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L.L.H: Chapter 304: The Return of Hanzo II

“Obito, Obito, are you okay?!” Rin shouted anxiously.

Kneeling on the ground, Obito’s face was covered with dense black lines, and even when he heard Rin’s call, he couldn’t answer.


Rin shouted louder as her heart tightened and pulled him in her arms.

“You smell great…”

Rin clenched her fist…

“Don’t hit me, don’t hit me, Rin, I’m injured.”

All the black lines suddenly swum into his eyes, and pain caused by the Mongekyou Sharingan gradually subsided.

“In the end, Hanzo did something to me. I felt something was wrong with my eyes.

Rin was anxious. She wanted to check on him, but she shook her head quickly, “It should be fine for now. People are coming this way. We need to take Sister Ringo and brother Yahiko away first.”

Not far away, Yahiko and Ringo lay side by side, with both in a coma.

Rin nodded and wanted to help him stand up, but she heard Obito say…

“You really smell good…”

When she was about to clench her fist, Obito shouted, “No, no… I’m injured, Rin. I feel pain all over my body.”

Rin stared at him but didn’t pursue it. She blamed herself for Obito’s injuries.

Every time Hanzo failed to crack his defense, he would come to attack her. Obito can’t help but come to the rescue and ends up being punched…

At the tenth time, Rin was a little moved.

“Let’s go!”


This time the situation turned upside down. Rin carried Ringo on her back, and Obito carried Yahiko, then left quickly.

Ten minutes later, other ninjas finally arrived one after another. After searching, they concluded that Hanzo was missing again!

In Obito’s dimension.

Fake Hanzo was looking at Hanzo’s corpse.

Masahiko kept offering Obito his iron fist of love until the latter went black and blue. However, it was really necessary for his future romance life, so it was only a cheap price that he needed to pay.

Since thing went well, Masahiko stopped and decided to lift Obito’s curse before leaving, but he unexpectedly during the process he got drugged inside his space Ninjutsu.

Of course, Masahiko could break free, but he was curious about Obito’s space, so he didn’t resist and was sucked in.

He just looked around for a while and made a simple “evaluation.”

The size is similar to his Eight Trigram space, but it’s not a completely flat surface. It has its highs and lows. It cannot suppress Ninjutsu, and there’s no Natural Chakra in it.

After looking at the space, Masahiko studied Hanzo’s corpse.

A generational salamander… died here in such obscurity, and his foot…

“So Obito, did you dirty, huh? You’re considered as a senior in the Shinobi World, um, of course, it cannot be compared to me, but how did you get fooled by Obito of all people? It makes me feel ashamed…”

“Huh?” Masahiko was taken aback, the space around Hanzo’s corpse was slightly distorted, and the corpse disappeared in place.

“He moved it out. Is he afraid that I will destroy the corpse?” Masahiko didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

“It seems that they have arrived at a safe place. I, the master, should go out and surprise them.” Masahiko smiled and jumped into his own space.

“Let’s go.”

In the next second, Masahiko returned to Obito’s space.

Masahiko repeatedly tried until his smile gradually disappeared, “I can’t get out this way?”

“Then… wait?”

Four or five hours later, Masahiko finally confessed his fate. I’m afraid that Ringo has adopted the tactic of “starving to death.”

“Ah… this is so dumb.”

Thinking of two hundred and fifty-six nodes in the space, Masahiko sighed helplessly: “I will definitely be back! Wait… isn’t this is what villains usually say…” Masahiko sighed.

However, before leaving, Masahiko left a Shadow Clone there!


In the vast sea, the wind blew violently, gathering dark clouds in the sky. Between the turbulent sea and the dark clouds, there was Masahiko! And he was lost.

Ain’t no rest for the wicked, he, who chose that node at will, ended up in the middle of the sea.

At the time, the sky was completely dark, and he couldn’t tell in which direction was The Land of Rain.

After wondering for a long time, Masahiko finally found… the Land of Whirlpools.

Going straight to the house, Masahiko found that Kimimaro hadn’t stayed in the room he arranged for him but slept on his own bed.

“This kid…” Masahiko smiled helplessly.

“Another sleepless night…”


The next day.

Masahiko woke up at Kimimaro’s call.

Kimimaro’s face flushed, “God, sorry, I thought…”

“You thought I won’t be back yesterday?” Masahiko smiled, “It’s okay when I’m away, you can come to sleep in my bed… Well, I have to leave today, and I will be back in two or three days. You have to practice hard!”

“Yes, God!” Kimimaro overjoyed and promised again and gain.

Masahiko had breakfast, but instead of rushing to the Land of Rain, he found Konan and asked her to give him some herbs.

With a pair of medicines to treat Ringo’s injuries, Masahiko left again.

When he arrived at the Land of Rain, it was noon, Masahiko transformed into… Hanzo.

“I, Hanzo the Salamander, is back again!”

Still swaggering her and there, still being discovered by ninjas, Hanzo went straight to the Land of Rain’s central area.

The spy ninjas were stunned, but they still have to report back.

In Iwgakure Camp, Onoki had the Fourth Raikage’s temper and smashed the table in front of him with a punch.

“What the hell is wrong with Hanzo!”


Konoha Camp.

The Jonin looked at each other.

Jiraiya scratched his head, “Shikaku, Hanzo… There’s something wrong with this guy?”

Shikaku smiled bitterly, “I don’t know why, but whenever I think about it, I suddenly remember someone.”

Jiraiya was startled, “Do you mean… Elder Masahiko?”


In a hidden corner of the Land of Rain, three beds were placed side by side inside a hidden house.

From left to right, there were the severely injured people, Yahiko, the seriously injured Ringo, and Obito with minor injuries.

“Boy, this time, you save us both.”

Obito chuckled, “It was just luck, Hanzo tried to do something, and he suddenly got sucked into space without any resistance.

Yahiko was severely beaten by Masahiko, that he almost broke apart, “This event was full of weirdness. According to you, this fellow was also Hanzo. Then who did we kill before?”

Ringo and Obito looked at each other in silence.

The room’s door was pushed open, and Rin walked in with a shocked expression on her face.

“Rin, what is the situation outside?”

Rin looked at the three wounded men but didn’t speak a single word.

Yahiko’s heart sank, “What’s wrong?”

Rin said in confusion, and she sounded as if she doubted her own words, “Hanzo is… back again!”


The color on Obito’s face also changed, and he quickly looked inside his space, where Masahiko’s clone was staying.

“But Hanzo is still here?!”

Rin walked to the back room then glanced inside, “Hanzo’s corpse is still here.”

Yahiko took a deep breath, “In other words, a third Hanzo appeared?”

“How many Hanzo are there?” Ringo asked in surprise.

Obito didn’t know what to say and looked at Yahiko.

The seriously injured Yahiko looked heartbroken.

It’s really impossible to control the Land of Rain!