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L.L.H: Chapter 293: Isaac Orochimaru Newton

Crows in this world are generally black, but not as black as Masahiko’s face right now…

After finally calming down, Masahiko looked at Orochimaru, who was ready to flee at any second, “Ah, the First Patriarch of the old Kaguya Clan… I’m Kaguya Himura!”

“Elder, stop making troubles…”

“Shit, I got exposed.” Masahiko sighed.

“Don’t run away, Orochimaru, I have something for you. Don’t worry, I won’t hit you.”

The last sentence made Orochimaru feel relieved.

Orochimaru didn’t immediately escape, “Elder, are you here in Kirigakure for that kid?”

Masahiko patted Kimimaro’s head and looked at Orochimaru affectionately, “I’m here for you… Son.”

“Elder, I’ve really run out of your blood, not a single drop left.”

Masahiko shook his head, looked at the Kirigakure ninjas surrounding them, and smiled, “Orochimaru, let them see what the Edo Tensei really looks like, call out Madara to beat them.”

Orochimaru was startled, and then he understood Masahiko’s true intentions and felt speechless.

“Elder, Uchiha Madara’s blood is also limited. I only have enough amounts for one more summon.”

“Oh man, so I can beat him for only one more time?” Masahiko murmured unwillingly.

“God?” Kimimaro whispered. He couldn’t understand anything from this conversation.

Masahiko patted his head, then glanced at Orochimaru, and the three of them disappeared.

“No need to chase!” Ao leading the team shouted while looking around alerted.

Teams of ninja appeared from all directions, headed by Fuguki.

Fuguki looked furious.

“Ao, where’s Mangetsu?!”

“Fuguki-Sama, please don’t use his name and refer to him as the Fourth Mizukage.”

“The Fourth? He won’t be any longer!”


In the distance, the two and Masahiko watched from afar.

“The Kaguya Clan was used a suicide squad.” Masahiko sighed, “This family does lack the brain.”

Kimimaro looked at him with surprise.

Masahiko shook his head slightly and restored his original appearance, “The Kaguya clan has no gods, and this one belongs to the Uzumaki Clan.”

Orochimaru curled his lips quietly.

Kimimaro reacted quickly, “God is ever-changing. So this is your true appearance?”

Masahiko felt bad. This kid is really naïve.

“Yes, this is my true face.”

Kimimaro looked excited as if it was an honor to see Masahiko’s true appearance.

It’s a pity that’s what was all over Orochimaru’s face. What a good kid to abduct, but he belongs to Masahiko now.

In the distance, the civil turmoil in Kirigakure has begun. After the Mizukage Contest, this was the second time Fuguki challenges Mangetsu for the position, and this time, that old man isn’t here to cause troubles…

“So these clans actually support Fuguki?” Masahiko shook his head, “Or are they’re just here to watch?”

There were at least two thousand Shinobi in front of them.

“Elder, are you going to intervene?”

Masahiko shook his head, “I’m not in the mood to help them solve this civil war.”

He looked at Kimimaro, and then at Orochimaru, “The purpose of coming to Kirigakure has been achieved, and the rest is waiting for the Mizukage position to settle, and whoever becomes the next Mizukage he will have to pay the debts.”

Masahiko even faintly favors the big fat fish over Mangetsu. After all, the latter was the one who launched a war against the Uzumaki, so it would be good if he didn’t kill him directly.

He stayed because besides collecting debts, Masahiko had one more person in his notebook. It seems that every time he comes to Kirigakure, he ends up with some kind of an agenda. This time it was that bastard who called him “the undead old man from the Uzumaki…” Masahiko has been watching him carefully.

“It seems that there are a lot of people missing. Yagura shouldn’t have died in the war since he should be a very strong ninja and a perfect Jinchuriki. And Mei, who I have never seen yet…”

A big battle was going to break out, but except for Mangetsu and Fuguki, none of the other familiar faces of Kirigakure appeared.

“Elder, if there is nothing to do here, I will leave first,” Orochimaru said hoarsely.

Masahiko was startled, “Why the hurry? I said I won’t hit you. I came here just to let you call out Madara to relieve my boredom.”

“Elder, there is really only one copy left.”

“Anyway, you don’t need it. With your current strength, no one expects me can take you.”

Orochimaru shook his head, “Elder, please calm down, I’m working on replicating Uchiha Madara’s cells.”

“Cloning? “ Masahiko was startled, Orochimaru is actually working on such a thing!

There was a slight joy in his heart, and he felt that maybe it won’t be long before he can beat his own Madara every day…

“Then call out my three disciples so I can chat with them for a while.”

Orochimaru shook his head again, “Elder, I didn’t take anybody tissues from your three disciples.”

“You actually want me to believe that?” Masahiko laughed, then looked him in the eyes.

Orochimaru’s expression didn’t change.

“Hey! That’s disrespectful! Why didn’t you take their cells? My disciples are strong!” Masahiko was furious.

“I didn’t dare to disturb your disciples’ sleep.”

“Sleep, huh…?” Masahiko sighed, “Sleep well, kids. It won’t take long before this Sensei wake you up…” Masahiko shook his head with a smile.

It seems that after looking for Orochimaru for so long, he got nothing but news about the possibility of “mass production Madara.”

“Orochimaru, I want to know what you meant by the power of destiny you found in my blood.”

“I came to Kirigakure, due to the guidance of fate.”

Masahiko’s mouth twitched. How did Orochimaru become like this? Isn’t he a scientist? Fate isn’t something a scientist believes… did he become a theologian?

“Orochimaru? This is more like, Orochimaru, Newton!”

“Newton?” Orochimaru looked puzzled.

Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief. He thought that Orochimaru got his memory from his blood, but he doesn’t seem to have it.

“What is the guidance of fate?”

“Didn’t you come to Kirigakure to find me? Isn’t this the guidance of fate?”

Masahiko curled his lips. It was because he watched the anime; that’s his true guidance.

“Where is your lab? Tell me so I can find you. Don’t hide from me. As long as you don’t mess up, I won’t do anything to you.”

Orochimaru licked his lips, and disappeared leaving one sentence, “Elder, you’ve already been in my lab.”

“I have been there?” Masahiko was stunned for a while.

“The one in Otogakure? I should have known better. It was the best place to hid since I already knew about it…” Masahiko laughed.

“God? What shall we do?” Kimimaro said softly when Orochimaru left.

Masahiko turned to the battlefield, felt a few Chakra nearby, and smiled slightly.

“A good show is about to begin. Let’s what it for free…”