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L.L.H: Chapter 302: Let Me Rest in Peace


Hanzo walked forward, and the number of ninjas following him increased from three to a dozen. As he carried on, people continued to join.”


Hanzo nodded, “Yes.”

There was nothing else to say, these people… Masahiko knew none of them.

When Hanzo suddenly returned and more people gathered around him, it was naturally impossible the none of them would question his identity, but when one of the Jonin almost killed by the blade of his sickle, no one ever dared to ask again.


At this time, they were close to the central area of Amegakure, and three more ninjas appeared. These three were also the strongest Masahiko had encountered since entering this village, and each of them was close to Zabuza’s level.

Masahiko groaned slightly, guessing in his heart that these three should be the highest-ranked Shinobi in the village after Hanzo. They should be here to greet him after they heard about his return.

“What should I say at this time?”

Masahiko pondered and pondered, and after a long time, he squeezed out a word, “Hmm!”

The three of them were left dumbfounded, and the atmosphere became embarrassing, but luckily someone broke the silence.”


A ninja wearing the forehead protector of Iwagakure appeared instantaneously, and no one moved to stop him, proving that he should be an acquaintance.


After thinking about it, he sensed that something was wrong, “Ow, of course, he won’t talk with all these people around…”

The ninja from Iwagakure hesitated, and Masahiko immediately understood the situation and waved his hand, “Everyone, go back, you know now that I’m not dead, the war may break again. As for the one who attacked me, he won’t dare again!”


Everyone spread out and left, leaving only the last three as his guards.

When everyone walked away, Hanzo said, “Let’s talk.”

The Ninja from Iwagakure hesitated for a moment, “Hanzo-Sama, the ninja who attacked you before…”

“Iwagakure doesn’t need to worry about it. I was careless if they come again… huh?” Masahiko was about to finish his sentence, but he was left dumbfounded.

“Hanzo-Sama, you got fooled…”

The Ninja said as his face began to change and twist, Masahiko got really stunned at that moment, and suddenly a shadow appeared above him, along with a great pressure that felt like it was gonna crush his body. Subconsciously, Masahiko instantly raised his arms to parry.


A girl’s tender voice came out, and a punch was waved at him with full force. Luckily, Masahiko managed to parry it by catching the arm and throwing the girl away.

Almost instantly, an electric light flashed at the same time that his guards disappeared, and the ground under Masahiko’s feet collapsed, which caused him to lose his foothold.

“Fire Release: Fire Ball!”

The hot flames were about to hit Masahiko’s back, but he managed to manipulate the gravity to levitate for a moment and shred the fire with his sickle.

“What is this?!”

Masahiko was left dumbfounded. Looking at the three people who ambushed him, he was speechless for a long time.

“Ringo, Rin, be careful. This guy looks strong.” Yahiko, who threw at him that fireball, reminded.

“Yahiko, Ringo, and Ring…” Masahiko paused for a moment and then sensed the familiar Chakra not far away, “Obito is also here? How did they get mixed up together?”

Fortunately, there will always be a good-hearted person that will explain the situation at times like these.

Ringo said arrogantly, “Hey you, fake guy, you think you can just walk to Amegakure and control it just by pretending to be Hanzo? Not on our watch!”

Masahiko was stunned for a while and finally figured it out.

“Hanzo was actually killed by the four of them… It seems that Rin and Obito have made great progress.”

“This time, I ran here for nothing. The Akatsuki was innocent… No, it was indeed the Akatsuki.”

Masahiko was left a bit dumbfounded. This was really unexpected…

After pondering for a moment, Masahiko made his decision.

“It’s you again. You dare to come at me again!”

“Heh, you still want to pretend at such a time?” Ringo sneered.

Hanzo took off his gas mask and smiled, “Where is that boy from the Uchiha? Where is he hiding to attack me?”

The faces o the three people on the opposite side suddenly changed, “Is it really Hanzo?”

Masahiko smiled and continued to speak, “This old man didn’t have such a great exercise for a while and was successfully ambushed by you.”

“But did you think that Hanzo the salamander would be slaughtered easily once he loses his summoning? Think again, you arrogant kids!”

Masahiko gave himself a thousand like once he said this sentence, this was really like Hanzo, but when he looked at the others on the opposite side, he found that their expressions looked a bit weird.

“Stop pretending. Hanzo said that just before dying!”

Masahiko’s expression froze, “It’s useless to say more, just die!”

He wanted to personally test the progress of the two apprentices over the years to see if they were really useful in the fight against Hanzo.

“Water Release: Wild Water Wave!”

Yahiko moved first and spat out a waterfall-like from his mouth and tried to hit Masahiko with it… and Masahiko was really disgusted by this…

“Well, Hanzo is a Water Release user. Water Release: Water Colliding Wave!”

As soon as the hand sign was completed, an electric light sparkled by his side. Masahiko frowned and immediately flickered away. He almost forgot that Ringo was a Thunder Release user…


Rin’s voice rang from behind Masahiko, which made him almost laugh.

“What a cute voice. This is nothing like those Shannaro screams from the original…”

The sickle was moved in front of him, and he blocked Rin’s punch with his arms but was still pushed back a dozen steps.

“She’s powerful.”

Rin was shocked. Apart from Tsunade, this was the first person that ever managed to withstand her punch.

“Brother Yahiko, Sister Ringo, be careful, this guy is very strong…”


The lightning flashed again from the top of Masahiko’s head, but this time he immediately flicked and appeared beside Yahiko, kicked the back of his legs, which cause him to fall on his knees, then gave him a knock on the back of his neck.

Almost instantly, he flashed to Ringo’s side again, ignored all the thunder rumbling, and wrapped his fist with Chakra, then punched her in the face.

It’s a pity that it was blocked by her. Still, she couldn’t stay on her feet and was thrown away.

The two were out of the occasion, for the time being, so he took this opportunity to rush toward Ring.

Before he could hit her, there was a strong wind behind him; Obito finally appeared and struck Masahiko with a Kunai.

Masahiko smiled, “Sure enough, he couldn’t help but save Rin. However, you must now do your best to survive Sensei’s Iron Fist!”

With the back of his fist, Masahiko waved at Obito’s face but passed through it.

“Kamui? Mongekyou Sharingan? When did Kakashi die?”

Masahiko was stunned.


A shadow once again appeared above him. Masahiko was still in a daze but subconsciously tilted his head, and a small foot slammed his shoulder.

The ground beneath him shattered, and the cracks spread out to the nearby building.

Rin mobilized all of her strength and dust raised in the entire central area of Amegakure.

After a while, outside of the dust, the four appeared next to each other, “This guy has better physical strength than Hanzo, but it’s a pity that he’s not as smart. He got completely distracted during the battle.”

Obito was still dumbfounded, “Rin, you got stronger again!”

Rin smiled embarrassedly.

In the center of the area, covered by dust and smoke, Masahiko was lying inside a giant pit.

“Rin’s strength is almost half of Tsunade’s. If she gets any stronger, she will be able to hurt me a little bit.”

“It’s a shame, it’s a shame, I was beaten by my own little students…”

“Let me rest in peace here where I fell…”