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L.L.H: Chapter 306: Master Is So Strong

Unfortunately, the group failed to react.

The four people on the opposite side didn’t get what Masahiko was trying to say, but Ringo replied arrogantly, “History? Stop selling lies. Who would want to follow you to the west! There’s nothing but Ishigakure there!”

This was embarrassing.

What was even more embarrassing is that Yahiko struggled to get closer to Rin and Obito, then said softly, “Have you noticed? Although Hanzo is getting stronger and stronger, he’s kind of getting more stupid every time. If we find the right opportunity, we may have a chance to win this…”

Obito nodded in approval, which darkened Masahiko’s face, and instantly approached him.

An Iron Fist of Love was suddenly waved at Obito, it should have passed through Obito’s chest, but it surprisingly didn’t, and Masahiko smiled.


Obito suddenly exclaimed, and he flew out and hit the wall.

“What’s the matter, boy?”

Obito rubbed his chest and stood up, “Damn it, how did he… the other one inside my space?”

Masahiko grinned. After so many years, Obito was still so… cute.

Rin was very close to Masahiko when he was ‘educating’ him, but even when Masahiko hit him, she didn’t make any ‘Aaah~’ sounds and tentatively asked, “Master?”

Masahiko was taken aback; how did she guess it?!

Obito couldn’t help but shout, “Ring, why are you calling him Master?! You’re not really planning to go with him to the west to seek the truth, don’t you?!”

Masahiko sighed and really wanted to hit him one more time with his iron fist of love before he figures it out.


Ten minutes later.

Rin was full of smiles while she was treating Obito’s swelled face.

Masahiko, on the other side, was also treating Ringo and Yahiko’s injuries.

Yahiko was completely confused about the strange development of this event and tentatively said, “Mister, who are you exactly?

Rin explained, “Brother Yahiko, this is my and Obito’s master, Master Hagoromo.”

Masahiko smiled, “Rin, how did you recognize me?”

“I felt really strange during the previous battle. Obito was hit several times, but he only had minor injuries. You also had many opportunities to hit me too, but in the end, you were only trying…” Rin suddenly stopped and turned to look at Yahiko and Ringo with a little apologetic expression, “Brother Yahiko and Sister Ringo were hurt a lot more than us.”

“At first, I was only suspicious, but the way you’ve talked just now was just too familiar, so…”

“Rin, you didn’t finish your sentence. What was the master trying to do?”

Masahiko sighed. This child is still so slow.

Rin was also very frustrated, so she pinched Obito’s arm.

“Ow!! What did I do?!”

Obito screamed loudly, and everyone in the room rolled their eyes.

After a long time, Obito came back to his senses, then asked, “Master, who is in my space?”

“It’s my Shadow Clone.”

Obito opened his Mongekyou Sharingan eyes, the space in front of him distorted, but he still couldn’t release Masahiko’s shadow clone smoothly.


Masahiko smiled and said, “Leave him there. With him there, your spatial ability will always be tricky, and I won’t be able to punch whenever I want.”

Obito said with bitterness, “Master, why do you want to beat me?”

Masahiko was startled, and Madara popped in his mind again, “Probably… because your surname is Uchiha, and you have opened the Mongekyou Sharingan.”

I bet that Obito would love to see the daylight stars too!

“Tell me about what you did in the past few years and how you met these two.” Masahiko pointed at the two patients lying on the bed.

Yahiko and Ringo were still confused and didn’t know what to say.

Especially Ringo, she usually yells at times like these, but now…

On the one hand, this “Hagoromo” is Obito and Rin’s Master. Although she didn’t think much of Obito, Rin’s medical Ninjutsu was remarkable and saved them a lot of times.

On the other hand, she didn’t know any famous ninja called “Hagoromo” in the Shinobi World. And since she was injured and not sure if he was strong, she didn’t try to do anything.

Therefore, Yahiko and Ringo lay on the side, watching the three relive the past until dark.

“Did so many things happen?” Masahiko sighed, feeling that he was left behind, “No wonder you opened the Mongekyou Sharingan. It was really dangerous.”

Masahiko to the two lying down, “Thanks for rescuing them.”

This sentence came from the heart. If it weren’t for these two, not only Rin but Obito would have died in that battle.

Looking at the bandages wrapped on their bodies, Masahiko showed a rare apologetic expression, feeling that he might have overdone it this time.

“Well, the entire village will be enough as compensation,” Masahiko whispered inwardly.

Rin smiled and looked at Obito, then the two said, “Master, enough talking about us. Tell us about what happened in the past couple of years?”

Masahiko was startled. He never prepared himself for such a question!

After being forced to stay in his space for a couple of years because of his stupid cat, he came out frustrated, beat the crap out Madara twice, then went to Kirigakure to kidnap two kids, and then disguised as Hanzo to beat the hell out of Obito twice…

Well, to be honest, his story was more interesting and rich.

But in the face of his two apprentices, of course, he couldn’t say that…

Therefore, Masahiko told them the story about how an evil man called Thanos tried to collect the infinity stones scattered in the universe to destroy the world, and he single-handedly kicked his butt and saved the world. Obito was in a daze listening to this story, while Rin smiled all the way to the end but didn’t believe a single word.

Yahiko was so frustrated that he let such a guy beat him and destroy his dream.

Ringo looked suspicious and tried to lick her teeth, but it was loosened in the previous battle. She always felt that this old man’s unreliable character seems familiar…

Masahiko also noticed this and coughed twice quickly, changing the topic.

“Okay, enough talking about me. It’s getting late, I should go back, or they will claim that ‘Hanzo’ has disappeared again.”

Yahiko was taken aback, “Are you still planning to pretend to be Hanzo? Why?”

Masahiko smiled, “Well, I think it would be better if Hanzo gives the village to you instead of killing him to get control over it.”

Yahiko was overjoyed and felt as if his injuries got much better.

But Masahiko went to add on, “But if you think about it, what are you going to do once you take over Amegakure? Konoha and Iwagakure won’t care, the war will continue, and the village will fell into chaos without Hanzo’s shelter.”

Yahiko hesitated for a moment, “I will definitely do better than Hanzo.”

Masahiko smiled. Young people are always confident.

“You need to get stronger. You will get better after two days. I will come again later to ‘educate’ Obito. You can learn as much as you can from the side.”

“Thank you, mister.”

Obito had a bitter expression, “Are you coming again tomorrow, master?”

“Why? Don’t you want to see me?”

“I want to, I want to…”

Masahiko waved his hand and transformed back to Hanzo again.

“Well, since you want to see me, I will be here tomorrow. Hanzo must go back now!”

“Master, be safe!” Rin shouted with a sweet smile.

The bitter expression on Obito’s face gradually disappeared and was replaced with longing, “Master, is really strong…”