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L.L.H: Chapter 294: Sharked-Face’s Nightmare

After Orochimaru left, the situation in Kirigakure became chaotic.

Fuguki was still no opponent for Mangetsu, but the latter couldn’t hold the entire crowd behind him and gradually fell into a disadvantage and got injured.

“Mangetsu, if it wasn’t for that bastard who was making troubles, I would have defeated you in the Mizukage Contest!” Fuguki shouted.

“One more note,” Masahiko muttered in the distance.

“This time, because of your blind decision, the village suffered heavy losses. You’re no longer worthy of being a Mizukage! Since you refused to take the initiative to abdicate, then I’m here to help with that!”

The badly wounded Mangetsu showed no timidity, and his face was full of disdain, “I attacked the Uzumaki, but all of you agreed. You want to put all the responsibility on me, that’s fine. But all of you are just afraid of an old man, and I had to make the call!”

“My Death Note… another name!”

Mangetsu pushed away his eldest son, who was supporting him, then said, “Even if I have to give away this Mizukage’s position, it will never be you, coward!”

Fuguki stepped forward, “Strength is the first aspect to be the Mizukage, and who is more suitable than me in the current state of the village!”

The wielder of the Hiramekarei had died in the previous war. And they still didn’t select someone to inherit it, and the only swordsmen left out of the seven legendary are, Fuguki and Mangetsu.

Suddenly, a kunai flew from an unexpected angle and sent Fuguki directly to hell.

The Kunai pierced right through his heart, he fell to the ground without even making a sound.


“How dare you?!”

“Mangetsu, you bastard!”


In the distance, Masahiko looked surprised and patted Kimimaro, trying to hide this scene from him.

Kimimaro, on the other hand, was looking more and more like the fat cat when it was a little kitten. He looked really excited…

“God, why are they ganging on each other?”

“Probably for a… woman.”

Masahiko didn’t know, but as an all-knowing God, he must give an answer.

It wasn’t until dozens of ninjas suddenly appeared to besiege all the subordinates of Fuguki, except for Kisame, that the situation became clear.

A middle-aged man who looked like a villain at first glance walked out with a sneer, “Both Mangetsu and Fuguki, beautifully done.”

Kisame carried the Samehade and retreated behind him.

“Fuguki sold information about the village to the Uzumaki during the war, and he has been executed by me!”

“Selling information” Mangetsu smiled sarcastically, “You finally showed up. I thought you were going to him until the end!”

“It seems that you have been prepared. That bastard Ao isn’t here. Did you ask him to find Yagura? Don’t wait, Yagura won’t come!” The middle-aged man smiled triumphantly.

“It’s over, the villain’s looks, the villain’s style, the villain’s words, plus I’ve never seen him, this villain is a short-lived one, don’t lift your eyes off him. He might die at any moment.” Masahiko whispered while Kimimaro listened in a daze.

“Yagura? I knew that you send people to stop him.” Mangetsu shook his head and then shouted loudly, “Get out, we can’t let the village fall more into the chaos!”

“Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique!”

Along with a female voice, the ninjas behind the middle-aged villain were attacked by the overwhelming lava.

The middle-aged man’s expression changed suddenly, and he quickly fell back; his subordinates suffered heavy losses under this Ninjutsu.

“Terumi Mei! Isn’t your clan not participating in this fight? Besides, we are both Bloodline Limit clans…

“Boil Release: Skilled Mist Technique!”


“Terumi, I’ve finally seen her. She looks like a little girl.”

In the original, Mei’s first appearance was at the Five Kage Summit as a mature imperial sister.

But now Konoha is only fifty-three years old, and she’s just a young lady who has just turned twenty.

“But she’s really strong…”

Under her large scale attack, the field was quickly emptied.

Kisame was unmoved by this attack and used the Samehada to block Mei’s lava.

“My lord, retreat.”

The middle-aged man was helpless. He knew that he couldn’t do anything, “Kisame, stop Mei.”

Kisame’s eyes flickered, “No problem.”

The middle-aged man gathered a few remaining subordinates, and before leaving, he didn’t forget to say a few words, “Terumi Mei, you have offended all of the Bloodline Limit Clan by your act…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Mei interrupted, “Oh? You mean the Bloodline Limit Clan, who doesn’t have Bloodline Limit users?”

In the distance, Masahiko reacted, and he finally understood what felt wrong.

This was obviously a civil turmoil caused by the bloodline limit clans, but only one Kekkei Genkai ninja, Terumi Mei, appeared, and she’s even standing on the opposite side of them.

The Kekkei Genkai Clans in Kirigakure were originally the Kaguya, Yuki, and Hozuki, but the Kaguya and the Yuki have basically disappeared, and the Hozuki only have Mangetsu and his little brother, Suigetsu.

Being ridiculed by Terumi Mei, the middle-aged man’s face flushed, but it was still important to escape. He glanced at Kisame and signaled that he must finish her, then turned and left.

Kisame smirked, grabbed the back of his collar, and with one hand, he threw it in Terumi Mei’s direction.

“He’s a Triple Agent?!” Masahiko opened his mouth wide, “I’ve never seen or heard of this!”

“Oh? Not really.”

Everyone looked surprised, and Kisame took advantage of the chaos and left instantly, fleeing toward Kirigakure.

Faced by this sudden change, the middle-aged man didn’t even react and instantly melted before Terumi Mei.

“A decisive man.” Mei whispered as she watched Kisame fleeing, “Unfortunately, he’s too ugly. Chase him!”

“God, they’re heading toward us.” Kimimaro pulled Masahiko’s sleeve.

“I know. This show was surprisingly good, but it’s almost over, and it’s our turn to debut.”

Watching Kisame rushing toward him, Masahiko smiled.

“Let’s go.” Masahiko grabbed Kimimaro and jumped off the tree.

Kisame also noticed the two of them but didn’t know Masahiko, “Kaguya’s remnant clansmen? Get out of the way!”

The Samehada waved, indicating that if Masahiko dared to stop him, he would directly cut him.

At that moment, Masahiko put a heartbroken expression and said, “Shark-faced brother, it’s been a long time since I saw you. Why are you doing this to me?”

Kisame’s eyes flickered, and an emergency brake was applied.