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L.L.H: Chapter 305: Third Possessions

The central area of Amegakure.

Masahiko sat awkwardly after passing by the Amegakure ninjas.

Three ninjas bent a knee in front of him and waited for his orders.

“I know that you want to ask. I will let you know what happened later!” Masahiko lifted his legs while speaking.

The three glanced at each other without replying, their eyes fixed on Hanzo’s legs.

“Cough.” Masahiko and slowly lowered his legs, “Why are you looking at my legs?”

“We won’t dare!”

While speaking, Masahiko read through the information Amegakure was gathering for the past two months and then said, “I want you to found the report from five years ago when I ordered to destroy the Akatsuki!”

The three of them were startled, “Could it be…”

“Go and find it!”


The three of them left at once. Masahiko suppressed his smile and pondered for a while.

In fact, Masahiko didn’t need to pretend to be Hanzo and enter Amegakure again; he’s doing this just to help Yahiko and the others… just to ease the rough start they had before.

“Speaking of which, Yahiko is way stronger than I thought, and it seems that he’s very talented too. If Konan weren’t accepted as a disciple by me, she would have probably been the level same as him.”

“Is it fate that prevented me from finding you in the first place?”

Masahiko whispered a few words while sitting still and waiting.

Two minutes later, the three of them returned instantly.

“My lord, this is the report you wanted.”

Masahiko took it and looked through it a few times. The information in this report was almost the same as his personal guess.

Hanzo is a cautious man, and a lion will fight even rabbits with all of his strength. At that time, he mobilized half of the forces in Amegakure to besiege the Akatsuki. In the end, only Ringo, who protected Yahiko, survived, but she ended up seriously injured.

In the past few years, they should have been healing in a hidden place. This time they returned to Amegakure somehow and got together with Obito and Rin, and the four of them succeeded in killing Hanzo.

Just before fully recover from their wounds and finally take control of Amegakure, a second Hanzo appeared…

“It’s still my fault, or they might have taken control of Amegakure.”

“No, it’s not that easy. Although there are no other S-Ranked ninjas in Amegakure, it wouldn’t have been easy to control the village.”

Masahiko glanced at the three ninjas in front of him, “You three guessed it right. It was the Akatsuki who attacked me this time. They have survived.”

“What?” The three looked at each other.

“This is already the second attack. The first time, it took me three days to recuperate. This time, it was only one day. Next time, I won’t let them run away.”

“Hanzo-Sama, let us search for them!” The three said in unison.

Unexpectedly, as soon as these words came out, their leader, “Hanzo,” who only showed his tough side to them, sighed deeply.

“You want to look for them? What if they kill you?”

“My lord…?”

“To be honest. I originally thought that I could still lead Amegakure for ten or even twenty years, but after these two battles, I almost died at the hand of a few little kids. I felt… I felt that I was indeed an old man now.” Masahiko sighed.

“My lord, you…”

“Don’t comfort me. People will always get old. After all, I’m already sixty… something. I’m not Elder Uzumaki Masahiko. He gets younger the longer he lives. He’s the only immortal in the Shinobi World.”

The three on the opposite side were taken aback, “Didn’t you say before that Uzumaki Masahiko is only a decoration for the Land of Whirlpools…”

“Did I say that?”

“Never said such a thing, never!”

Masahiko cursed in his heart, Hanzo, this guy he actually dared to slander him before his subordinates, he really deserves to die!”

After calming down, Masahiko continued to speak.

“I mean, you probably heard it. I plan to give up my position as the leader of Amegakure.”

The three of them were startled, “My lord, without you, our village might…”

“I know.” Masahiko interrupted, “I have been tough before because the village couldn’t survive without me. But now it’s different. Although I don’t want to admit it, these little brats calling themselves the Akatsuki are really going to catch up with me. The leader of that organization is named Yahiko, and he’s strong. He’s an orphan who lived and was raised in the Land of Rain. He’s qualified to be the leader of Amegakure!”

“My lord!”

The three of them wanted to persuade him again but were interrupted by Masahiko’s waved hand.

“I have decided. Get ready to have a new leader!”

As if thinking of something, Masahiko added, “Are the three of you dissatisfied with my decision?”

The three of them were shocked and didn’t even dare to say a word.

“That’s good. You have to know that the leader of Amegakure can only be competently qualified as a ninja, and you’re still a bit short.”


Masahiko stood up, “I’m going to find the Akatsuki and negotiate with them. You stay here. The envoy from Iwagakure is coming soon.”


Masahiko, who walked out of the central tower, breathed a sigh of relief. Keeping this disguise for a long time and leading the village would be really annoying. It would be better if he leaves this shell of a village to Yahiko… Masahiko was very curious to see what an undead Yahiko can do.

“Maybe the ninja word can be peaceful without Naruto? As for the current Naruto, he still needs sharpening…” Speaking of him makes him worried.

Turning on his perception ability, Masahiko made a circle around the corners of Amegakure, and he found the four’s location.

Without hiding his figure, Masahiko walked straight towards the house.

He opened the door with a smile, and a soft cry emitted from behind.


Masahiko wrapped Chakra with his right and stopped Lin’s fist with a finger. Except for the white hair that was blown by her fist, Masahiko didn’t move an inch.

Rin’s face changed, her right foot was lifted, but Masahiko shook her with a low soft kick that put her on the ground.

“Obito, take Brother Yahiko and ran away! This Hanzo is stronger than the previous one!”

“Damn it, is every Hanzo better than the previous? What kind of monster is Hanzo, Brother Yahiko…”

“Don’t worry about me.” Yahiko let out a long sigh. It almost felt like he was giving up.

“Rin, Obito. I can’t drag you down with me. You two can run away. But if you can take Ringo with you… it would be even better!”

“What nonsense are you talking about? You can’t even stand still rather than fight!” Ringo walked to his side, but she also looked unconfident.

Masahiko just smiled and listened to the four on the opposite side discussing who should fight and escape.

After a long while, Yahiko interrupted them and asked with a loud voice.

“I just want to know who your master is? How many Hanzo are there?!”

“Half.” Masahiko almost burst out of laughter.

The four people on the opposite side were dumbfounded.

“Half? Where’s the other half then? Say it fast!” Obito said solemnly.

Rin knocked him on the head hard, “How can you be this stupid, Obito? Can’t you see that he’s teasing us?”

“Hahaha.” Masahiko finally laughed, “I didn’t tease you, young girl. You shall understand that I’m history, and history doesn’t lie!”

“Would you like to follow me to the west and obtain the truth?”