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L.L.H: Chapter 292: Dark Face

Orochimaru looked at Kimimaro, stuck his tong out, and licked his lips, then the kidnapper deep inside him cried out loud.

Before he could turn the switch on, he found the ninja next to Kimimaro looked at him in the same way.

Orochimaru was taken aback and smiled evilly. This was the first time anyone ever stared at him like this.

Masahiko also came back to his sense, “Orochimaru will never see through my transformation, as long as I speak with confidence… well, try not to speak.”

“God!” Kimimaro called to him and stared at Orochimaru.

Masahiko’s mouth twitched; that kid ruined everything.

“God?” Orochimaru repeated, with a wider smile on his face…

“The ninjas of Kirigakure are behind.” Orochimaru turned sideways slightly. Behind him under a cliff, a group of Kaguya clansmen and ninjas from Kirigakure were fighting each other.

Kimimaro hesitated, glanced at Masahiko, and the latter nodded lightly, indicating that he can go.

Kimimaro rushed over, and Masahiko met Orochimaru’s pair of snake eyes.

“I met Orochimaru now. What should I do?” Masahiko murmured, “If I show my identity, he might run away, and it would be hard to find him again.”

Orochimaru first said, “That kid, why does he call you god?”

“Because I’m a god, do you believe in God?” Masahiko was already familiar with his identity as a god and responded subconsciously.

Orochimaru licked his lips and weirdly looked at Masahiko…

“Are you from the Kaguya Clan? Why don’t you fight too?”

Masahiko finally returned to his senses, adhering to the principle of not speaking of revealing anything, and just shook his head gently.

Orochimaru made up for it by himself, “It seems that Kaguya clansmen aren’t all madmen. It appears that you’re the one keeping this clan’s fire burning.”

Orochimaru regarded Masahiko as the elder of the Kaguya clan, who seemingly protecting Kimimaro.

“That kid has great potential. It’s a waste that he will die in such a place.”

Masahiko nodded but said nothing.

“Let him go with me. I can help to keep Kaguya’s last flame survive.”

Masahiko shook his head.

“Do you think you can protect him?”

Masahiko nodded.

“If you’re not at ease, you can come with the kid.”

Masahiko was stunned for a while before he realized that Orochimaru wanted to abduct him too.

He nodded…

If he could follow Orochimaru and find his base, he won’t have anywhere to escape to.

Orochimaru: “…”

He always felt that something is wrong.

Without thinking, he turned to look at Kimimaro, who was fighting.

The Shikotsumyaku is powerful, and the eight-year-old Kimimaro was also a Shinobi. Facing the ninjas of Kirigakure, no one could match him.

Even if the opponent is a Chunin, he couldn’t stop him.

However, the injuries he suffered before when he fought against Zabuza have not fully recovered, and he has gradually fallen into a crisis.

“Aren’t you going to save him?” Orochimaru asked.

Masahiko smirked. It was clear that he was trying to test his combat effectiveness… With his right hand stretched forward, Masahiko gestured, “please, do…”

Orochimaru: “…”

Kaguya clan can’t have normal people.

Orochimaru has just defected; he’s in urgent need to form his own forces. Whether it’s talent or character, Kimimaro is the most suitable one he has encountered in a long time.

As for the “god” in the kid’s eyes… he will just take him along the way, and it won’t take long before he knows who the real god is.

Then there was a unilateral massacre. At the bottom of the cliff, the Chunin were fighting on the side. While a group of Jonin stood in front of Orochimaru, unable to pass.

Masahiko could see that Orochimaru was also fighting to take Kimimaro in. It’s clear that he was showing off his power by killing the people, who Kimimaro couldn’t even face with one move.

This did work, Kimimaro cast an admiring look at him, but the words he heard afterward made Orochimaru’s face stiff.

“Did God send you to save me?”

“Yes, I asked him to come.” Masahiko appeared beside him in due course.

Orochimaru: “…”

Thinking of Masahiko’s previous gestures, he was speechless to object.

Sure enough, he should only bring the kid. He shouldn’t expect an elder of the Kaguya Clan to be naïve.

“God!” Kimimaro was full of admiration.

Masahiko patted his head softly, then looked at Orochimaru, only to notice that his expression wasn’t quite right.

“Thank you for your help.”

This sentence was normal, nothing weird about it, and impossible to expose anything!

“Young man, he’s the elder of the Kaguya Clan. Why do you call him God?” Orochimaru asked.

Masahiko’s face collapsed; Orochimaru still doubted him.

But Kimimaro suddenly replied: “God was originally one of ours, the Kaguya Clan. He’s omnipotent and knows everything, so he’s naturally God.”

Masahiko almost laughed out loud. It seems that the huge clansman from before has helped him a lot.

“Anything?” Orochimaru licked his lips and said, “That’s really amazing.”


Masahiko was almost embarrassed by this little nativity and frowned, “The battle… is almost over, let’s check on them.”

Speaking of this, Masahiko sighed; it seems that it’s finally the end for the Kaguya Clan.

Orochimaru noticed the looks in his eyes, thinking that he was sad for his clan.

Kimimaro wanted to rush in but was stopped by Masahiko, who led him to a tree near the battlefield.

“God, don’t I need to go to war?” Kimimaro wondered.

“No, the battle has come to an end.”

In his perception, Masahiko could see only two clansmen from the Kaguya Clan left, and one of them was the huge guy.

Kimimaro could also see them clearly, “God, won’t we save him?”

“They kept you locked up. Do you still want to save him?”

“It’s not that he didn’t want to save him. He just couldn’t.” Orochimaru appeared beside them.

“God is omnipotent!” Kimimaro glared at him, looking at Masahiko hopefully.

Orochimaru seemed to be snickering evilly and felt interested to see what this fake “god” would do.

“It’s too late,” Masahiko said lightly.

The battle came to an end, and the huge man from the Kaguya clan ended up with a Kunai pierced in his chest.

As he fell down, the huge clansmen saw the three of them standing far away and shouted, “First Patriarch! It’s really you! The Kaguya Clan will not fall!”

He died instantly, but this shout made everyone’s eyes turn to them.

“The First Patriarch?” Orochimaru stepped back, which darkened Masahiko’s face…

“The First Patriarch of the Kaguya Clan? That’s ridiculous. Does he think he can fool other people and convince them that he can live long like the undead old man from the Uzumaki Clan?”

A disdainful voice came, making Masahiko’s face darker…

“Be careful! That’s Orochimaru beside him, an S-Class rogue ninja. Maybe it’s really the First Patriarch of the Kaguya Clan. According to intelligence, Orochimaru can use a Ninjutsu where he can summon the dead!”

Masahiko’s faced darkened even more…