the caught the ninja before crushing on the ground. But this high level of shock still caused him to faint out to lose half of his lifespan.

Rescuing their companion, Mei lifted the brown hair on her right eye and stared at Masahiko with her blue eyes. Mangetsu was also on guard; Masahiko’s action just now wasn’t friendly.

“Elder Uzumaki Masahiko, Kirigakure has surrendered to the Uzumaki…”

Masahiko waved his hand, “Yes, I know that you surrendered, but you still owe us debts, and I came here to take a look and see why you didn’t pay yet. However, I didn’t expect to see such a good show.”

“We will gather all the compensation materials soon.” Mangetsu said, “Please, rest assured.”

Masahiko paused for a moment and suddenly understood, “You’re waiting for those small clans to rebel, and then use the money obtained to repay us. This is really a good way.”

This caused a small commotion on Kirigakure’s side. Obviously, they didn’t know about this.

“They had a heart for rebellion. We just took advantage of the situation.” Mangetsu barely managed to squeeze such a sentence. He was also barely standing. Ao was the one who helped him come here.

Masahiko smiled, “Well, that’s up to you. But you seem to be completely fine, making me wait this long. I might end up sending you to heaven too… yet I’m not sure you can go there alive.”

As soon as these words came out, his son, Hangetsu, immediately came to his father’s side and stood on guard.

Mangetsu smiled wryly. He knew that he offended Masahiko when he talked about how the others are afraid of an “old man.”

“Elder, can you wait for a few more days? We will be honored to have you in our village during the Fifth Mizukage succession ceremony.”

Masahiko was startled, “Fifth Mizukage?”

“That’s right, Mei is only twenty years old, yet she’s even stronger than me. In Kirigakure, the strongest deserves to be the Mizukage.”

Masahiko smiled and looked back at Kisame. In his eyes, Mei might not be able to defeat Kisame now that he has the Samehada.

Following his sight, Mangetsu looked at Kisame, “Kisame, are you willing to become one of the Seven Legendary Swordsman of the Mist?”

“Two Legendary, you only have two.” Masahiko reminded with a smile.

“Ahem…” Mangetsu almost coughed up blood. This time he attacked the Uzumaki, hoping that he can retrieve the four missing legendary swords.

“You’re still young. You should be fine by the time Mei takes over. After that, I will make sure to send you to heaven. You should be fine.”

“Elder, can we redeem the legendary swords with money too?” Mangetsu was full of expectations.

He was unwilling to give his place to Mai, but he didn’t believe he can win unless he has his sword back.

Masahiko shook his head, looked at Kisame, didn’t care about the others’ reaction, and said, “I still think that one day, I will get the opportunity to form our own legendary swordsmen.”


Kisame had a vague hunch…