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L.L.H: Chapter 307: Leadership

Two days later.

“Hey Obito, did you mess Sensei’s Iron Fist of Love?”



This was the fourteenth time the conversation mentioned above repeats, and the fifteenth ended up with Obito all swollen up on the bed.

Masahiko sat aside and nodded comfortably, “Obito, the progress you’ve made is quite impressive, the first time you’ve lasted ten seconds, this was the fourteenth time, and you’ve lasted 10 minutes… wait.”

“Master, this was the fifteenth time.” Rin reminded in a light tone.

“Well, fifteen sixteen, Madara, Obito, it’s all the same. However, your physical strength has indeed improved.”

Obito looked exhausted. He was beaten up fifteen times in two days. No, this was the first time today. He was beaten up fourteen times yesterday.

Although he’s indeed improving, when he thinks about how many times he’s gonna end up lying on this bed again today, he can’t help but feel slightly discouraged…

Obito didn’t reply, Masahiko didn’t care, and turned to Yahiko, who was removing his bandages.

“Tell me, have you learned anything from watching in the past two days?”

Yahiko nodded, “Thank you, mister, for your guidance.”

“Then learn more!”

Masahiko stood up, and Obito panicked, “Master, can’t I just rest for five minutes? My injuries aren’t fully healed yet.”

Masahiko glanced at him, shook his head, and lifted the Shadow Clone that remained in his space.

“I have no time to beat you. Yahiko has already healed. I summoned the people of Amegakure and asked them to gather at the central tower of the village at noon.”

Obito was taken aback, “Master, why are you in such a hurry?”

Things have escalated quickly, and Masahiko began to feel a bit helpless.

In the past two days, after several perfunctory envoys from Iwagakure, not only them but also Konoha’s spies are all around the village, their forces have begun to move closer, and it looks like war is about to restart.

If this continues and the war breaks out, it would be strange if Hanzo gave up his position…

Moreover, Masahiko has begun to get tired of pretending to be Hanzo these days, so he was in a hurry to break free.

Before leaving, Masahiko also reminded, “Yahiko, things are going well today in the village because I could press things down as Hanzo. But if the war begins and Hanzo isn’t there, I’m afraid that you will get into trouble. You’re not strong enough. Even though Ringo is strong, she can’t represent you after all.”

Yahiko nodded, “I can handle it.”

“Then let’s go.”


The central tower of Amegakure.

Just as Masahiko expected, the process of passing down the leadership of the village to Yahiko went smooth, and Amegakure’s ninjas were already prepared and didn’t dare to disobey Hanzo’s orders.


Under Masahiko’s gazes, these ninjas greeted Yahiko one by one.

“As their ancestor, I should always work to plant the seeds of peace everywhere. It fits my identity and morals. This feels great.” Masahiko was at ease.


The news that Hanzo passed his position to the youth wasn’t concealed, and Iwagakure and Konoha quickly received the news.

Iwagakure camp.

Onoki smashed the table that they apparently didn’t fix with another punch.

“Hanzo, what kind of illness has gotten in your head! How can you give up at such a crucial time?”

After a long silence, Onoki sighed helplessly, “Go contact this new leader, the kid’s name is Yahiko!”



Konoha camp.

It has been a full week since the war has stopped. Shikaku has been doing his best in the past seven days to figure out what is going on inside Amegakure.

Shikaku flipped through the information in his hand twice, then said, “Everything is clear to me now.”

“Seven days ago, in that battle, Hanzo the Salamander has died!”

After saying these words, everyone was shocked.

“What?” Jiraiya couldn’t believe it.

Shikaku nodded, “Hanzo was dead. The other two occasions where he has shown up, I’m pretty sure that it was Elder Masahiko who disguised as him.”

“Why did Great Grandpa do that?” Nawaki asked.

Shikaku handed him the intelligence, “To make the orphan Yahiko of the Land of Rain in this intelligence the new leader of Amegakure.”

“Yahiko?!” Jiraiya was surprised.

After repeated confirmations, the information and the memories in his mind matched, “I never expected Yahiko to actually do it.”

Everyone at the scene looked at each other; they never expected him to be related to Jiraiya.

“How did Elder Masahiko knew that Yahiko is my disciple?”

Shikaku shook his head, “He doesn’t know. But the two apprentices, Nohara Rin and Uchiha Obito, which Elder Masahiko came to the battlefield looking for them, knew him. It seems that they have been rescued by Yahiko.”

Everyone nodded; it was clear. After Shikaku’s analysis, they felt this was the case.

“That said, those who besieged Hanzo were also Uchiha Obito and Nohara Rin, but their strength combined, even with Yahiko with them, should be far from being enough to stand against Hanzo.”

Shikaku was silent for a moment, then turned to Kagami, “Elder Kagami, it that I should congratulate you.”

Kagami was startled, “Obito… Impossible?!”

Some people at the scene understood, and some didn’t, but soon they stopped worrying about this matter and started thinking about which side they should stand from now on regarding the new changes in Amegakure.

It wasn’t only because of Jiraiya’s disciple, but also Masahiko’s apprentices are causing a kind of headache.


That night.

The Central Tower of Amegakure.

Masahiko said goodbye to Yahiko and his two apprentices.

“Master, are you going back to Konoha?”

Masahiko curled his lips, “The Amazon store was sold by Hiruzen. Why would I go back?”

“Sold it?” Rin was startled, “Why?”

“In order to raise some funds for the war, it’s okay. He has to pay me one. When I see you again at Konoha, you will be surprised.”

“Surprise?” Obito couldn’t help but ask.

“Heh.” Masahiko smiled, nodded at Yahiko next to him, then he disappeared in place.

“Huh? Master? Did you leave?!”

The room was quiet for a while, then Ringo suddenly broke the silence, “Little devil, little girl, when are you going to leave?”

Rin hesitated and said, “Sister Ringo, Brother Yahiko, we will be going back early tomorrow morning.”

Yahiko nodded, “Alright.”

Scratching his head for a while, Obito finally said, “Brother Yahiko, I wish that your dream will come true.”

Yahiko smiled and glanced at both of them, “I wish you that you fulfill your dreams too.”

After that, he turned around and walked towards his room, then the others did the same.

After she walked into her room, Ringo was started upon seeing a strange bottle on the table in the room with a familiar medicine inside it.

“Sure enough, it was you, old man!” Ringo shouted.

There was a note under the bottle, which says: You must take this medicine, also don’t tell my two apprentices.

“Heh.” Ringo sneered.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and Yahiko’s voice came, “Ringo, what happened? Why are you shouting?”

“It’s okay.” Ringo responded, “I just learned that the old man isn’t dead, and I feel a little bit…”

After looking at the medicine, she shook her head again and said nothing.

Yahiko pushed the door in and took the note from Ringo’s hand.

“Is it from Rin and Obito’s master?”

Ring sneered, “It’s the great elder of the Land of Whirlpools, Uzumaki Masahiko.”

“That man! He’s not dead?!” Yahiko glared.

“Eh? It seems like you really hate him. It’s no surprise, this old man can cause trouble everywhere he goes. The whole world hates him. But if it weren’t for him…”

Yahiko shook his head, “No, I don’t know him to hate him.

Ring glanced at the paper that had been turned into a ball in his hand, “I hope not.”

Yahiko slowly loosened up his grip and smiled, “I really don’t…”