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L.L.H: Chapter 303: The Iron Fist Of Love

The central area of Amegakure.

The ground that had been damaged and repaired by the Amegakure’s ninjas shattered and collapsed again.

After hearing the sound of the battle, a few Amegakure ninjas who had not yet been far away turned back to investigate the situation.

“Who are you?! Where is Hanzo-Sama?”

This time, the four didn’t evacuate immediately, glanced at each other, then Yahiko stepped forward and spoke.

“My name is Yahiko, the leader of the Akatsuki, and I’m the leader from now on.”

“Akatsuki?” Among these Amegakure ninjas, there were people who had been there when Hanzo attacked the Akatsuki and almost destroyed them. When Yahiko spoke, they reacted. That was five or six years ago, and Yahiko looks less than twenty years old.

“So it was you? You dare to come back?! Where is Hanzo-Sama?”

“Hanzo the Salamander was killed by us four days ago. Starting today, I’m the leader of Amegakure.”


“Four days ago?”


“We’ve just met him. Those reports about him being killed four days ago were full of nonsense!”

Ringo became impatient and sneered, “The one you’ve met was fake. Couldn’t you figure it out? But whether he was the real one, this time he’s definitely dead!”

Yahiko was patient because these people on the other side may become his subordinates in the future. Looking behind, the dust and smoke were finally about to disperse.

“If you don’t believe it, you can come and check his corpse. You will see his true face now. Later, we will summon the other Amegakure ninjas, and we will show you Hanzo’s real corpse.”

The ninja group moved to the edge of the giant pit and looked inward through the dust.

“Huh? Why are Hanzo’s eyes opened like that?” Obito opened his Sharingan eyes and looked into the pit.

“Little boy, why are you calling him Hanzo? He’s dead. You should be able to see his original appearance. Is it a ninja you don’t know?”

Obito hesitated for a moment, “But he… is still Hanzo…?”

In the huge pit more than ten meters deep, Masahiko was lying there thinking about life the entire time. After he sensed all of those Chakra fluctuations gathering around, he stood up with a wry smile, then dust off his pants.

“He’s standing up!” Obito yelled, and the other got on alert again.

Masahiko moved his slightly painful shoulder, feeling speechless.

He originally wanted to simply give his apprentices a lesson and then transform into Hagoromo to surprise them. He didn’t expect to be frightened by Obito’s Mongekyou Sharingan eyes and get kicked by Rin.


If he transformed into Hagoromo now, Obito would never shut up about this for the rest of his life, “Master, Master, Rin and I have surpassed you…”

As for revealing his original appearance, I’m afraid Ringo will laugh to death, “Buhahahaha, the old immortal, you got your ass kicked by a little girl!”


“I was too careless.” Masahiko smiled bitterly.

Above his head, the smoke and dust have finally settled, Masahiko, Yahiko, and the others could see each other.


“What are you doing? Why didn’t you kill them?!” Masahiko said.

“Aaah~” Rin reacted quickly, making a decisive move and killed the Amegakure ninja with a punch.

The other three also reacted. Although they don’t know what the situation is, the Amegakure ninjas next to them are now considered enemies.

Masahiko didn’t stop them, waited for the four to kill the Amegakure ninjas, and slowly walked out of the pit.

“It looks like I have to put more effort into this.” Masahiko looked around, “Otherwise, the majesty that I have established as their master and the pride of the older generations that have been put on my shoulders will probably get defiled…”

Turning around, his gaze was fixed on Yahiko, “Young man, you’re unlucky. You’re the only one here who has nothing to do with me.”

Yahiko has also got rid of the Amegakure ninja in front of him and wondered while looking at Hanzo.

“His armor was slightly shattered around the shoulder, it means that he really took Rin’s blow head-on, not to mention that he didn’t die, he should be at least injured, but he seems okay and didn’t even lift the transformation technique… is he really Hanzo?”

Yahiko pondered but suddenly heard Ring yelling, “Yahiko, be careful!”

Instantly, he felt a sharp pain coming from behind, and he lost consciousness.

“You’ve got distracted.” Behind Yahiko, Masahiko maintained his punching posture while he watched Yahiko fly away…

“Little girl!”

“I know!”

Rin ran toward the direction where Yahiko flew out, trying to catch him in time.

Masahiko was about to act, but Ring and Obito stopped in front of him.

“Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation!” Obito screamed.

“Lightning Release: Lightning Fang!” Ringo crossed her sword and released a wide range of thunder attacks, which merged into the flames.

Masahiko smiled and threw the sickle…

“Typhoon Water Vortex Technique!”

A huge water storm formed in front of Masahiko, and the thunder and fire fusion was immediately absorbed inside it.

“When you don’t have a Rinnegan, you just need to know the right technique to absorb Ninjutsu…”

Masahiko continued to use seals, “Heavenly Weeping!”

This was originally Tobirama’s technique, which spits countless high-speed moving water Senbon (Needles) from the mouth to hit the enemy’s vital points.

Masahiko thinks that this technique’s biggest advantage is its good name, while its power isn’t bad.

Ringo had to deal with it while Obito rushed towards the needles; Space Jutsu is broken…

Masahiko tentatively punched, and as expected, it passed through his chest and took advantage of how Masahiko was off balance and… tried to step on his foot!

“This is what I taught you!” Masahiko smiled secretly, and moved his foot quickly, then stepped back!

Obito stepped back with cold sweat running on his forehead. He fortunately, reacted quickly and used his intangibility in time. Otherwise, his foot might have had a hole in it…

Masahiko was silent for a moment, without using his full strength, he really couldn’t defeat Obito, but he had a special way.

Ignoring Obito, Masahiko instantly flashed behind Rin, who was treating the severely injured Yahiko in a coma.

Masahiko shook his fist and was about to wave it at her, but Obito suddenly appeared behind and tried to block. At that moment, Masahiko turned and hit Obito and knock him out with a punch of love…

“Aaaah~” Rin reacted and tried to kick him.

Masahiko didn’t pay attention to her at all and evaded while chasing behind Obito.

With Obito flying in the air, the Mongekyou Sharingan rotated at high speed, “Kamui!”

“This trick won’t work!” Masahiko frowned and evaded easily.

Ringo finally arrived to protect Rin and Yahiko, “Rin, continue the treatment.”

Obito stood still, rubbed his painful chest, and grinned.

“Is Hanzo really this strong?” Obito looked at the gray-headed Ringo and then at the seriously injured Yahiko, “It looks like I have to try that technique.”


Masahiko was taken aback, looking at the blue skeleton of the Susanoo, “You can actually use Susanoo?!”

“That’s it! You’re qualified to taste… your teacher’s full of love Iron Fist!”